Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 295 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(11)

The sun was bright in the morning when Prime Minister Liu came to the princess royal residence the second day. According to the rules, Su Wan had fallen sick so as a male official, Prime Minister Liu was not allowed to visit her directly in her bedroom.

As a result, Liu Xuan was brought to the lounge in the inner courtyard. After a while, under Bi Lou’s support, bi Lou helped Su Wan over, coming late however.

They hadn’t seen each other in two days but Su Wan appeared to be really dispirited and pale.

“Princess royal.”

Seeing Su Wan, Liu Xuan immediately stood up and greeted Su Wan.

“Prime Minister Liu, no need to be so polite. Have a seat.”

Su Wan exclaimed softly, her voice hoarse and without energy.

Liu Xuan listened to her words and then sat down on his seat. His gaze landed on Su Wan’s face again. “Princess royal, do you feel better now?”

“I’m fine. I’m not that delicate.”

Su Wan smiled at Liu Xuan. “I have to thank you for visiting me. Thanks for being so considerate.”

“It’s this official’s job.”

Liu Xuan nodded at Su Wan. He then exclaimed in a low voice, “Her Majesty has decided to postpone her wedding with Yue Qing today. Princess Royal, do you know about this?”


Hearing Liu Xuan’s words, Su Wan paused and her face turned paler. “Why? Because of me?”

“Princess Royal, why are you...asking the question when you know the answer?”

Liu Xuan stared into Su Wan’s eyes as if trying to find any clues. Unfortunately, Su Wan’s phoenix eyes stayed solemn. There was a flicker of anxiety that passed by.

“No. I can’t let Her Majesty do that!”

Saying this, Su Wan struggled and then stood up. “Bi Lou! Quickly bring my phoenix robe over and have someone prepare a horse carriage. I need to enter the palace and meet Her Majesty right now!”

“Your Highness! Your body…”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Bi Lou paused.

Liu Xuan also stood up and looked questioningly at Su Wan. “Princess Royal, why are you doing this? You…”


Su Wan’s phoenix eyes coldened and stared at Liu Xuan. “I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do! Bi Lou, get ready!”


Bi Lou stepped down while Liu Xuan glanced at the sick Su Wan. His gentle expression was moved. “Princess Royal, is it worth it?”

For a Yue Qing. That man wasn’t worth it in Liu Xuan’s eyes.

“It’s up to me whether he’s worth it or not. I don’t care if people won’t approve of my actions but as long as I am at ease, it’s fine.”

At ease?

Liu Xuan looked at Su Wan a bit shocked. He thought that he needed to get to know the princess royal again.

By the time Su Wan entered the palace, it was afternoon. Su Wan stumbled on her way to the imperial study.

At this time, Su Man was naturally still handling matters in the imperial study. Su Man froze seeing Su Man suddenly barging in. “Imperial sister, why, why are you here?”

“Why did you refuse to marry Yue Qing?”

Su Wan stared at Su Man’s eyes and asked.

“Imperial sister, look, you’re still sick right now. How am I in the mood to celebrate a joyous occasion?”

Su Man couldn’t guess Su Wan’s thoughts so she responded half-heartedly, waiting for Su Wan.

“I’m fine now. Hurry up and get married. I prepare a huge sum of dowry for Yue Qing.”

While saying this, Su Wan took out a token.

That purple-gold token had a “Su” engraved in the back. On the front side was the word “secret” carved bloody red.

This was...

Imperial family’s guards’ token! It was like the tiger tally of the military. Seeing the token was like seeing the leader.

Su Man widened her eyes. This was the glory that Su Wan had fought for during the imperial family’s ruthless battles and risked her life for this.

Imperial family’s hidden guards were usually controlled by the strongest person of the imperial family. Right now, Su Wan had control over them.

“Your Majesty, haven’t you always wanted this? I’ll give you this!”

As she said this, Su Wan tossed the token that people were envious of onto the imperial study’s jade tile like it was garbage. “Is this dowry precious enough? Your Majesty, are you going to marry him or not?”

Su Man’s expression slowly turned complicated. She even started to doubt whether the woman in front of her was her imperial sister or not.

How could the ambitious imperial sister abandon her biggest trump card for a man?

This wasn’t Su Wan’s personality.

Despite her suspicion, Su Man knew that the token was real.

“Imperial sister, you’re really willing to give up...the imperial family’s hidden guards?”

Su Man tested.

Hearing her words, Su Wan laughed in disdain. “You can take everyone else but Bi Lou.”

“You’re willing.”

Su Man’s astute gaze flickered and she stared sharply at Su Wan.

“Why wouldn’t I be? What I am unwilling to part with most...has been stolen by Your Majesty. So what’s the point of having the hidden guards? No matter how much power I have, there’s not going to be a person to share the joy and power with.”

Then she smiled charminingly at Su Man. “This is your only chance. Don’t wait for me to regret my choice. Do you want this token or not?”

“I’m taking it!”

No matter whether she was telling the truth or not, Su Man would never miss this opportunity!


Su Wan smiled faintly and then turned without hesitation, walking out of the imperial study in large strides.

The sunshine was a bit glaring. When Su Wan left, she was blinded by the sunshine. She lifted her hand to cover her eyes. After she placed her hand down, she saw Yue Qing standing not far.

He still wore a pure white robe, standing there with a complicated expression while staring at her...

Capital, Feng Residence’s backyard.

Because Feng Wushuang had a weak body and was unable to leave the house, Madam Feng planted the entire backyard with all sorts of flowers and plants. From time to time, she would have the servants in the residence take Feng Wushuang out to get a breather and admire the plants.

Though Feng Wushuang wasn’t here anymore, the plants and flowers in the Feng Residence’s backyard were still blooming.

Chi Xueyuan stood in the backyard glancing at the brilliant flowers. She was absent-minded however.

“Xueyuan, you were looking for me?”

Su Riu gradually walked into the backyard. Seeing Chi Xueyuan in a daze standing by the garden, he couldn’t help but call her.


Chi Xueyuan heard Su Rui’s voice and turned around quickly. “You’re back!”

“Mn. Xueyuan, why are you here in a daze? My mother said that you specially came to look for me. Do you need something?”


Chi Xueyuan looked at the familiar but stern face and hesitated. She then looked up and asked solemnly, “Cousin, do you like me?”


Su Rui hesitated, a bit surprised.

Seeing him stunned, Chi Xueyuan was about to continue pressing when Su Rui faintly exclaimed, “I naturally like you. Why?”

“Then marry me!”

Chi Xueyuan sighed in relief hearing Su Rui’s response and her tone became relaxed too.

Marry her?

General Su sneered inside his heart. But he still wore a stern expression. “Xueyuan, do you know why I decided to become an official? I wanted to change my lifestyle and life. Xueyuan, let me ask you something too. Do me?”

“Of course.”

Chi Xueyuan answered quickly this time. Before coming to the Feng Residence, Chi Xueyuan had thought of a lot. She was sure that she did like Feng Wuchen too.

“Since you like me too, Xueyuan, marry me then, okay?”

Su Rui stared at Chi Xueyuan’s eyes and asked.


Chi Xueyuan widened her eyes incredulously hearing Su Rui’s words. “Cousin, are you muddle-headed? How could I possibly get married?”

“Why not? Since we like each other, what’s wrong with you marrying me?”

Su Rui continued to stare at her eyes and his tone gradually became indifferent.


Chi Xueyuan cut off Su Rui’s words solemnly. “Even if it’s just a noble lady in the capital, there’s no way they’d lower their statuses to get married. Cousin, you’re just making things difficult!”

“Am I?”

Su Rui laughed sarcastically. “Chi Xueyuan, I’m putting my words here. I’m either not going to marry anyone or going to marry a noble lady!”


Chi Xueyuan sneered. “Sure! Cousin, since you’re so ambitious, I’m going to seem like I’m making things difficult for you if I force you to get married to me! I will be waiting!”

Saying that, she turned around coldly and left arrogantly.

Wait and see?

General Su just wanted to say: I don’t need you to wait and see. I’m just scared that your eyes will be blind~

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