Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 294 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(10)

Imperial city, imperial garden.

Su Man wore a black dragon robe and quietly sat in the pavilion of the imperial garden listening to Yue Qing’s pleasant zither music. On the other side, Liu Luo wore a sapphire blue robe and smiled, sitting next to her.

“Your Majesty.”

Chi Xueyuan walked in to see the three being lovey-dovey with each other. She was used to these kinds of scenes.

“Xueyuan, you’re back!”

Su Man’s gaze flickered immediately seeing Chi Xueyuan’s figure. She waved her hands and dismissed the guards and palace maids in the pavilion.

“Prime Minister Chi, take a seat.”

Liu Luo saw Chi Xueyuan coming over and gestured about. She nodded at him before sitting across from Su Man.

“Xueyuan, how’s imperial sister?”

Su Man’s expression immediately turned solemn and serious upon asking about Su Wan. She kept feeling like imperial sister had been acting strangely and Su Man had to be on guard.

“Princess royal, she…”

Chi Xueyuan paused, glancing at Yue Qing who was still playing the zither. “Princess royal seems to be seriously sick. Plus, she even wanted this official to bring a message to Your Majesty. She wants to bless Your Majesty and Master Yue.”


The zither music suddenly stopped and the string fell onto the ground.

“Yue Qing!”

Su Man suddenly stood up nervously and walked to Yue Qing’s side. She grabbed onto his hands and asked, “Are you okay? You didn’t hurt yourself, did you? Why are you so careless?”

“I’m fine. Your Majesty, don’t be so nervous. It’s just unfortunate for this zither…”

Yue Qing looked down and glanced at the broken zither with pity, his tone disappointed.

“As long as you’re fine. I can order people to find you a better zither.”

Su Man held Yue Qing’s hands and shot him a pampering smile.

As an empress, she naturally could give her man the best.

Liu Luo still sat at his original position. He looked at Su Man and Yue Qing’s linked hands with clear eyes. In the end, he shifted his gaze.

Su Man finished comforting Yue Qing and then returned to Chi Xueyuan’s side. “Xueyuan, how true are imperial sister’s words in your perspective?”

“Princess royal is an experienced schemer. Even if she was willing, I mean even if she was really blinded by love, she wouldn’t give up on her ambitions. Your Majesty, you have to be on guard.”

Hearing Chi Xueyuan’s words, Su Man also nodded. “Yue Qing.”

She turned and glanced gently at Yue Qing. “Now that the entire capital knows about imperial sister’s matter, I am unable to marry you for the time being. You won’t be angry at me, right?”

“Of course not.”

Yue Qing looked down. “Yue Qing belongs to Your Majesty so naturally Your Majesty comes first.”

“Mn. I know you’re the most considerate and kind.”

Su Man was in a great mood after hearing Yue Qing’s response. “Xueyuan, it’s about to be lunch time. Stay and eat with me. I have to talk to you about the Feng Family as well.”

“Feng Family?”

Hearing Su Man mention the Feng Family, Chi Xueyuan paused. “Your Majesty, could you…”

“Ever since Feng Wushuang died, Madam Feng has had prejudice against me. As for Feng Wuchen...I don’t dare to trust him easily. But Xueyuan, if you’re willing to marry him, then he’ll naturally be loyal and work for me too.”

Marry Feng Wuchen?

Chi Xueyuan paused. Indeed, she did have favorable feelings regarding cousin. True, her cousin was also one of the few men that she was interested in.

But her cousin was much more powerful than ordinary men. Common wives wouldn’t be able to rein him in.

Seeing Chi Xueyuan’s hesitation, Su Man couldn’t help but shift her gaze and look solemnly at her. “What? Xueyuan, are you not interested in Feng Wuchen? Although he isn’t a peerless talent, he is handsome and is well versed in letters and military. He is one of the best men one could have in Luanfeng Country.”

“Cousin is naturally well but...I don’t want to settle down that quickly.”

Chi Xueyuan paused for a moment before responding in a low voice.


Su Man laughed hearing the response. “You’re already my right-hand. It’s time for you to enjoy life now and to give birth to children for your Chi Family. Give birth to several daughters and then cultivate them into female warriors for our Luanfeng Country!”


Chi Xueyuan nodded in the end. Maybe she should really start a family. Her cousin was the best choice...

Princess royal residence.

The entire day, people kept on visiting the sick princess royal. The princess royal residence was planning on declining the visitors from visiting since the day got dark but someone came without permission.

“Your Highness, Prime Minister Liu is here.”

“Liu Xuan?”

Su Wan heard Bi Lou’s voice but before she could respond, Su Rui waved his hands rudely. “No, we’re not seeing him. Dismiss him.”

Bi Lou: Military officer, are you treating the princess royal residence as your Feng Family?

“Your Highness?”

Bi Lou stood still, continuing to wait for Su Wan’s order.

“It’s too late. Have Prime Minister Liu come back tomorrow.”


Receiving Su Wan’s order, Bi Lou then obediently retreated.

Su Rui pursed his lips however. “Tomorrow? You’re really going to meet him tomorrow?”

“Why not? He’s our strongest ally.”

Ally? But he’s a male. This wasn't good news. In short, General Su was really unhappy.

“Wife, let me tell you. Liu Xuan isn’t a good person. Be careful and stay on guard.”


Su Wan couldn’t help but nod hearing General Su’s words. “I know, he’s the big boss.”

“Not only is he the villain boss, he’s also a nutjob.”

Su Rui received the new plot from the headquarters so he naturally knew about Liu Xuan’s character design. Despite living in a world where women had power over men, he believed in male chauvinism. Men like him were usually really extreme.

Liu Xuan had hid himself really well but that meant his heart was extremely dark and extreme. He was an acute patient.

Su Wan was speechless.

General Su, you’re actually calling someone an acute patient? Wow~

Su Wan naturally wouldn’t underestimate how dangerous Liu Xuan was but she wasn’t worried. “Even if he goes mad, I’m not scared of him either. I have the military officer, don’t I?”

“Uh, of course.”

So he was complimented by his wife right now?

General Su felt incredible. “Wife, it’s getting really late. I’m not going back. I’ll get by tonight with you.”

As he said this, Su Rui removed his shoes and laid in bed.

Princess royal residence’s bed is really comfortable~ He wondered when he could appear here in broad daylight.

General Su felt really worried inside however.

It seems like he needs to handle Chi Xueyuan sooner.

Seeing Su Rui’s lazy expression in bed, Su Wan couldn’t help but pull the blankets over him. “You can sleep first. When Bi Lou comes back, I’ll…”

Before she could finish, Su Rui suddenly lifted his arms and pulled Su Wan over. Without another word, he started nibbling, no, kissing.

When Bi Lou returned, she entered the room to see the two making out in bed.

Bi Lou was speechless.

Military officer is really fierce. Wait no, aren’t I paying attention to the wrong thing?

Ah~ When did the military officer rob my master? How come as her personal maid and guard, I know nothing

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