The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 294: Gong Moran’s Chapter, His Final Forbidden Art

This was already the third month after Li Yunduo’s death. Gong Moran took her body to the holy land of Witch Clan from three hundred years ago. Although the place had become deserted, the holy treasures of the Witch Clan, Ice Bed, still existed.

If one placed a corpse on this ice bed, it would keep the corpse from decaying for hundreds of years.

Gong Moran stood in front of the ice bed, looking at the woman’s body, a bit of waves could be seen on his dead eyes. The man’s silver long hair had turned snowy-white while his complexion had became as pale as paper.

In the past three months, he used another heaven-defying witchcraft several times to call back the spirit of the dead, however, no matter how many times he used it, her soul was never recalled even once.

Gong Moran didn’t understand, he obviously marked Li Yunduo’s body with a soul-locking formation, but how could her soul disappear in just less than five days after her death?

All that in front of him was the woman’s dead body, the soul inside had disappeared, it had been gone… three months ago.

He suddenly felt that it was all very ridiculous.

He thought everything was under his control, but he never thought that all his effort would become a joke in the end.

Duoduo clearly said that she would make him deeply regret if he ever used any heaven-defying technique again. He heard it time and time again, but he never once had treated it seriously.

He thought, how could she'd be willing to punish him when she loves him so much?

He conceitedly thought that Duoduo’s love for him would make her tolerate everything about him, so he decided to be willful for one last time.

Nanyun Kingdom’s luck was exhausted, it will eventually be divided and occupied by Donglin and Ximo Kingdom. He first thought that it could be counted as his revenge, but nevertheless, he still felt that it wasn’t enough.

At that time, the founding emperor of Nanyun burned down the entire Witch Clan with fire, the fire brightly raged on for several days and nights as all his people were burned to ashes, it was extremely tragic and brutal.

He hadn’t seen that event with his own eyes, but his mother had implemented them in his mind time and time again, making him felt like he was there himself.

He knew the purpose of that woman, she had wanted him to live with hatred, and she also wanted him to shoulder the responsibility of vengeance. She had indeed succeeded. Since his birth, she had used witchcraft to instill an intense and deep-seated hatred into him, strengthening the enmity in his heart day by day.

Unless Nanyun Kingdom is destroyed, this deep-rooted hatred cannot be eradicated.

His mother used a nature-defying witchcraft to extend his life by using the severed lives of her people, leading to her own death by performing such an atrocious act.

She was a sad woman. In the ten years period of raising him, she had already been swallowed by hatred, causing her mind to become extremely distorted. In her eyes, she'd never once regarded him as her own son, he was only just her tool for revenge.

Death was a final relief for her, but for him, it was the beginning of everything.

Gong Moran felt that this was also good. It would be boring to live alone for too long, so he continued his life with only this purpose in mind.

In this way, he became Nanyun’s State Teacher, a character that was under only one person and above the others, repeating boring life day after day, year after year.

It wasn’t until Duoduo’s appearance that his boring life was broken apart.

At first, he just felt that she was tough and courageous, she thought that she was smart as she peeped on him and believed that her deception was successful. If it weren’t because her eyes were clear and pure, he might’ve had killed her on the spot.

Later, when she entered Moran Hall as a gu person, he didn’t care much and thought that this girl was seeking her own death. But he didn’t expect that a little girl could withstand the pain of being bitten by the heart and brain eating gu worms no normal man ever could. So since he was indeed needed a gu person, hence he took her in.

Everything that followed after wasn’t what he had expected, she gave a strong sense of existence as she always wandered in front of him wittingly or unwittingly. He didn’t even know when exactly his heart started to be moved by her, he only knew that he indulged her more and more as time passed by. The fiery and intense gaze that followed him, along with her pure adoration made him unable to resist anymore.

He thought about alienating her, but when he heard that she met with an accident, the only thought left in his mind was: This girl can’t have any accident.

Before, he indulged her approach and enticement, however, that one time, he indulged himself instead.

And so after that frenzied night, everything became different.

The love that Duoduo gave was bearable at first, but as soon as it became unbearable, it became scorching hot and strong. It was this strong feeling that gave him the illusion that no matter what he did, she would follow behind him, never breaking apart.

She clearly said that she loved him so much, she’d even be willing to accompany him to hell.

But in the end, she broke her promise because of his one mistake.

Duoduo thought that he chose hatred instead of love.

She didn’t know that he had no choice since the beginning, hatred had already became the maggot gnawing in his bones, and only if this hatred was completely eliminated would he be able to go away with her.

Then later on, he thought again, did she know from the beginning that he would use Burning Sky Formation and that’s why she brought the serpent sword with her when they left?

When he said that he was leaving, her eyes were clearly pleading, but he was so impatient to destroy the palace to dust that he didn’t even notice it.

If… if Duoduo stopped him, he would definitely let go of his last obsession.

Because to him nothing was ever as important as her.

It wasn’t until the end that he realized, it wasn’t that she couldn’t live without him, rather… it was him that couldn’t live without her.

When she died, he still held on to that last hope. He thought that since he had drawn the soul-locking spell on her, even if she’s dead, he still can bring her back by using a heaven-defying magic.

It was that last trace of hope that kept him went on and brought him to leave the place that he so wanted to destroy.

Gong Moran held the woman on the ice bed up and gently embraced her. Because of the ice bed, her complexion was ruddy, as if she was just sleeping. He unbuttoned her dress, revealing the flower-shaped soul-locking formation on her back, he bowed his head and gave it a light kiss.

“Duoduo, where are you…” He asked softly

After holding her body in this way for a whole day and night, Gong Moran finally made a final decision.

He wanted to perform the last forbidden art – Burning Chasing Soul.

He drew all kinds of complicated formation on his body, all of those combined became the most paramount and mystical forbidden art of the Witch Clan – Burning Chasing Soul.

The man laid beside Li Yunduo’s corpse, slowly closed his eyes, and held her cold right hand with his left hand.

At the next moment, his soul was pulled out.

The soul that separated from the body seemed even more indifferent, his pair of eyes were dark and deathly still, without any trace of emotion. He quietly looked at the two corpses laying side by side as his soul was surrounded by fire, burning him little by little from the bottom up.

The burning fire didn’t disperse his soul, after that, his soul’s ‘body’ was distorted and twisted, slowly changing its appearance.

There was a trace of confusion in the man’s eyes. After a long time, he slowly raised his head and looked at a far-away place, and with a violent wave from his arms, he ripped apart the void in front of him…


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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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