Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 293 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(9)

The second day, Bi Lou came to help Su Wan get up and prepare for court like usual. But the moment she entered, she welcomed the military officer’s cold face.


Bi Lou’s gaze flickered but she still looked down and greeted Su Rui. “Military officer.”


Su Rui faintly glanced at Bi Lou knowing that she was Su Wan’s trusted aide. “Don’t call her up for morning court. Let her sleep longer.”

After all, whether going to court or not was no big deal for the princess royal. The imperial family was unruly just like that.

Bi Lou: She’s not going to court? What did you do to my master?

Seeing Bi Lou staring at him on alert, Su Rui felt black lines going down his forehead. “Why are you looking at me? We were just purely sleeping. Haven’t you seen that before? She slept late so don’t wake her up, otherwise…”

I’ll kill you~

Feeling the tint of murderous aura flickering by Su Rui’s body, Bi Lou’s expression changed. She was Su Wan’s most efficient assistant and the leader of the imperial family’s shadow guards. She had killed countless people so she understood the murderous aura on people’s bodies.

It was because of this that Bi Lou’s expression changed suddenly. Although it was just for a moment, she felt his murderous intent. It was just for a moment but she felt her hair standing up and danger approaching her.

Feng Wuchen, just how deeply have you hid yourself?

By the time Bi Lou snapped out of her trance, Su Rui had long left. Mn. It was fine if the princess royal didn’t go to court. As a professional military officer, he still needed to go to court.

Not long after Su Rui left, Su Wan had woken up. She touched her side of the bed out of habit. Although it was empty, it was still warm.

“Bi Lou.”

Su Wan got up and softly called her. Bi Lou immediately appeared in front of Su Wan. “Your Highness, you’re up?”


Su Wan nodded. “What time is it now? Why didn’t you call me?”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Bi Lou immediately got on one knee. “It’s this maid’s fault. The military officer, he, he refused to let this maid call you up. This maid was muddle-headed for a moment. Your Highness, please punish me!”

“It’s fine.”

Su Wan waved her hands. “This is okay too. I’ll write a folded memorial in a bit and deliver this to Her Majesty, saying that I got a cold and have fallen sick so I need to rest in peace.”


“Oh right.”

Su Wan looked at Bi Lou and asked, “Did Feng Wuchen say anything else when he left?”


Bi Lou was shocked.

Did the military officer say something when he left? Nani. She was in a daze. She hadn’t paid attention.

Thinking of this, Bi Lou felt deeply ashamed. “Your Highness, this maid...this maid didn’t hear anything. Your Highness…”

Seeing that Bi Lou was going to get on her knees again, Su Wan immediately stopped and helped her up. “Okay, stop. I’m getting dizzy just watching you kneel in front of me. Help me change my clothes first.”

From yesterday, princess royal had suddenly delivered a folded memorial to today, she hadn’t come to court, everyone had been wondering what was happening in their hearts. Plus, not long later, news of the princess royal getting a cold and fallen sick had spread.

She was such a spirited person yesterday but how did she become sick today?

This...could it be because of Master Yue and Her Majesty’s marriage?


What was love? Basically when two people would be together no matter life or death.

Su Wan had become the hot topic of discussion as she fell sick.

A group of noble ladies and officials all hurried to the princess royal residence to comfort the princess royal. No matter whether the princess royal opposed Her Majesty or not, since she was sick right now, everyone should express their concern, no?

Even Chi Xueyuan who was against Su Wan had brought large amounts of tonics to visit Su Wan at her residence.

Of course, Chi Xueyuan’s primary motive was to test her. Her secondary motive was then to visit her.

Su Wan’s face was pale and she looked dispirited in bed.

One might think that she was pretending as she had fallen sick in just over a day right? But looking at her, it didn’t seem like she was pretending.

“Your Highness, do you feel better?”

Chi Xueyuan sat besides Su Wan and asked softly.

“Sorry for worrying Prime Minister Chi. I...I am okay.”

Su Wan leaned against the headboard and smiled reluctantly at Chi Xueyuan.

Seeing her reluctant smile, Chi Xueyuan looked deeply at Su Wan. “Your Highness, did you sudden become sick because you felt dispirited after finding out about Master Yue?”

Although everyone guessed that Su Wan’s sickness had to do with Yue Qing, only Chi Xueyuan would be so straightforward in asking that.

Hearing Chi Xueyuan’s question, Su Wan looked down and laughed bitterly. “Prime Minister Chi, do you think I am a fool?”

Indeed, she was.

Although Chi Xueyuan thought so, she naturally wouldn’t say that. “Princess royal, you’re peerlessly talented. With a majestic status like yours, what man can’t you have? If you like talented men who can play the zither, this official will send a few over tomorrow.”

Everyone was sighing and feeling bad over the princess royal’s infatuation but Su Man and Chi Xueyuan didn’t think so.

Whether Su Wan’s infatuation was real or not, she was giving Her Majesty a difficult problem by being sick at this time.

The princess royal had fallen sick due to a guy.

Now, Her Majesty was going to get married with this man too. What would the common people think about this if this news spread?

People mostly sympathized with the weak. Coincidentally enough, Su Wan had portrayed herself to be a weak and delicate woman. Like this, she was able to stand above virtue and morality.

That was her brilliant idea.

Hearing Chi Xueyuan’s words, Su Wan smiled. Her smile was strangely hard to distinguish. “Prime Minister Chi, have you truly liked someone before?”

Chi Xueyuan froze hearing Su Wan’s words before shaking her head.

What did it mean to like someone? Maybe the way she felt towards her cousin? She faintly admired and worried for him.

But that was it.

“Prime Minister Chi, if you have never had an unforgettable love, you wouldn’t understand how painful and sorrowful it feels to lose your beloved. He might not be the best in this world but he’s the one that you loved the most. No one can replace him.”

Chi Xueyuan knitted her brows listening to Su Wan’s words. “If princess royal, you really don’t want to leave Master Yue’s side, then why did you request a marriage for him with Her Majesty?”

“There’s a type of love called letting go. His heart isn’t with me anymore. I can only let go so that he could search for the love he desires.”

Su Wan looked deeply at Chi Xueyuan. “I know what Her Majesty is worried about. This time, I am truly letting go and giving them my blessing. Prime Minister Chi, please tell Her Majesty this and let her get married in peace.”

Chi Xueyuan smiled and nodded. “This official will tell Her Majesty about this. It’s getting late too. Princess royal, rest soon. This official will take her leave.”

Saying this, Chi Xueyuan got up to say goodbye. As for Su Wan, she looked at Chi Xueyuan’s figure and couldn’t help but smile.

Chi Xueyuan wouldn’t believe her words but so won’t Su Man.

Women born in Luanfeng Country were like men born during the ancient times. When they were standing lofty and mighty viewing the world at the highest point, they forgot about the purest love.

Chi Xueyuan thought that this kind of love was unnecessary while in Su Man, this empress’ eyes, only outstanding men were a match for her. Therefore, she treated her men really well. She thought that was love.

Having one soulmate and being dedicated to them was just a joke in their eyes.

Su Wan only sat up after Chi Xueyuan’s figure disappeared. She glanced at the screen in her room and exclaimed, “Military officer, you’ve been hiding for a long time. You don’t want to come out to get some air?”


Su Rui slowly walked out from behind the screen. “Wife, I love your words. I was getting jealous listening to them. Here, say it to me again.”

“Don’t mess around.”

Su Wan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Why are you jealous? Yue Qing already belongs to Su Man. If anyone should be jealous, it should be me. What’s going on between you and Chi Xueyuan? Only you know.”


Su Rui sighed heavily. “There’s a type of love called letting go. Cousin is too aloof. I have been hurt by her so we are a perfect match for each other, no? I’m an infatuated man while you’re a resentful woman. We’re made for each other!”

Su Wan was speechless.

You’re quick to use my words against me.

But Su Rui was right. After handling Su Man and Yue Qing, her next target would be Chi Xueyuan...

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