The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 293: My Lord, Never Forget Me

“Oh my god!” Little Eight shouted suddenly, “Nan Xun, the last 10 points on big boss disappeared! It has become 0! Woaaahh! I still can’t believe it, big boss’ evil thoughts suddenly disappeared like a puff!”

Nan Xun laughed suddenly, her smile had almost no strength in it. She looked at the falling fire balls falling from the sky indifferently as she said, “Yes, the obsessions for hundreds of years is now gone, the last bit of evil value should also disappear…”

Little Eight seemed to remember something amidst his happiness, he couldn’t help but screamed, “F*ck! AAA! Fated Child and his troops are already in this palace, Nan Xun, don’t let Fated Child die, never let him die! If he dies, then it’s really over for us!”

Nan Xun said lightly, “I know.”

Little Eight sniffed and cried, “You know, then, what are you going to do ah?”

Nan Xun didn’t speak, she threw the package in her hand to the ground, bringing with her only the serpent sword.

Removing the cloth towel wrapped around, the sharp sword reflected a bloody light under the burning fire.

“Little Eight, help me block the pain for the last time.” Nan Xun said.

Little Eight was shocked, “Your blindness and deafness have just been cured, if you block your sense of pain once more, maybe you will go blind and deaf again immediately!”

Without any warning, Nan Xun pointed the tip of the serpent sword on her heart and stabbed it in.

Little Eight screamed in fright, he immediately shielded her from the pain in the next second.

Nan Xun only pierced the tip of the sword, but she clearly felt that the tip of the sword greedily sucked her blood.

When she felt that it was almost enough, Nan Xun pulled out the sword.

Arrange the formation, pray for rain, and rise the serpent sword straight to the sky.

Seeing that the last procedure was about to be completed, with a swoosh, something suddenly shot towards Nan Xun, piercing the back of her heart.

Nan Xun lowered her head to see that it was actually a long arrow.

“Really ah, my hearing isn’t as good as before…” She whispered and looked back at the dispersed part of Donglin army, and Qi Hengqing who led them. Next to him stood an old man with white beard, pointing at herself while talking about something.

Qi Hengqing stared at the white-clothed woman in a daze, watching at the long arrow he had just shot pierce her heart and her blood-stained chest.

Qi Hengqing threw the longbow in his hand and said absent-mindedly, “No, not her, not her! Elder Wu, you’re mistaken, she can’t be the one who arranged the formation, she didn’t make this rain of fire!”

The white-bearded old man beside him said solemnly, “But this old man does feel a powerful magic coming from this person.”

Nan Xun looked at the Donglin army behind that was battered and exhausted, glanced lightly at Qi Hengqing, then turned her head and continued her unfinished prayer for rain.

She silently recited the mantra while drawing patterns with her left hand in the air, the body of the serpent sword turned more and more red with time until it opened its mouth and sprayed a blood mist into the air.

All of a sudden, the sky was covered with dark clouds, thunder blasted, purple lightning and blazing flame enhanced each other’s beauty, making the night sky brighter and brighter.

Soon, a heavy rain poured down, washing away the palace that was raging with fire.

The heavy rain made the surviving Donglin army cheered with joy.

“She was actually praying for rain…” The old man next to Qi Hengqing murmured, staring incredulously at the beautiful woman in white, drenched inside the heavy rain.

The rain drenched her long skirt, and the huge blood stain on her chest was washed down, almost turning her white gown into a red one.

The serpent sword on Nan Xun’s hand fell to the ground. She knelt on the ground weakly, along with the long arrow stuck in her chest.

Little Eight wailed loudly, “Dear da, your breath is almost gone, sob sob sob…”

Nan Xun replied weakly, “Give me a strengthening heart pill, I want to do one last thing.”

Little Eight didn’t ask what it was for, instead he only felt sorry for his pill for a brief moment before he immediately stuffed her with one.

Nan Xun struggled with the last bit of strength left and drew a blood formation on the ground. Then she sat on the blood formation, making spell formations with her fingers, spread out her hands, releasing a very powerful witchcraft.

The pair of old eyes in front of her widened up, he couldn’t help but shouted in a low voice, “Who is this girl anyway? How can she perform this kind of forbidden spell?”

Qi Hengqing frowned and said in a hurry, “Old Wu, let’s go and save her, Qiangwei is a good girl, she can’t die!”

Old Wu shook his head, “No use, it’s already too late. It’s a spell to transfer someone else’s backlash due to sorcery. It’s one of our Witch Clan’s highest sorcery, and a forbidden one at that as well. I don’t know whose backlash she wants to transfer to herself.”

Qi Hengqing’s fist was tightly clenched, and when he wanted to rush over, a white shadow rushed over first.

The man was white from head to toe, his black hair had turned silver while his face had also turned pale, this was exactly the mark of using a heaven-defying spell.

When Gong Moran arrived, Nan Xun had already completed the backlash transfer. The blood came from her chest poured out rapidly because of the spell she had inflicted onto herself. In just an instant, she was already lying in a pool of her own blood.

“Duoduo?” Gong Moran whispered tremblingly while holding her up.

“My Lord… you’re finally back… Duoduo has been waiting for a long time.” Nan Xun slowly opened her eyes and stretched out her hand to hold his neck. Seeing him coming, she seemed to become lively all of a sudden.

Gong Moran’s eyes were red, but he still smiled faintly, “I encountered some enemy troops on the road, so I was late to return. Duoduo, take a look, I had brought your hairpin back.”

Saying that, he inserted the hairpin in his hand into the woman’s hair bun.

Nan Xun’s eyes lit up, and she grinned at him, “What are you waiting for then? Let’s go, quickly, we have promised to live in seclusion and grow old together.”

“…alright, I’ll take you away now.” Gong Moran looked at her dotingly, broke the arrow on her chest and hugged her tightly in the middle of the pool of blood.

He held the woman in his arms and walked away step by step to a faraway place.

Drips of blood on Duoduo’s body left a trail the whole way they went, like a field of dazzlingly crimson flowers that sprouted from the ground.

Nan Xun’s breath became weaker as time passed by, she couldn’t help but hugged the man’s neck tightly even though she had no strength in her hands.

“My Lord…” She whispered softly to him.

“En?” Gong Moran replied in a low voice.

“My Lord, you will never have to suffer anymore on the full-moon nights, because I have transferred my Lord’s backlash.”

“Duoduo, you’re being naughty again…” he rebuked, the red color in his eyes deepened.

“My Lord, you lied to me. You said that you’d never use the heaven-defying forbidden art, but you did the Burning Sky Formation, you’re so unreasonable ah.” There was a hint of anger in her weak voice.

“I’m sorry…” The man’s calm voice finally cracked a little.

“But, it’s too late now, my Lord…” Nan Xun also cried in a low voice.

She suddenly raised her head and kissed him hard before leaning her head close to his ear and whispered, “My Lord, you must remember me, never forget me, forever…”

Her voice became smaller and smaller, until at one point, the hand that was holding the man suddenly loosened and slowly slipped off his shoulder.

Gong Moran’s footsteps stopped abruptly.

“Duoduo…” Gong Moran called out to her with a trembling and low voice.

But unfortunately, the person in his arms could no longer responds to him.

After stopping for a while, he then continued to move forward again, it’s just… a line of blood mixed with tears slipped down from his bright red eyes.

Donglin army watched as the man in white walked away, as if they were bewitched by the sight.

Elder Wu said next to Qi Hengqing, “Your Majesty, this demon’s magical power is really powerful, it would only spell trouble in the future if we leave him be. Now he just used a heaven-defying Burning Sky Formation, his power must be at its weakest, he will definitely die if we shoot him right now!”

Qi Hengqing looked at Gong Moran’s distant back, his eyes fell on the trail of blood along the way. Full of regret, his clenched fist suddenly loosened, and he said with some tiredness in his voice, “Forget it, let him go…”

The soul is already dead, his body wouldn’t be far from death itself, so why bother?

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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