Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 292 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(8)

Princess Royal was highly principled the entire morning. Her personally proposing marriage to Her Majesty for Master Yue had spread across the entire capital under Su Wan’s order.

This transformed Princess Royal’s rampant and cold-blooded image into a miserable girl.

Even powerful women might be hurt due to love.

Su Wan was naturally pleased with the rumors. That’s right. She wanted to portray herself as an infatuated and miserable girl.

Su Wan and Su Man were both peerless beauties and they both had lots of power in this world too. However, Su Wan just wanted to marry a single person and form a family here. She wanted Su Man’s men to know what it means to be a lovey-dovey couple and grow old together.

Of course, the precondition was that Su Wan could handle the naughty General Su first.

“Your Highness, Master Yue is here.”

At this time, Bi Lou quickly walked into Su Wan’s study and exclaimed softly.

Su Wan smiled. She knew that Yue Qing would come without being asked.

“Let him in. It’s not like he hasn’t been here before.”

Su Wan sneered and leaned against the bed. Not long later, Yue Qing appeared in front of Su Wan.

She wore a pure white robe which contrasted his clear appearance. He was pleasing and delightful to the eyes.

“Princess Royal.”

Yue Qing lifted his sleeves and elegantly bowed at Su Wan.

“Yue Qing, you’re here.”

At this moment, Su Wan changed into a sad expression. “You haven’t appeared in the past few days. Did you really think that I would send someone to kill you?”

As she said this, she gradually sood up. Right now, she was wearing a casual outfit. She didn’t look haughty like she was on the court. She appeared a bit delicate and weak.

Hearing Su Wan’s words, a complicated look flickered through his clear eyes. He thought that he knew Princess Royal’s personality but he was wrong this time.


Seeing that Yue Qing said nothing, Su Wan sighed resentfully. “I thought that you knew me the best in this world but truth proved me wrong. I did all I could to gain power. Who do you think I did this for? As the Princess Royal, I’m above everyone but one. I get everything I want so what else do I even need?”

As she said this, she took another step forward and stared at Yue Qing’s handsome appearance. “I want to give the best in this world to the person I love. I want him to stand next to me as we stand at the peak of the world. I want him to become the high and mighty man. That’s all but no one understands me.”

“Princess Royal…”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Yue Qing’s expression moved a bit.

No matter how good Su Man treated Yue Qing and how he admired her talent, she had never made such a deep confession to him.


Su Wan waved her hands and interrupted Yue Qing’s words. “Maybe we’re really not fated. Yue Qing, that’s all I can do for you now. Once you enter the imperial palace, spend the days well with Her Majesty.”

Su Wan then turned around unhesitatingly, her back against Yue Qing.

“Su Wan.”

Yue Qing hesitated before calling out Su Wan’s name. This name had been carved deeply inside his heart. Ever since he fell in love with Su Man, Su Wan’s figure had faded gradually in Yue Qing’s heart. But today, through their talk, Yue Qing had vaguely recalled a lot of past events.

They were once happy with one another before. The past events were in front of his eyes...


Yue Qing looked down, his tone solemn.


Su Wan laughed softly. “I don’t need your apology. Yue Qing, really. I don’t need the words. I never want it!”

Yue Qing clenched his fists hearing Su Wan’s words before letting them go. For a moment, he felt bad and his heart was swayed but he was sure that he loved Su Wan. He must love her.

“Princess Royal, thank you! Yue Qing won’t forget this. Goodbye.”

After saying this, Yue Qing kept his head down and turned around, leaving. Su Wan gradually turned after Yue Qing left for a long time. Disdain flickered through her face. She knew that there were lots of scumbags during the ancient times.

You make yourself look so miserable when you’re just transferring your love to someone else. Ignorant people would think that I am just trying to separate you guys.

Not long after Yue Qing left, Bi Lou entered Su Wan’s bedroom. “Your Highness, you’re just going to let him go like this?”

“Let him go?”

Su Wan smiled faintly. “It’s a good thing that he and Her Majesty love each other. My weak heart has been hurt right now. I don’t want to believe in love anymore. How about I just find a person and marry them?”

Bi Lou was speechless.

Your Highness, you’ve changed too quickly. Allow me some time to process~

Su Wan smiled seeing Bi Lou frozen. From the conversation, Su Wan was sure that Yue Qing wasn’t Su Rui. If General Su had heard her confess to a man like that and still kept it inside of him, then he wasn’t Su Rui!

Therefore, Su Wan had a hunch who General Su was.

Only that person. We’ll get to see whether it was him or not tonight.

“Let out the news that I am downhearted and plan on marrying Lou Xiaoxiao. Mn. You just need one person to know.”

After that, Su Wan calmly said a person’s name. Bi Lou froze hearing the name before nodding quickly. “This maid knows what to do.” Then she turned to complete her task.

She felt great having an efficient and strong, and beautiful female subordinate.

After Bi Lou left, Su Wan lied in bed again.

Su Rui, I know you’re there.

Since you’ve hidden yourself that deeply, I’ll take the initiative and expose you.

Evening, Princess Royal residence.

Su Wan had changed her clothes and showered already. She dismissed everyone and then blew the candles off in the bedroom. She sat on her bed, bored, waiting for the general.

The night wind was still strong.

When a gust of cold wind blew into the bedroom, Su Wan’s gaze flickered. She was about to get up when she was held by a pair of arms. “Who allowed you to marry Lou Xiaoxiao?”

His deep voice was mixed with obvious unhappiness.


Su Wan smiled and looked up, seeing the man’s stern silhouette in the dark. She couldn’t help but caress his face. “You’re not going to continue to lurk in the dark? Hmph. You quite know how to put on a play, General Su, hm?”

Su Rui froze. “I’ve been trying to minimize my existence. You shouldn’t have noticed.”

That’s right. General Su had been trying to lurk in the dark for the past few days and trying hard to immerse himself in his role. He didn’t even look at Su Wan. Then the question comes. How did Su wan notice General Su?

When you know someone good enough, you’ll be familiar with their every weakness. Even if he tries to hide himself perfectly, they’d still be exposed because of that weakness.

Then what was General Su’s attribute? Right. He loves and pampers his wife. He’ll die if he doesn’t get to be lovey-dovey.

Then the question comes. If he loves and pampers his wife, how could he allow a man in his wife’s room? And aphrodisiac? Pass! Of course she was going to eliminate Lou Xiaoxiao.

Indeed, she did eliminate him but that was after she purposely helped Lou Xiaoxiao in Chufeng Restaurant and even tricked him, This was because Su Wan was sure that even if Su Rui didn’t personally follow her, with his personality, he’d find someone to monitor her for sure.

If he knew that she had gotten along with Lou Xiaoxiao and then she let out news that she was going to get married with him, even if he knew it was a trap, he’d appear without a doubt.

That’s right. She was sure!


While they were in bed, Su Rui could feel Su Wan’s arms around him tightening. Su Wan couldn’t help but snuggle against his chest. “Military officer, let’s talk about your status right now. How did you change from Feng Wushuang to Feng Wuchen? Don’t tell me that Feng Wuchen is also secretly in love with Su Man!”

Uh. General Su wanted to cry when Su Wan mentioned this!

Say, it had gone well when he entered the mission. But when he connected to Feng Wushuang’s body, it was detected that he was already dead so he couldn’t enter him.

Damn. That wasn’t how the plot was! At that time, the headquarters said that the logistics department had made a mistake in calculating the plot. They allowed Su Wan to exit the mission world or chose another male supporting lead’s status.

At that time, Feng Wushuang’s body, no, corpse, was in the mourning hall. Only Feng Wuchen was keeping watch beside the coffin.

There was only one choice, no?

General Su had no other choice but to become Feng Wuchen. After his appearance changed, Su Rui suddenly came up with an idea.

If he disguised himself, could Su Wan still recognize him?

Could she find him?

Therefore, General Su came up with this plan. The game of hide and seek finally started.

“Why weren’t you suspicious of Liu Xuan?” After telling Su Wan about what happened, Su Rui couldn’t help but ask her that question.

Because of the logistics department’s mistake, the two had received some deviations from the plot. Liu Xuan’s real status was a hidden master.

Su Rui knew about this. This was why he purposely weakened himself so that Su Wan would shift her attention to Liu Xuan.

General Su also felt bitter. He tried his best to hide himself but he also looked forward to Su Wan being able to find himself. He felt conflicted by his feelings.

“Liu Xuan is indeed more suspicious than Lou Xiaoxiao but I tested him before.”

Su Wan smiled. She recalled the time she purposely stepped in a trap in the Liu Family. If Liu Xuan was Su Rui, even if he was sure Su Wan would be fine, he’d still save her even if he knew he shouldn’t.

Because he was Su Rui!

How could he possibly watch Su Wan encounter danger and do nothing? Even if that danger wouldn’t threaten her safety.

Lou Xiaoxiao wasn’t. Liu Xuan wasn’t. Yue Qing wasn’t either. Then the only one left to be suspicious of was Feng Wuchen.

Countless detective novels tell us that the person who looks most invisible and least like a culprit must be the one!

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