The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 292: Duoduo, I’ll Come Back to You

The Old Monarch who had supplemented his life for the second time, failed to survive this time. When the two armies were approaching imperial city, the Old Monarch finally died.

The Fifth Prince hurriedly ascended the throne. On the tenth day of his ascension as the emperor, Eastern Kingdom’s army approached and surrounded the imperial city.

The new emperor went to Moran Hall several times, he almost kneeled in front of Gong Moran.

“State Teacher, We don’t want to be a king of a subjugated country, We implore State Teacher to come forward and protect Our Nanyun’s peace!” the face of the new Emperor was washed with tears.

Gong Moran looked at the wimpy new Emperor, the corners of his mouth twitched a bit, “Your Majesty, don’t worry, this minister will cast a spell to cover the entire imperial city when the time comes, people from inside unable to go out and people outside unable to go in.”

The new Emperor was a little relieved when he heard this before he left in a daze.

For so many years, he has put all of his thoughts on planning to take the throne, and when his dreams finally came true, he immediately has to face such danger right in front of his face.

He was very clear that Nanyun Kingdom’s impending doom won’t be for long, the measure that State Teacher put will only be able to delay it for a little more time.

Nan Xun was unhappy that Gong Moran will use witchcraft again, and couldn’t help but squint at him, “My Lord promised me that he won’t use witchcraft again.”

Gong Moran smiled helplessly, “Duoduo, it’s just a protective spell, it’s not a heaven-defying witchcraft, there won’t be any backlash with this.”

State Teacher’s protective spell really protected the entire imperial city, the spell was obviously able to maintain itself for at least two months, but who knew that it cracked just after five days.

Donglin’s brave army took advantage of the broken protection and attacked the imperial city in the middle of the night, the guards were slack because they thought that the protection wouldn’t be broken, it was too late when they found out that the enemy had breached in.

It wasn’t clear whether it was a coincidence or not, but the night when imperial city was captured was a full-moon-night. Inside Moran Hall, Gong Moran was tormenting Nan Xun.

Gong Moran suddenly turned her over, fiercely sucking and kissing her white-as-jade back.

Nan Xun held the quilt tightly with both hands when she felt pain on her back, however, it wasn’t the kind of pain from biting, but rather from acupuncture.

Your mom, it’s not the same ah, Gong Moran used needles on her back to tattoo something, he was making soy sauce with her while pricking her unhurriedly.

“M-my Lord, what are you doing?” Nan Xun’s voice was hoarse.

The man pressing on her back curled his lips into a smile, there was no indifference and coldness inside that smile, but it looked extremely evil. He leisurely said, “Duoduo, be good, you will be fine soon, this Lord is making a beautiful pattern on your back.”

Nan Xun shuddered, oh gosh, big boss right now is really dreadful ah, sob sob sob.

The double torture made Nan Xun’s forehead flooded with sweat, right until the other party struck the last needle hard and the tattoo on her back was finally finished.

He licked the beads of sweat on the woman’s back bit by bit until there was none left, watching his artwork obsessively.

Nan Xun swallowed silently, the big boss at full-moon-night was really perverted ah.

It wasn’t until the sky was slightly lit up that the satisfied Gong Moran finally fell asleep.

Little Eight gasped once he opened his five senses, “Big boss’ evil value dropped by 10 points last night, only 10 points are left! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, so happy ah!”

A corner of Nan Xun’s mouth twitched, could it be because of the pattern drawn on her back?

“Little Eight, big boss tattooed me last night, help me see what my tattoo is.”

Little Eight coyly said, “You ah, do you want me to see your body?”

Nan Xun, “Your mom, it’s just the back! Where do you think he tattooed me at?”

Little Eight immediately said, “Your buttocks, for example ah, your snowy peaks ah.”

Nan Xun: …

Perverted Little Eight!

When Little Eight finished looking at the tatoo on Nan Xun’s back, he couldn’t help but sighed, “Big boss really tattooed it beautifully ah, the drawing is like a flower, also, it looks like…” a spell.

“Looks like what?” Nan Xun asked closely.

Little Eight quickly replied ‘nothing’.

The news that imperial city was captured quickly spread to the palace, however at that time, they had no power to reverse this desperate situation.

Donglin troops surrounded the palace, making it impossible for people inside to escape.

The young monarch of Nanyun Kingdom cried bitterly on his dragon throne, wailing his misery. He became the king of a subjugated kingdom, the once proud Nanyun Kingdom was about to end, everything was over.

There were imperial palace maids and eunuchs who tried to escape, but they were all captured one by one.

“My Lord, when will we run away?” Nan Xun was very calm. She leaned on Gong Morans arms who was also calm like her.

Gong Moran stroked her hair and smiled faintly, “Wait until Donglin army breaks through the palace gate.”

Donglin army didn’t immediately break into the palace gate, but they sent out a word first that any elite troops and imperial guards who voluntarily surrendered will all be pardoned, declared as ‘not guilty’ and set free.

As soon as these words came out, it really shook some of the troops and guards, but when these people wanted to surrender, they were caught and killed by the new emperor’s order.

His Nanyun’s soldiers, even if they must become slaves after subjugation, they can only die in battle and not surrender!

Two days later, Qi Hengqing led his soldiers to break through palace gate, while Nanyun’s imperial troops resisted to their death. The cries of war in the palace continued, maids and eunuchs fled amidst the chaos and riot.

Gong Moran dismissed all the disciples of Moran Hall and took Nan Xun toward a secret path.

Nan Xun wondered how big boss can be so calm, it turned out that there’s a secret path to escape the palace.

Gong Moran only brought some dry food, but Nan Xun wanted to take away all the gold and silver, in the end, the things she wanted to bring was too much, so she can only bring along a few silver ingots as well as the snake sword that Gong Moran used to pray for rain.

“My Lord, what should we do with our little treasury ah? Sob sob, my babies ah, won’t they be discovered by Qi Hengqing then?” Nan Xun hugged his arm while crying in distress.

Gong Moran chuckled, “There’s a mechanism that I put to get to the treasury, others won’t be able to find it for quite a while. I also have casted a spell, anyone who tried to steal anything there will die an untimely death.”

Nan Xun: …

Seeing that the two of them were about to reach the secret path, Gong Moran suddenly asked her, “Duoduo, do you have your hairpin with you?”

Nan Xun quickly touched her hair bun and exclaimed, “I forgot, it must be on the dressing table.”

Gong Moran thought for a while, “Duoduo, I’ll go back to retrieve it, wait here for me.”

Nan Xun quickly grabbed him, “My Lord, forget it, what if you meet Dongling troops on your way back?”

Gong Moran hugged her and dropped a kiss on her forehead, “That’s the first gift I gave you, it has a special meaning, you can not want anything else but this. Duoduo, I will come back to you soon.”

“My Lord!”

Nan Xun sood up by the rockery, watching the man in white walking away in a few strides towards Moran Hall.

She looked and looked and suddenly grasped the rockery next to her with one hand, her eyes gradually darkened.

Little Eight sighed, “Big boss is so kind oh, he took a special trip just for your broken hairpin, sob sob sob, this grandpa is so moved.”

As a result, the sky changed color over the entire palace at the next moment, strong, cold wind blew, almost blowing people away.

When the wind finally stopped, the surrounding air became dry and hot.

Flaming red stars suddenly appeared on the night’s curtain, shooting straight towards the imperial palace, it was like a spectacular meteor shower when one looked at it from afar.

However, when the stars got close, everyone finally can see that they were, in fact, fire balls!

The imperial palace of Nanyun Kingdom was extremely luxurious, with a total of more than a thousand palaces and pavilions. At this time, fireballs fell down densely packed, burning them down to the ground in no time.

Nan Xun raised her head and gazed at the dark night that seemed to be set on fire, her pitch-black pupils were shining red just like the blistering color that filled the whole sky, as if they were burned along with them.

“Burning Sky Formation…” She murmured as the fire in her eyes slowly drenched in water, blurring her vision a little. [T/N: she cried…]

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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