Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 291 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(7)

Emerald green weeds and sweet fragrances wafted about by the moat. One could still see the group of wild ducks swimming around in the river.

“Princess Royal, look at the grasses and weeds, as well as the bright sunshine. You should go visit the outskirts right now or admire the peach blossoms at the Peach Blossom Valley outside the capital. What’s interesting by the moat?”

Lou Xiaoxiao’s voice rang under Su Wan’s feet.

She smiled and looked down at the certain person who was tied up into a glutinous rice. She patted her smooth chin as in deep thought. “Lou Xiaoxiao, you’re really made to be a businessman. You have a way with words. Unfortunately, I am not tricked by you!”  

While talking, Su Wan’s gaze gradually turned cold. “You should know my attitude. Everyone that goes against me won’t have a good ending.”

As she said this, she gestured at Bi Lou. “Bring Master Lou down to bathe in the water.”


Bi Lou disliked Lou Xiaoxiao for a really long time already. When she heard Su Wan’s order, she immediately kicked him into the water from the shore.

Splash. Lou Xiaoxiao was unable to struggle free and sunk into the water just like this.

Su Wan stared at the surface of the water and counted silently inside her heart. After thirty seconds, her gaze darkened. “Bi Lou!”


She knew what Su Wan wanted. She flew over and flicked her precious sword over the surface of the water. It immediately shook and Lou Xiaoxiao’s body was jolted out from the surface of the water.

That’s right. Martial arts was just that cool.

Bi Lou grabbed Lou Xiaoxiao’s collar and threw him against the grass once again.

At this moment, Lou Xiaoxiao’s bruised face had turned pale. He was unconscious and it felt as if he had no breath.

“Your Highness?”

Bi Lou kneeled down and tested Lou Xiaoxiao’s breath, her expression immediately becoming solemn.

Su Wan smiled carelessly. “If he died, then toss him back into the moat. Mn. Tie him to a rock so we can ruin any evidence.”

Bi Lou was speechless.


The certain person pretending to be dead right now couldn’t help but choke out some water from the moat. Nani. The water was too disgusting.

Lou Xiaoxiao gradually opened his eyes. His mind was blank for a moment but after a while, it seemed as if he had processed what just happened. He stared at Su Wan and Bi Lou, confused.

“I...I am still alive?”

Lou Xiaoxiao moved a bit. The rope on him was soaked and it tied him tighter.

“Princess Royal?”

Lou Xiaoxiao looked pitifully at Su Wan.

“Bi Lou, let’s go.”

Su Wan looked down and exclaimed in a low voice. Bi Lou immediately followed along quickly.

“Princess Royal!”

Lou Xiaoxiao called for them but Su Wan didn’t stop.

He was dumbstruck.

Nani, who’s going to untie this master? Ahhh!

Evening, Princess Royal residence.

Su Wan had started writing drafts of memorials to the empress in her study. While writing, she knitted her brows. Lou Xiaoxiao and Liu Xuan’s faces flickered through her mind nonstop.

Everyone knew that Liu Xuan was unable to practice martial arts but she noticed the shape of his hands and the faint calluses on his palm. That was clearly a hand that held swords, not brushes.

As for Lou Xiaoxiao...

It was because Lou Xiaoxiao had acted the same exact way that she was familiar with in the plot. There were no loopholes but it was also the biggest clue.

After writing the memorials, Su Wan closed her eyes and leaned against the chair. Tomorrow, she was going to face head on with Su Man. She wasn’t scared of her in the least bit. She just thought that she had too many men. Three had statuses. She was actually in love with one and the other was secretly in love with her. If she had to deal with them separately, this was going to take a long process.

Thankfully, her status as the Princess Royal was pretty good. That way, she wasn’t too anxious in completing her mission.

Second morning.

Like usual, nothing big happened on the morning court. As Su Man prepared to leave, Su Wan wearing a phoenix robe smiled and walked ahead. “Your Majesty, I have something to report.”

As she said this, she took out a folded memorial from her sleeves and said, “Your Majesty, please take a look.”

Su Man paused and then narrowed her eyes. She smiled at Su Wan and said, “Bring imperial sister’s memorial over. Let me take a look.”


An attending official immediately bowed and took the memorial from Su Wan’s hands and then delivered it to Su Man. She opened the memorial and her expression stiffened. “This…”

Su Wan’s memorial naturally referred to Su Man accepting Yue Qing and letting him into the palace. Seeing the content, a few thoughts flashed by Su Man’s mind. “Imperial sister, follow me to the imperial study. Let’s discuss this in detail okay?”


Su Wan smiled charmingly. “Yue Qing left my residence. Everyone in the capital has witnessed his talent. Now that everyone knows that Your Majesty and him are in love with each other, as his master, I haven’t gone too far as to request you to marry him right? Your Majesty, you still need to consider a simple thing like this?”

Su Wan’s gaze stared fixated at Su Man. “Could it be that Your Majesty looks down on Yue Qing’s status?”

Before Su Man could react, the officials on court already started murmuring in low voices.

Everyone knew about Her Majesty’s love affairs but no one expected the Princess Royal to ask Her Majesty for a status for Yue Qing. According to Luanfeng Country’s rules, each empress could only have three husbands and four attendants. Her Majesty has one husband and two attendants right now. Though there were empty positions, Her Majesty was still young and had time to fill her harem.

“Imperial sister, your words are off.”

Su Man had just processed what happened. She closed the memorial and looked at Su Wan indifferently. “True, I admire Master Ye’s talent but I don’t know what Master Ye wants. Although I am an empress, I can’t force people to do something they don’t want, right?”

Hearing Su Man’s words, Su Wan nodded. “True, it’s hard to find two people truly in love with each other. Your Majesty, then consider my words. I won’t be saying anything more.”

Su Wan’s face darkened and she quietly retreated.

Liu Xuan had kept an eye on Su Wan’s attention in the crowd. Thinking back to when she said, “a pair for life,” he was touched.

Could what Princess Royal have said that day be true?

For a moment, lots of thoughts flashed by Liu Xuan’s mind. In the end, he suppressed them.

After the court ended, everyone went their own ways. Like usual, Su Wan walked ahead alone. This time, people looked at her with differing gazes...

“Cousin, what do you think that princess royal is up to this time?”

Chi Xueyuan purposely pulled Feng Wuchen to the back, her tone questioning.

“Who knows? Maybe...princess royal really wants to let them have their way? Didn’t you say that women who fall in love are fools?” Feng Wuchen said, his gaze landing on Chi Xueyuan. “Xueyuan, if one hasn’t personally experienced some sentiments, they would never be able to understand. Do you understand?”


Chi Xueyuan froze. Shouldn’t women get control of the world? Love was just an accessory, something unnecessary. Why did it matter whether she understood or not?”

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