The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 291: Siege, The City Fell

Little Eight felt like he wanted to faint after hearing this, “Are you kidding with this grandpa ah? Do you know when Nanyun will fell under the Fated Child in the original script? Your mom, it’s five years later, five whole years later ah!”

“So long ah? Big boss clearly told me that Nanyun’s luck will soon run out.”

Little Eight, “Even if Nanyun run out of its luck, it can still last for a while. You humans have a saying ‘a centipede doesn’t stop wriggling even when dead’; Nanyun Kingdom has been the leader of four kingdoms for so many years, it won’t die easily. We have been in this world for six years, if we wait for another 5 years, then it sums up to 11 years.”

“What? Have we stayed for 6 years? So fast ah.” Nan Xun exclaimed at first before she faintly said, “I didn’t do anything for the first 3 years because I spent it in Drunken Moon Tower, but can you blame me for this? The body you found for me has zero chance to get close with big boss ah. Say, if you gave me the body of someone from imperial harem, I can come across big boss within minutes.”

Little Eight exploded, “You, this little girl, do you think someone from imperial harem can easily get close with big boss? How can any woman enter imperial harem? It’s not bad if you can transmigrate as Princess Yao, but her aura just simply doesn’t match yours, you can’t use her body.”

Nan Xun sighed in her heart, Little Eight sighed in her head.

According to Little Eight, Qi Hengqing would attack Nanyun Kingdom three years later, but she didn’t expect that he started to take action in just half a year. Didn’t know what benefit Qi Hengqing promised Ximo Kingdom that they formed an alliance with him.

The two Kingdoms joined forces and attacked Nanyun from east and west together, and just within one night, the two border cities of Nanyun were captured.

When the battle report was sent to the imperial city, the Old Monarch was sleeping soundly, but when he heard this, he fainted on the spot.

“State Teacher! Quick, find State Teacher!” The Old Monarch loudly roared before he fainted.

Because the matter was really urgent, Gong Moran didn’t decline the Emperor’s summon this time, however, he took Nan Xun with him when he went to the Emperor’s place and just directly entered his chamber.

Nan Xun looked at the Old Monarch who was lying on his bed, she sighed secretly. The former Old Monarch that she saw when she first entered the palace still seemed to be shining in spirit, it has only been a few years, how come he become like this?

When the Old Monarch woke up, he impatiently called for State Teacher to come over.

Gong Moran walked up to him and nodded slightly, “Your Majesty, this minster is here.”

“State Teacher, State Teacher, what do you think of this war?”

Gong Moran said indifferently, “Donglin and Ximo Kingdom are allied, attacking from east and west altogether, it’s obvious that it has been planned for a long time, Nanyun Kingdom simply has no chance of winning.”

In his haste, the Old Monarch said, “Our State Teacher surely has a way, right? You are the State Teacher who have blessed Our Nanyun Kingdom for generations ah, you are the State Teacher who wield powerful magic!”

Nan Xun leaned closer to big boss, for fear that the crazy looking Old Monarch would bite her big boss, the look inside those widened old eyes and dependent look appeared quite hideous.

Gong Moran sighed softly, “Your Majesty fought with Donglin in a war just recently where this minister had to used witchcraft during the whole time, this minister’s power has not been restored yet. Moreover, this time those two countries are converging their attack from west and east; this minister is truly unable to save the situation.”

After a pause, he gave a suggestion, “Your Majesty can only get a chance by sending an envoy to Beiwu Kingdom overnight and persuade them to join forces with Nanyun Kingdom.”

The Old Monarch frowned upon hearing this, “Why did State Teacher say this? Beiwu and Nanyun were separated by Yunwu mountain range, the journey back and forth was far away, the distant water of Beiwu couldn’t save the nearby fire!” [T/N: help from a distance is of no use.]

“That’s why, our troop has to go over to Beiwu and rush them to come over with reinforcements.” Gong Moran said.

Hearing this, the Old Monarch who was struggling to rise up, fell down a bit. He looked straight at Gong Moran and said solemnly, “State Teacher must help the soldiers of Nanyun to hold on, you have to!”

Gong Moran didn’t respond directly, he only said, “Although this minister’s power has not been restored, the 16 disciples under this minister can take on this great responsibility.”

The 16 disciples that he said didn’t include Gong Shijiu, big boss simply didn’t count her in.

On that day, Gong Moran selected 12 disciples and divided them into two groups headed by Gong Er and Gong Liu respectively, rushing to the east and west border cities to assist Nanyun’s soldier in defense.

However, in the next six months, Nanyun still lost cities one after another, the troops from Donglin entered as if there was no resistance; the lord of several cities took the initiative to surrender before the opponent even attacked.

What’s even more pressing was no matter many times Nanyun asked for help, Beiwu had no intention of assisting, furthermore, even the envoy who went previously was all beheaded.


Moran Hall, main hall.

Gong Moran was playing with Nan Xun when he suddenly sensed something, his hand stopped at once.

“My Lord, what’s the matter? Has another city been captured?” Nan Xun asked quickly.

Gong Moran’s eyes narrowed slightly, he said, “Gong Er and his companions are all dead.”

Nan Xun opened her mouth, she was silent for a while before saying, “My Lord should call Gong Liu and the others back. Even if they have witchcraft and gu, they aren’t my Lord after all, it’s impossible for them to deal with 100 thousand of army from Ximo by themselves.”

Gong Moran rubbed her head, “Duoduo, don’t worry, they have their own ways. What I’m wondering is why Gong Er and some disciples lost their lives so easily, this makes this Lord wonder if there’s someone who understand witchcraft from Donglin’s side.”

When Nan Xun heard this, she quickly asked Little Eight what was going on, Little Eight replied, “It’s like this, the Fated Child, Qi Hengqing, rescued an old man by chance, this old man happened to be a survivor from Witch Clan, and he’s also one of the respected Elder from the clan. His hatred for Nanyun ran deeply ah. When he heard that there’s an evil monster who helps Nanyun, he came and gave Qi Hengqing his assistance.”

“Your mom, Fated Child is indeed Fated Child, what can I say more?” Nan Xun immediately asked, “Does this Elder know that big boss is also a survivor from Witch Clan?”

Little Eight said, “The old man saw with his own eyes how his people were exterminated back then, so he only regards big boss as an evil thief, after all, many books from Withc Clan were taken by someone. This grandpa tells you, if the old man knew that big boss is the saint’s child, he would only hate him even more. In the first place If it wasn’t because of the saint, Witch Clan’s existance wouldn’t be revealed nor would they be annihilated.”

“The Witch Clan must've been very powerful, so how come it’s so easy to be annihilated?” Nan Xun was puzzled.

Little Eight, “Do you think everyone is as powerful as big boss ah? Not everyone has the ability to call on wind and rain, while the founder king of Nanyun was wise and resourceful, ah, no, more like, sinister and cunning. He took the saint’s keepsake, saying that he wanted to invite several of those Elders from Witch Clan to the palace for a banquet. Because of the saint’s keepsake, the Elders put down their guard and drank the wine brought by the other party, and then… well, you understand the rest.”

Nan Xun’s eyes grew cold after hearing this, she suddenly hoped that Nanyun would meet its end sooner.

“My Lord, let’s get out of here.” Nan Xun hugged Gong Moran tightly, her voice was gloomy.

Gong Moran kissed her on the forehead, “Duoduo, soon, I will take you out from here soon.”

Nan Xun: Haha, I must be a stupid ghost if I believe your words.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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