Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 290 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(6)

On the way back to the Princess Royal residence, Su Wan had her eyes closed resting in the horse carriage, up until they passed the busy streets. The clamor outside caused Su Wan to knit her brows.

“Bi Lou, what’s going on outside?”

Su Wan gradually opened her eyes, unhappiness flickering through.

Bi Lou immediately got out of the carriage. Not long later, she returned with a complicated expression. “Your Highness, Master Lou had gotten into an argument with Master Li in Chufeng Restaurant. There are lots of people surrounding them on the streets right now. The two seemed to be fighting.”

“Lou Xiaoxiao and Li Xiao?”

Su Wan’s gaze flickered. Li Xiao was one of the male leads too but he just appeared rather late. As for Lou Xiaoxiao, this person was linked to her in countless ways.

In the original plot, after Su Wan committed suicide, the Princess Royal residence naturally weakened and the people within were all put on house arrest. The Princess Royal residence was transformed into a marquis residence for Feng Wuchen but in the end, Lou Xiaoxiao had bought it off with a large sum of money.

Lou Xiaoxiao was known as a hooligan in the capital. Even common people’s daughters were unwilling to marry him. Noble ladies were unwilling either. Thus, the Lou Family was willing to give a huge sum of dowry for the sake of someone marrying their son.

Originally, when the former emperor still held the throne, Madam Lou had been thinking about matchmaking Lou Xiaoxiao and Su Wan. The former emperor didn’t like Su Wan so, deciding to do the Lou Family a favor, she allowed Su Wan to marry Lou Xiaoxiao, that bastard. But how could Su Wan be willing? She brought people to Chufeng Restaurant and ridiculed Lou Xiaoxiao, even threatening him. In the end, she ruined the marriage.

Maybe the original body didn’t know that Lou Xiaoxiao truly liked her even until her death. After she died, he did everything he could, including spending the entire family inheritance on buying the Princess Royal residence for her. He wanted to watch over her house.

“Lou Xiaoxiao, the Princess Royal isn’t even here anymore. What do you need this residence for?”

Feng Wuchen had asked Lou Xiaoxiao this question in the original plot. He ended up smiling and saying, “By keep this courtyard, at least someone will remember that a beautiful and peerless talented Princess Royal had once lived here.”

If even his courtyard was gone, everyone will gradually forget about her.

He didn’t want people to forget that Su Wan had existed...

This was Lou Xiaoxiao’s sentiments towards the Princess Royal. It’s fine if you don’t love me and I won’t pester you either but you can’t stop me from thinking about you inside my heart.

Su Wan was in deep thought for a moment before she sighed in the end. She looked at Bi Lou and said, “Lou Xiaoxiao, that fool, isn’t Li Xiao’s match at all. Bi Lou, bring Lou Xiaoxiao over. Tell him that I am looking for him.”


Bi Lou got out of the horse carriage once again. She came back lifting Lou Xiaoxiao’s collar in her hand.

Right now, Lou Xiaoxiao appeared really battered. He loved trading. He wasn’t good with literature or martial arts. In the capital, he was just known as a useless wealthy young master.

“Get inside!”

Su Wan looked at Lou Xiaoxiao and exclaimed coldly.


Lou Xiaoxiao rolled his eyes and glared at Bi Lou. “Let go. Didn’t you hear your master tell me to get inside the carriage?”

Bi Lou was speechless.

You useless person. Why are you acting lofty in front of me?

Bi Lou gently let go as Lou Xiaoxiao pretended to fix his expensive robe before getting into the horse carriage well-mannered.

“Hello Princess Royal!”

He greeted Su Wan without much energy, his tone insincere at all.


Su Wan lifted her brows. “What? You’ve gotten quite the attitude. You dared to even fight Li Xiao now?”

“Li Xiao is nothing in my eyes.”

Lou Xiaoxiao pursed his lips in disdain hearing Su Wan’s words. “This master is a nobleman. I will only argue with someone. I won’t fight them. He’s just a brute. He knows no manners. The noble families’ faces in the capital are all lost by him!”

Su Wan was speechless.

Who gave you the courage to say this? You still had no idea how to spell your name when Li Xiao knew how to write the Thousand Character Classics! You want to compare your manners to him?

Su Wan knew how narcissistic Master Lou was. In the original plot, Lou Xiaoxiao and Li Xiao did indeed start fighting in Chufeng Restaurant. After that, the two had disliked each other ever since.

Su Wan’s heart was touched. She looked at Lou Xiaoxiao and exclaimed, “Hey, I haven’t settled accounts with you about what happened yesterday night.”

“Yesterday night?”

Lou Xiaoxiao looked confusedly at Su Wan. “I slept really early yesterday night. I haven’t seen princess royal!”

Nani. He’s pretty good at pretending to be innocent.

“It’s fine if you can’t remember. I will help you remember.”

Su Wan smiled faintly and called for Bi Lou. “Bi Lou, go find a rope.”

“Hey, heyy!”

Lou Xiaoxiao’s expression immediately changed when he heard that Su Wan wanted bi Lou to look for rope. “Princess Royal, don’t. Don’t mess around!”

“Since when was I going to mess around?”

Su Wan leaned over and brought her face to Lou Xiaoxiao. “Oh hey, your handsome face has been beaten up by Li Xiao. Say, if I strip you and tie you to the roof to the horse carriage and parade through the streets, can your mother still recognize you?”

“Su Wan!”

Lou Xiaoxiao hollered out of a fit of anger.


Su Wan lifted her brows and smiled at Lou Xiaoxiao.

“Um, Princess Royal, Your Highness Princess Royal.”

Lou Xiaoxiao wore a bitter expression and looked at Su Wan pitifully. “Look, you’re the princess royal. I’m just a useless person. Please don’t lower yourself to my status. Princess, you’re not going to be so stingy right? Plus, I haven’t done anything! I...I just joked with you. It was just a joke!”

At this time, Bi Lou returned to the horse carriage again. “Your Highness, the rope!”

“You really brought it over!”

Seeing the thick rope in Bi Lou’s hands, Master Lou was drunk too.

“Your Highness?”

Bi Lou ignored Lou Xiaoxiao. Instead, she waited upon Su Wan’s order.

“Tie him up.”

Su Wan waved her sleeves and ordered indifferently.

“Yes.” When Bi Lou heard her master’s order, she immediately went to tie Lou Xiaoxiao up into a glutinous rice.

Lou Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Sister, you’re particularly skilled at this. Where did you learn the skills? Please~

“Princess Royal, this…”

Lou Xiaoxiao glanced at himself tied up and tried moving in the horse carriage. Instead, he accidentally fell onto the ground.

“Don’t worry, I won’t strip and parade you through the streets.”

Su Wan shot Lou Xiaoxiao a comforting smile. Before Lou Xiaoxiao could sigh, she continued, “Bi Lou, let’s change the destination to the moat. Let’s bring Master Lou over to take a shower~”

Lou Xiaoxiao: Damn~ Can I insult?

“Princess Royal, I, I was really just…”

Before he could explain for himself, Su Wan flipped him over and pressed on his acupuncture point.

Lou Xiaoxiao was speechless.


At this time, Bi Lou ordered the driver to drive in a low voice. The horse carriage immediately made a U-turn and headed towards the moat...

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