The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 290: Doubt, State Teacher Changed into a Demon

Within a month, the eldest, third and fourth princes of Nanyun Kingdom died suddenly. Although the Monarch ordered the news to be blocked, there’s no secret that can be kept forever, and no matter if it was civil and military officials or the common people of Nanyun Kingdom, they all heard about this strange event.

This was like a warning; for the next few months, there was no more rain gracing Nanyun Kingdom and people began to panic.

State Teacher sent Gong Liu to pray for rain, which slightly eased people’s tension.

“Your Majesty, this minister thinks that the strange things that happened recently were all caused by a demon that haunts this dynasty, otherwise, how could the royal blood all die suddenly? Furthermore, they all died in a row. This minister beseeches Your Majesty to take this matter seriously for the sake of the three princes. If Your Majesty still wants to shield that demon, this minister is afraid that Nanyun Kingdom will sooner or later be destroyed in his arms!” An old minister stood up, remonstrated the King by bracing death.

The other officials all knew who the demon he talked about.

The prestige that State Teacher accumulated from the past dynasties cannot be offended, however, the current State Teacher has long since stepped down from his high position due to the past incidents with the female beside him. He was fooling around with that pr0stitute from the red-light district all day as more and more minsters began to question the so-called State Teacher.

After the old minister finished presenting his advice, other ministers also stood up to support.

The Old Monarch had been awake all night because of the matter of several princes’ death, he always dreamed that they were looking for his blood to compensate their lives. Now that he heard his minsters mentioning it again, his fury went through the roof. He pointed to the old minister who started all of this, “What demon, We think you’re the one who deceives people. If it wasn’t because of State Teacher who instructed his disciple to pray for rain to appease the common people, how can there be peace in Nanyun Kingdom now? You just can’t see Us being healthy, aren’t you? If you talk about State Teacher like this again, you might as well hit your head and die in this great hall!”

The old minister was heart-broken, “Why does Your Majesty protect the State Teacher like this? There’s no rain in Nanyun Kingdom for a few months, who knows if the demon secretly used underhanded method? When everyone is on their last breath, then he can show up and ask for rain just to establish his own prestige…”

After saying a lot of things in one breath, the old minister took off his official hat, bowed deeply at the Old Monarch, before running towards a big pillar and hit his head.

The officials were in an uproar.

The Old Monarch was so furious that he immediately ordered all the old minister’s family’s menfolk to be banished to the borders while the women were to be maidservants.

This action simply chilled all the official’s hearts; everyone dared not speak since then. There were some who tried to persuade the Emperor through the Fifth Prince, but they didn’t expect that the Fifth Prince also respected the State Teacher just like the Emperor.

Moran Hall, main hall.

Nan Xun took a sip of tea from Gong Moran and said with some worry, “My Lord, there have been more and more bad comments about you recently, is it really okay?”

Gong Moran said lightly, “It’s okay.”

“Duoduo, come, come into this Lord’s arms.” Gong Moran stretched out his hands towards her.

Nan Xun sat on his lap skilfully, with a book in her hand.

Gong Moran raised his brows slightly when he saw the ancient book.

“My Lord, you haven’t told me about witchcraft from this book, is the spell on the last page really so powerful?” Nan Xun turned the ancient book to the last page.

Gong Moran glanced at her, and when he saw her curiosity, he explained, “This spell is called Burning Heaven Formation. It traps the enemy inside the formation spell and uses great magic power to make fire fall from the sky. At that time, countless fireballs will hurl down and burn everything inside the formation.”

“How big can the formation be?” Nan Xun asked.

“The Burning Heaven Formation recorded in this book can burn the entire palace. This Lord has studied for several years, if we slightly modify this spell, the power can burn the entire imperial city.”

Nan Xun’s hands tightened inadvertently, she stammered a bit, “T-the whole imperial city? My Lord, you’re really amazing ah.”

Gong Moran took the book from her hand and threw it aside, “This book records some forbidden techniques from my Witch Clan, it’s not suitable for you to read.”

After speaking, he lifted Nan Xun’s eyelids to take a closer look and asked, “Duoduo, is there still any discomfort in your eyes?”

Nan Xun said, “It’s much better, it’s just that I can’t see things that are twenty feet away, but it doesn’t matter ah, I can see my Lord clearly because I know my Lord won’t leave me too far.”

Gong Moran laid her down on the couch, “This Lord will open your acupoint again.”

Nan Xun laid on the couch and looked at him; seeing that he had brought a set of acupuncture and moxibustion tools, she clicked her tongue in amazement, “My Lord, I thought you can only use witchcraft, but you’re also a genius doctor.”

Gong Moran smiled faintly, “After living for a long time, this Lord wants to learn some new things. This Lord has done a little study on poison and medical skill, but is more proficient on medical skill.” While speaking, he put silver needles through the fire and waited until they cooled down before he came over.

Nan Xun looked at him with stars in her eyes, “My Lord is so amazing ah, if it weren’t for my Lord, I might be deaf and blind for a lifetime.”

She laid obediently and closed her eyes when she saw that the other party had finished disinfecting the silver needles.

Gong Moran stuck no less than ten needles on the acupuncture points around her eyes, and nearly twenty on her head.

These places have the most acupuncture points and are the most difficult to identify, if one didn’t pay attention, it’s easy to make a fatal mistake. However, Nan Xun didn’t feel uncomfortable when the big boss put needles on her.

After a cup of tea’s time, the silver needles on her acupuncture points were taken out one by one. The moment Nan Xun opened her eyes, she felt that the whole world had become brighter, she couldn’t wait to open the window and look through the distance. This time, she could see something twenty feet away, however, after a long time passed, her sight became fuzzy again.

Nan Xun firmly believed that after a few more treatments, her vision won’t only recover but also become better than before.

Little Eight said with regret, “This grandpa still hopes that you’d be blind longer, because this grandpa found out that the big boss dropped a lot of evil value during the time when you’re blind and deaf. Recently, big boss’ evil value dropped much slower ah.”

“How much is left?” Nan Xun asked.

Little Eight sighed, “Still 20 more points.”

He originally thought because the big boss had a [email protected] abstinence time, his evil value would drop in a swish once he broke it. It’s partly true though, however, the faster it falls at the beginning, the slower it became in the later time; in overall, it’s not much easier than previous worlds.

Little Eight pondered for a while and suggested, “How about you diligently throw your clothes away ah? Just transform into a demoness and tangle the big boss into making thick soy-sauce and brew wine a few times?”

Nan Xun: …

“I feel that the remaining 20 points isn’t something that I can exchange by just sacrificing my moral. Big boss has obsession in his heart, he has to take revenge. Only when his obsession disappear would the last of his evil value disappear too.” Nan Xun lightly said.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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