Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 29: Seven Killing Array

Lou Ming finally held on to the little girl who was stamping with fury, as he looked at her panting and huffing little face, he asked, “You’re rushing like this, do you know where to find him?”

“I…” Chen Yu thought for a while before replying, “I’ll go to Tong’s mansion, anyway, if he wants to be completely resurrected, then he must swallow Tong Chao’s soul, so I’ll just go to Tong’s mansion and wait for him.”

“What if he won’t come out when he sees you there?” Lou Ming asked.

“No way.” Chen Yu said confidently, “If he wants to be resurrected, he must swallow Tong Chao’s soul within 49 days, or else he must search for another 15 living souls again.”

“You mean that if the time is up and he’s unable to swallow Tong Chao’s soul then he will start killing again?” Lou Ming responded quickly.

“Correct, that’s why he will appear again soon.” Judging from the living dead’s aura last night, Chen Yu was almost sure that he has not much time left.

“Cheng Peng, go and check if there’s any bizarre death cases lately, and when was the earliest one.” Lou Ming said to Chen Peng who was standing on his side.

“It’s been checked.” After He Qi listened to Chen Yu’s information about the living dead, he also checked about the matter, “The police department is indeed investigating a special case recently, there are fifteen people that died suddenly for no reason in the last two months. When death toll reached 8 people, they moved the case to special department. The earliest victim died 45 days ago.”

“Four days left? I’ll go to Tong’s mansion now and stay there for a few days.” Chen Yu said, picking up her compass, wanting to rush out again.

“Wait a minute.” Lou Ming thought about Chen Yu’s sorry figure when she fought with that living dead a week ago, he asked worriedly, “Can you deal with it alone?”

Chen Yu was immediately discouraged by Lou Ming’s question, “I can’t beat him…”

“Then…” Lou Ming was about to say that he could ask someone for help when he heard Chen Yu’s additional ferocious sentence.

“But I can make him go away.” Chen Yu said, “He’s trying so hard to resurrect, doesn’t he just want to live in this world? Humph! Then I’ll send him back to the underworld, let the two deities clean him up, see if he still can pay for another assassin ah, isn’t buying assassin his innate skill? Humph!”

Lou Ming couldn’t help but smiled, he asked, “You can send him to the underworld?”

“En, although I also want to beat him up, but I still don’t have enough skill now…” The feeling of not being able to avenge herself was really not good ah.

Then I’ll let He Qi send a few people to follow you.” Lou Ming said.

“There’s no need, I…”

“I know that you’re good with exorcising ghosts, but you can’t beat He Qi and others against weapons in the living world.” Lou Ming interrupted before Chen Yu finished, “There are four days left, he must be more anxious than you, if he appears on purpose and leads you where someone can shoot you, can you avoid it?”

“Can’t.” Chen Yu thought for a while and shook her head honestly.

“Then these few days, be obedient and let He Qi and others follow you.” Lou MIng said.

“Oh.” Chen Yu looked at Lou Ming emotionally, “Third Brother, you’re so kind to me.”

Lou Ming smiled and rubbed her head dotingly, “Because you’re also kind.”

Ordinary people can live their ordinary lives because there’s you who conscientiously exorcise ghosts.

Chen Yu felt herself blush after being praised and can only foolishly ‘hehe’ laughed.

At this time, inside the Tong family’s residence, the sickly-looking Second Uncle Tong was discussing the matter with two Heavenly Masters from Liang and Qin family. These two people were successors from their respective families which were two of the three biggest Heavenly Master families in Imperial Capital.

“Brother Tong, how’s your health?” Liang Huazhou, Liang Guang’s father, the next head of Liang family, asked.

“It’s okay, I’ll be fine after a while.” when Tong Wei finished speaking, he coughed twice while clutching his chest.

The other Heavenly Master, Qin Feiming, asked, “How’s Tong Chao?”

“He’s okay.” Tong Wei had already received report from his apprentice Jiang Hui that Heavenly Master Chen actually scared the monster away with just two tricks. If he knew this, Tong Wei wouldn’t be concerned about her identity as a mayor’s daughter and asked for her help earlier.

“That’s good then.” Qin Feiming said.

“Brother Qin, brother Liang, my Tong family is well-known for its Eight Trigrams, that’s why we’re inferior in exorcising ghosts than you two. In these few days, have you guys figured out what this thing actually is?” Tong Wei asked.

Liang Huazhou and Qin Feiming glanced at each other and said, “Yesterday, my father and I looked through some of predecessor’s records and thought that this thing might be the living dead in the legend.”

“Yes.” Qin Feiming agreed.

“Living dead?” Tong Wei has never heard of such a thing.

“This is a black magic originated from a great metaphysics school 600 years ago.” Qin Feiming started, “It’s said that the next master of this school was a genius. However, his wife died suddenly one day, and this disciple didn’t want to part with her, hence he hid his wife’s soul and studied this black magic for ten years.”

“He refined it through a special method, allowing his wife’s soul to swallow fifteen living souls from people who was born in Yin year, Yin month and Yin day within 49 days, as well as one living soul that carries pure Yin energy. Afterwards, his wife actually returned to her body and came alive, this is the origin of the living dead.”

“What about after that?” Tong Wei asked, “Since there’s a record, then there must be a solution.”

Liang Huazhou sighed, “The one who got rid of the living dead 600 years ago was a Heavenly Master from Luoshan Sect.”

“Luoshan Sect?” Tong Wei was surprised, “Why haven’t I heard of it?”

“Luoshan Sect was another branch in Exorcist world, it had stopped its inheritance since early years so it isn’t strange that you haven’t heard about them.”Qin Feiming thought about the decline of Luoshan Sect and felt that it was such a pity, “Luoshan Sect’s art was on another level, practically no one can surpass them.”

“Then… is there any other way to get rid of the living dead except for relying on Luoshan Sect?” Tong Wei asked, “Can you guys Heavenly Masters open the Spirit Gate and send him to the underworld?”

“It’s not that we haven’t thought about this.” Liang Huazhou said, “There are two requirements to open a Spirit Gate. One, the Heavenly Master’s cultivation must be on a certain level, second, there must be a ghost to lead him in.”

“Isn’t you guys’ cultivation levels enough to open Spirit Gate?” Tong Wei doubtfully asked.

“It’s not a matter of cultivation.” Qin Feiming said, “It’s about the ghost. The living dead has too much vitality in his body because of his swallowing living souls, the underworld might not open if it detected his vitality.”

“That’s right!” Liang Huazhou nodded in agreement. Underworld is a place for the dead, where would there be vitality?

“Then what should we do? I fought with it these days, I can feel its power getting stronger day by day, I’m afraid…” Tong Wei didn’t say what he was afraid of, but the three of them understood inside.

“Brother Tong, don’t worry, we have already posted the mission on Metaphysics website, we’ll see if anyone knows how to deal with the living dead.” Liang Huazhou said, “As for Tong Chao, I and Feiming will protect him in this period.”

It’s natural that Qin Feiming and Liang Huazhou wanted to protect Tong Chao. Although Chen Yu promised that she would protect Tong Chao, the living dead’s strength grew stronger each passing day, one more person can give one protection more.

Thus, that night, when Chen Yu walked into the mansion along with Tian Fei who was wearing camouflage clothing, she also saw two middle-aged men wearing Chinese traditional robe.

“Heavenly Master Chen, you’re here.” Jiang Hui saw Chen Yu and quickly greeted her.

Chen Yu glanced at the two Heavenly Masters sitting on the sofa behind as well as the strong spiritual fluctuations surrounding them. Chen Yu dragged Jiang Hui aside and asked, “Those two are here to protect Tong Chao?”

“Yes.” Jiang Hui replied.

“Then I can only take one-third of the commission?” If she knew that they would invite more people, she should have asked for the commission money yesterday.

“Cough… no, no, Master Qin and Master Liang are both friends of this family’s master, they’re here to help as volunteers this time.” Jiang Hui said.

“There are such outstanding people in this world? They don’t even want the 10 million commission, what good person ah.” Chen Yu looked at the two Heavenly Masters with admiration.

Tian Fei on the side couldn’t endure the corners of his mouth from bending up.

Jiang Hui’s mouth twitched, he suddenly didn’t know how to answer. Anyway, he knew that when the matter was over, it would be better to send ten million to Master Chen as early as possible.

“You are Chen Yu, the little Heavenly Master.” Qin Feiming saw Chen Yu’s young age and pure spiritual energy that thoroughly covered her whole body, she’s much better than a lot of juniors that he ever met before, that’s why he couldn’t help but think highly of her.

“Hello, my name is Chen Yu, my nickname is Exorcist Xishi.” Master said that Heavenly Masters like to report their Taoist name or nickname between themselves.

“Hahaha! Good nickname, good nickname.” Qin Feiming and Liang Huazhou were stunned for a second before they burst out laughing.

“Pfft~” Tong Chao who was sitting quietly on one side couldn’t stifle his laughter.

Hearing that, Chen Yu narrowed her eyes and looked over him.

I just… just watched a comedy, so…” Tong Chao just found an excuse for his laughter when an apple suddenly hit his body, resulting with a howl of pain.

Tong Chao rubbed his chest and stared at Tian Fei next to Chen Yu.

“I’m sorry, my hand slipped just now.” Tian Fei said insincerely.

Only ghosts would believe that, however, Tong Chao dared to be angry but didn’t dare to speak, he knew at first glance that he couldn’t beat him.

“That’s a great one.” Chen Yu gave a thumbs up openly.

“Third Young Master ordered us to protect you properly.” Verbal attacks are also within his protection.


Which family’s Third Young Master would shield her shortcomings?


Tian Fei’s phone suddenly rang, so he took it out and saw: (Two snipers were found in the surrounding buildings, they all have been dealt with.)

Tian Fei replied that he received the message, then walked to Chen Yu and whispered, “Miss Chen Yu, the area has been cleared.”

“Okay.” Chen Yu’s eyes lit up immediately, “I’ll let him come and not return today!”

“Little Heavenly Master is so powerful.” Qin Feiming smiled.

“I heard that you scared away the living dead alone yesterday, what method did you use?” Liang Huazhou asked curiously.

“Methods handed down in family.” Chen Yu answered sincerely and straightforwardly.

The two masters coughed awkwardly, because they’re afraid of being misunderstood as elders trying to steal unique spells from other people’s family, the two of them didn’t talk much with Chen Yu in the following time.

At this moment, the atmosphere inside the room suddenly changed.

Qin Feiming and Liang Huazhou looked at each other, when they were about to move, the little girl in white T-shirt ran out before them. Not only did she ran out, but she also dragged Tong Chao outside.

Their expressions changed, is this little girl fooling around ah? The living dead’s goal was Tong Chao, why did she take him out? The two thought like this as they followed along.

Chen Yu pulled Tong Chao until they reached the courtyard. She looked up at the black mist that was approaching from the distance, turned around and said to Tong Chao, “Don’t move no matter what happens in this time.”

“I was wrong to laugh at you just now, don’t give up one me ah.” Tong Chao thought that Chen Yu was taking her revenge because he accidentally laughed at her.

“You won’t die!”

“It’s not you with the risk of death, of course you can say this.” Tong Chao was really scared by this ghost these days, “Can’t I be by your side like yesterday?”

“You really want to be chased by him for a lifetime ah?!” Chen Yu said loudly, “Just stand there, not only I can guarantee that you will be safe, but I will also won’t let him appear in front of you again after tonight.”



“I really want to do so, but I’m afraid that I can’t control myself.” Tong Chao said with a shaking voice.

Bam! Tian Fei chopped Tong Chao’s neck with a karate chop until he fainted and said to the dumbfounded Chen Yu, “Is this not good?”

“This isn’t good ah!” Chen Yu said dazedly.

“Didn’t he agree just now?”

Did he?

Jiang Hui and the two Heavenly Masters arrived at the same time when Tian Fei chopped Tong Chao, their expressions changed again. Jiang Hui rushed over but he was caught by Tian Fei, “Don’t disturb Heavenly Master Chen.”

As soon as Qin Feiming and Liang Huazhou were about to help over, they saw Chen Yu raising her hands and throwing out seven talismans. Those talismans formed a very strange shape that encircled the faint Tong Chao before disappearing. The two of them paused in their steps, at the same time, there was a visible shock in their eyes.

The moment the talismans appeared, a formidable aura of death made them stood still in shock. They stayed in their place unconsciously, not moving forward, they wanted to see how this little Heavenly Master Chen would deal with the living dead.

They were all in the same yard anyway, there’s no way that living dead can hurt Tong Chao under their noses.


I just realized. Chen Yu protects Lou Ming with spiritual force, while Lou Ming protects Chen Yu with physical force.

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