Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 29 Part 1

He also sneaked out in the original plot, so Ah Jin wasn't worried at all that the two of them wouldn't get out.

It would be good if everything went according to the original plot first.

When they returned to their place, it was already night.

Sanlang asked Ah Jin excitedly, "Brother Zhou, do you have a plan?"

Ah Jin said, "Yes, their total is six people. Three shifts: a morning shift, a middle shift, and a night shift. Each shift of two people, eight hours each. I have not seen the evening shift, but judging from the morning shift, should be so."

"The morning shift begins at two o'clock, but in fact, they get together at 12 o'clock to eat and drink until two o'clock. We can take advantage of this time to sneak out tomorrow. The middle shift guys like to take a nap after drinking at noon. They will not get up early."

The guards weren't to blame for being relaxed.

It was because Ah Jin and Sanlang looked defenseless.

On the contrary, they were all strong and had plenty of weapons and equipment on them.

There was really no need to pay too much attention to them.

Sanlang looked at Ah Jin with starry eyes.

"Brother Zhou, you're great! How can you figure out so well."

"Let's not worship brother, I am just a legend."

The next day, the two of them sneaked out as planned.

The door guard also went to drink.

Their plan went exceptionally well.

It was a good idea to think that even someone like the original owner, who really was weak and unarmed, could sneak out, so it was clear how loose the guards were.

Ah Jin took Sanlang to run a little farther.

Sanlang's physical strength was much better than the original owner's.

He could run a kilometer carrying a camera, not to mention that he was now lightly loaded with only a tiny camera.

Ah Jin led him to find the abandoned car on the road's side that she saw where they came back from before.

The car was a little warped on the outside, and there wasn't much gas left.

But it should be able to drive to the place she wanted to go to.

The city was not big in the first place.

Sanlang got into the car and found that there was no car key.

He wondered how he was going to drive it.

There he saw Ah Jin performed a technique that was only seen on TV.

He saw Ah Jin yanked out two wires from the car and put them together just like on TV.

The two wires sparked instantly, and the car started.

"Brother Zhou, you are really a god! You can do everything!"

Ah Jin flashed him a wicked smile, "A small thing."

Sanlang could no longer express his admiration in words.

Ah Jin drove the car all the way to the place where she had been eyeing before.

"Aren't you going to ask where we're going?"

Sanlang shook his head, "You're a great god. We go wherever you say."

Ah Jin nodded in satisfaction.

The kid could be trained.

Still, she said, "The place where we parked yesterday, I saw few people were inside before. I think there is something wrong. I want to go and see."

Sanlang could only numbly nod his head.

Zhou used to be so cowardly.

He could no longer remember what Zhou Jin used to be like.

Unfortunately, there was a disadvantage of being unfamiliar with the place.

Even if Ah Jin remembered the terrain, she still took a long detour and found the broken building with great difficulty.

So the car was ultimately out of gas.

After the two got off, they approached the broken building carefully.

Ah Jin was at the front, and Sanlang was at the back.

When they got inside, they found that there was no one inside.

They both began collecting useful information in the area.

The building was not well-lit inside, and there was nothing to be found in the dim vision.

The two also did not dare to turn on the flashlight for fear of being seen by others.

"Brother Zhou, there is nothing on my side."

Ah Jin carefully and repeatedly examined the position of those people standing at that time.

Finally, in the cracks of the ground, she saw some white powder.

Ah Jin dabbed her finger a little and smelled it.

"It's contraband."

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