The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 29.1 - Eldest Young Master of a Prestigious Family

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Cheng Jinyu’s face was full of black lines. He simply didn't answer him.

Gu Bokai unexpectedly did not get angry. “Tomorrow, hurry and go resign. What future does a sales rep have.”

“I’m not you,” Cheng Jinyu muttered. He had to rely on Chen Yuze for this work. Thinking about it carefully, in the end he was inseparable from Chen Family’s charity.

“You can become me!” Gu Bokai said, “I feel that you're still a little clever. How about I give you a small company, you start off as a small boss and rise up?”

Cheng Jinyu glared at him firmly. “Unlikely.”

“You can learn, or you can be the assistant to the chairman? That's right! You can just be my assistant. I’ll teach you how to do business. I guarantee you’ll be able to master it very quickly!”

Cheng Jinyu really felt that it was laughable. What kind of person was this person? As a chairman’s assistant he at least also needed to be a graduate student. They were required to know a few foreign languages and needed to be a very experienced person. What did he know?

Cheng Jinyu couldn’t help but secretly clench his teeth. He definitely had to do well as a sales rep. It was an unremarkable job. But it didn’t matter what kind of work it was, he still needed to do his best.

Wang Ke had started off as a small office worker and climbed up. Now he was doing very well. If other people could do it, then so could he.

“As my assistant every week you only need to work for four days and rest for three Every year you get three trips abroad, everything is paid for by the company. Work is from 9-5, at noon you can even take a break for an hour and a half. That’s right, there’s also afternoon tea time and also time for exercise, it definitely won't be hard or tiring.”

Cheng Jinyu did not respond to him, letting this guy jabber on and on.

The bedroom upstairs was really big, so much so that Cheng Jinyu felt that this one bedroom was bigger than his entire two room apartment. Ever since he started living at home, their little home had an extra person. It was obviously crowded.

Mother and Cheng Jie did not really say anything, but Cheng Yan muttered under her breath. He had left that house for too long now, so long that it no longer felt like his home. Thinking about it carefully, he never once had a true home.

Gu Bokai saw that Cheng Jinyu did not even respond to him. He angrily said, “You really don’t have any conscience. Today if it wasn't for me, you would have eaten a huge loss. When other people work as a sales rep, they are simply a sales rep.  How come when you become a sales rep you turn into an escort?”

“You’re not suitable as  a sales rep, hurry and resign, and become my assistant. You can state your conditions, it’ll be alright!”

“I really don't know how to be an assistant.”

“You can learn!”

“Can’t learn it.” Cheng Jinyu rudely replied. Gu Bokai’s face sank. “So your natural character is to seduce people right? Other people's business is to sell clothes. You're so good,  you can even sell people.”

Cheng Jinyu had drunk a lot of alcohol. His tolerance for liquor was originally very low. He simply pointed at a bedroom and said, “No need to look anymore. As long as it’s a room, it's fine. I’ll just sleep here.”

“I’m talking about your work. You don't fit your current work, hurry and quit.”

Cheng Jinyu asked, “Then what am I suited for? That's right, some people said I was suited for being a model. Who would let me become one?”

“It’s possible! Be a model! You can become a model for our company. Our company has a lot of merchandise, you can be the spokesperson for all of them. That’s right, how about we establish an entertainment company?”

Cheng Jinyu directly just closed the door to the room, shutting out this person who kept chattering.

Go Bokai instantly became angry. “Wolf cub with no conscience. You're just heartless. You have the heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog (1), cold and ruthless!”

Cheng Jinyu’s body leaned against the door. Hearing that person outside the door, his mouth little by little revealed a smiling expression.

Since coming out of Chen House, he was finally becoming a person. He was no longer a walking corpse. However the price of becoming a person was hard. The household quarrels never let him relax even once. Unfamiliar work with a complicated work environment, it made him feel like he was constantly walking on thin ice.

However with this person, Cheng Jinyu felt that he never had the feeling of relaxation with him. That type of love and indulgent feeling, he only ever had that feeling when his father was around.

The ability to do as he desired, that kind of arbitrariness, Chneg Jinyu did not have that kind of feeling for a very long time. Even when he was with Wei Hua, he also had some apprehensions.

Before he did not have this much contact with Gu Bokai. Cheng Jinyu only knew that he was disgusted with him. But now? Cheng Jinyu took a deep breath and stood up from where he was leaning against the door.

The bedroom was very big. It had its own closet, bathroom, and storage room. It was definitely bigger than his apartment. The Chen House's rooms were also very big, but the inside was always empty, always cold.

Cheng Jinyu opened the closet. Inside was densely packed with clothes, shoes, and hats. Inside the bathroom were towels, bath towels and products to wash the face and mouth. Everything one would need, and it was all new.

Cheng Jinyu opened the cupboard inside the bathroom. Unexpectedly, there were also generic cotton slippers and rubber slippers used for showers. At the bottom shelf were a couple dozen pure white underpants and generic white cotton t-shirts. Everything was new.

Cheng Jinyu couldn't help burst out laughing. He felt like he was in a fairy tale, similar to Cinderella meeting her Prince Charming.

However fairy tales were fairy tales. Do they really exist in reality? But today Cheng Jinyu did not want to expend any more effort. Even if it was a sweet trap, even if it was drinking poison in hope of quenching thirst, he already did not have the energy to resist.

He knew he shouldn't live here, much less accept the things Gu Bokai gave him. But, he sank into it just like this. From early on, his life was already a mess, how could it get any worse?

Cheng Jinyu showered then directly laid on his bed and went to sleep. He didn’t dream the entire night. He hadn’t slept this relaxedly in a very long time.

He couldn’t wear yesterday’s clothes, it had the smell of alcohol in it. Since he was already living in the house, it was no longer necessary to continue arguing. Cheng Jinyu opened the closet and selected some very discrete looking clothes.

Clothes bought off a street stall were not the same as good clothes. Even if the style was very simple, Cheng Jinyu immediately appeared different wearing them. The whole person was full of energy and his temperament was also more outstanding.

Cheng Jinyu went downstairs and saw a middle aged woman appear. The middle aged woman saw him, immediately had a smiling face. “Young Master Cheng has woken up? Food is already done, hurry and come eat! I don’t know what Young Master Cheng likes eating, so I just randomly made some dishes.

In a bit, Young Master Cheng should tell me what he likes to eat, I’ll memorize it.”

Gu Bokai coldly said, “It’s already good just to have something to eat. You still need to memorize his favorites? He will also cook in the future. Sister Hong does not need to be polite with him.”

Sister Hong smiled. “How could I let Young Master Cheng cook? Young Master Cheng is Young Master’s most important friend, besides, if Young Master Cheng cooks, I’ll certainly be unemployed.”

“Sister Hong does not need to worry about this, his cooking is inedible.” Gu Bokai continued to strike at Cheng Jinyu.

In regards to this person’s ridicule, Cheng Jinyu was already indifferent. He arrived at the dining table and saw that the table meant for two was packed full of food.

There were 5-6 different kinds of congee as well as multiple different types of small side dishes, steamed buns, youtiao, bread, and milk. It was simply a mix of Western and Eastern. This was Sister Hong randomly making a few dishes? This was too much, too rich.


Cheng Jinyu said, “Sister Hong does not need to be like this, I’ve never been picky about food. As long as it can be eaten it's fine. There's no need to prepare much for me, I can eat anything.”

Gu Bokai picked up the ladle. “Why don’t you make it.”

Sister Hong chuckled, “Young Master Cheng makes me distressed. Young Master Cheng is so considerate, but you don't need to be this way, I only cook here. It’s already just food for two people, if I were to make it even simpler, I’ll have nothing to do all day.”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “I really can't eat all of this. You also must not call me Young Master Cheng. You can just call me Jinyu, Xiao Cheng also works.”

Sister Hong looked at Gu Bokai. Gu Bokai while eating said, “He’s not any sort of Young Master, just an unraisable white eyed wolf.”

Sister Hong’s smiling expression deepened. “Then I’ll just call you Jinyu, you also don't have to address me so politely with “ning”(2), I can’t accept it.”

Cheng Jinyu smiled. “Then I'll just call you Sister Hong.”

“Ok, you guys hurry and eat, I still have things to do. Eat more, the more you eat the better.”

When Sister Hong left, Cheng Jinyu said, “You have someone here who specially cooks, what do you need me for?”

“I’m afraid that what you cook won’t be good.”

“Then you STILL wanted me to cook?”

“You can learn with Sister Hong. Don’t tell me again that you can't learn!”

Cheng Jinyu on the contrary did not say he couldn’t learn again. He originally already knew how.

The two people ate. Sister Hong waited to tidy up. Cheng Jinyu wanted to help, but was driven away by Sister Hong.

Cheng Jinyu saw that it wasn't early anymore, if he wanted to make it to work he’d better hurry.

After Cheng Jinyu came out, Xiao Ma had already started the car and was waiting for him in the villa. Xiao Ma saw Cheng Jinyu, smiled and greeted him, “Good morning Young Master Cheng.”

Cheng Jinyu, a bit embarrassed, said, “I’m not a young master, just call me Jinyu.”

Xiao Ma smiled and said, “Ok, Jinyu hurry and get in. I’ll take you to the company.”

“No need, I can just take the bus.”

“There is no bus here. It’s better to hurry and get in.”

“How is there none?” Cheng Jinyu took out his cellphone, wanting to search for one.

“The distance to the nearest stop is very far. It would take over half an hour to walk there. It’s still better if you get in, or else you’ll be late for work.”

Cheng Jinyu looked at his cellphone. Sure enough it really was very far, not to mention he woke up late today as well.

Xiao Ma saw that Cheng Jinyu was a bit hesitant, directly went up and pulled on him, “Lets go lets go, just make an exception for today, you must not be late.”

Cheng Jinyu was put in the car by Xiao Ma. Then he saw that Gu Bokai was already sitting in the back like a big boss.

Cheng Jinyu was thinking about sitting in the front passenger seat when Xiao Ma directly said, “The front passenger seat isn't good, there has been something wrong with the seat these past two days. It's better if you sit in the back.”

Having said this, he pushed Cheng Jinyu into the back.

Cheng Jinyu felt a bit awkward. But Gu Bokai was a bit busy. He kept looking at his notebook, and did not respond to Cheng Jinyu’s wish.

Cheng Jinyu sat up straight, and the car immediately started.

Gu Bokai continued to not say anything, Xiao Ma took the initiative to talk. “Jinyu, how is your work? Can you adapt?”

“Very good, everyone is very good to me.”

“That's only natural. Jinyu, you’re very good looking, your temperament is also gentle.” Xiao Ma said.

“Outer appearance looks like a rabbit, but really is just a wolf, and a heartless wolf at that.” Gu Bokai did not raise his head and directly just attacked Cheng Jinyu.

Cheng Jinyu responded, “If I’m a heartless wolf why are you still provoking me? You're not afraid that one day I’ll eat you?”

Gu Bokai raised his head and smiled. “That day will never happen. There will only be a day where I will eat you.” Having said this he made a movement with his mouth. It seemed like he really wanted to eat Cheng Jinyu.

Cheng Jinyu felt chills on his hair. Unable to bear it, he turned his head back to stare ahead, and did not continue to respond to him.

Xiao Ma smiled. “I feel that Jinyu is very good. He easily attracts other people’s attention. Like fresh flowers, only need to be good looking, only needed to quietly stay there and would attract a butterfly.

“Rubbish, it's clearly purposely attracting bees and butterflies.(3)” Gu Bokai fiercely said.

Xiao Ma happily laughed, like provoking Gu Bokai was a very interesting thing.

Gu Bokai turned his head around and rigidly stared at Cheng Jinyu, making him feel uneasy. “You, what are you doing?”

Gu Bokai continued, “You are still my wife, if you dare to run around amok outside, I will make you not able to see the sun tomorrow.”

Cheng Jinyu laughingly patted him on his shoulder. “Young Master Gu, you really think too highly of me. In your eyes I’m equivalent to sh*t, do you think someone will be concerned about me?”

Xiao Ma laughed out loud, “A piece of sh*t? Hahaha, hahaha!”

Gu Bokai’s eyebrows wanted to twitch. “When did I say you, say that you were…”

Cheng Jinyu continued on, “Actually, I heard that quite a few people had gotten your attention. Those female and male celebrities however use all their strength to get near you. Our marriage certificate is still here, you can keep yourself pure!”

“Haha, haha, keep yourself pure?” Xiao Ma almost ran out of breath. There had never been someone who would talk like this to Young Master Gu. He seriously heard such a big joke.

Gu Bokai was angry. “Stop the car!”

Xiao Ma did not dare laugh anymore and immediately stopped.

“Get out!” Gu Bokai pointed at Cheng Jinyu.

Cheng Jinyu opened the door and got out. He didn’t even turn his head around and left.

Xiao Ma saw that Gu Bokai was still angry, and couldn't help but say, “Jinyu is…”

“Shut up! You get out!”

“Young Master Gu!”

“Get out!”

“Ok ok ok.” Xiao Ma hurried to get out.

From the back seat, Gu Bokai got out, went to the driver seat and started the car and left. Xiao Ma saw the car driving away, then suddenly remembered that his own cellphone and wallet were still inside.

Xiao Ma almost wanted to cry. Who was he trying to provoke. He was bullied without a good cause.

From where he got off, Cheng Jinyu  wasn't too far from the company. It was only two bus stops away. With big strides he walked forward. Unexpectedly, he felt that it was more comfortable than the car.


  1. Heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog: cruel and unscrupulous
  2. ning: a formal/polite version of saying "you"
  3. attracting bees and butterflies: flirtatious

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