Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 29 - Condition [OW]

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Gu Liheng stood in front of the door for a while before turning around and went inside the villa. After sending a text message to someone, he went to the second floor. He took off the isolator to take a bath and changed into cotton pyjamas. The comfort of his body made his expression relaxed. Then Gu Liheng went into his study and dialled a number.

The call was quickly connected, and the psychiatrist Mill's voice was gentle and calm, "Good evening."

Gu Liheng greeted him, and Mill asked straightforwardly, "Is there any progress?" He rested his elbow on the armrest, his hand propped his forehead,  "No... I need your help."

Mill: "I'm delighted to help, tell me about your current situation. Are you still in contact with the person who makes you smile?"

Gu Liheng: "Yes."

Mill immediately asked, "How is the effect?"

Gu Liheng was silent for a moment. He did not answer the question but said, "He can't help me. I contacted you to ask if there is any other way."

Staying beside the young man felt effortless and joyful, but after everything changed after his confession. Before this, he liked to stay with the young man, and it felt natural to him to help and take care of him(SL). He didn't think about the feelings between Alpha and Omega until the moment the young man confessed. His heartbeat was uncontrollable, and a joy that he had never had before surged in his heart. These reactions made him realize that his feelings for the young man were not friendship.

Although Gu Liheng has no experience in love, he is not a fool. No one would react this way to a friend's confession. After realizing this feeling, the boy's smile turned into a curse because it reminded him of all the blind dates he was forced to go a long time ago. The fearful expression and shifting gaze of those people keep flashing in his mind. Though this doesn’t always happen on the first meeting with the blind dates, the second and third meeting will always end up with the same result. The young man has a beautiful smile. If he(SL) get together with the expressionless him, that one day will come where he(SL) couldn’t stand it anymore, and his smile would be exhausted. Everyone has an expectation from the person they like; expecting their lover to show a smile instead of being serious and indifferent.

Mill was a little surprised and regretful, but he didn't continue the topic. He pondered for a moment and asked, "Besides work, do you have any other activities that enable you to communicate with other people?"

Gu Liheng: "...No."

Some things won’t sound wrong if not brought up, but when being explicitly mentioned, one can see the problem.

Not surprised, Mill explained, "Your symptoms are mainly psychological problems. I suggest you make more friends, participate in private gatherings, and relax yourself. Being at work for a long time, and not communicating with others will make your situation worse." After a moment of silence, Mill gently said, "Your heart problems mainly stem from your mother's teaching when you were young. You can try to smile in front of your mother."

The sound of Gu Liheng's breathing suddenly increased.

Mill slowed down his talk, "I know, this is a challenge, but if you can overcome it, it will be beneficial to your condition." Then he said, "Of course, before that, I have to do a test for you to make sure the attempt does not backfire. If you have time, come to my studio."

Gu Liheng: "Alright."

Mill was very pleased to hear that he agreed to come, "I am happy for you."

A few years ago, he persuaded Gu Liheng to do systemic treatment, but Gu Liheng refused. He still remembers what Gu Liheng said to him at that time, ‘It’s fine like this’. Right now, he is even more curious about the person who made Gu Liheng smile. Although Gu Liheng didn't say anything much, it was not difficult for Mill to infer that Gu Liheng's change was related to that person.


Su Ling glanced at the time and saw that it is almost 9.30pm, which is the busiest time in the fragrance bar. In order not to disrupt the business, he asked the driver to park the car at the side road in front of the back door. Then he sent another message to Nalu. The driver stopped the car, got out to open the door for Su Ling and reached out to support Su Ling.

Su Ling waved his hand and said, "It’s alright, I can just go by myself."

"President Gu said you hurt your foot, so I'll help you to get in." The driver strictly said.

Su Ling gave him a surprised look, "When did he tell that to you?"

The driver honestly replied, "I received the information on the way to the fragrance bar."

That reply put Su Ling in a very good mood. So as not to reveal anything, he took the driver's hand to get out of the car slowly, "Thank you."

Driver: "You're welcome." As he said, he helped Su Ling to walk towards the back door.

At this moment the back door opened and Nalu ran out while shooting questions at Su Ling, "What's the matter? Where is the injury?"

Su Ling put his arm on Nalu’s hand and replied, "I just sprained my foot." He turned to smile at the driver, "You can go back, thanks for your hard work."

The driver replied saying that it is nothing, then said his goodbye and left.

Nalu helped Su Ling into the backyard. While he is closing the back door, he kept nagging, "You scared me to death this time. Never go alone to the mountains again in the future. Let me help you go to the lounge room first, and then I’ll call a doctor to come and see the wound. You……"

Letting go of Nalu’s hand, Su Ling placed his right foot on the ground and jumped a few times.

"Don't worry, my foot is fine. And I won't have to go to the mountains anymore."

Nalu breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "What's wrong with earlier then? And what do you mean by not going to the mountains anymore?"

Su Ling touched his nose in embarrassment, "I was just doing some thinking. About the other question, I will talk to you later."

Nalu has seen many types of people before. Hence upon hearing Su Ling’s words, he immediately knew what Su Ling was talking about[1]. He was speechless for a moment and waved his hand. "All right, I already know that you like President Gu."

Su Ling coughed slightly, and decisively shifted Nalu’s attention. He pointed to the metal mesh on the backyard wall, "What is this? It wasn’t there this afternoon."

Nalu: "Isn't this the security facilities that you asked to install?"

Immediately understood what was going on, Su Ling decided to check the model later to see the price. Seeing Nalu looking at him suspiciously, he vaguely said, "Oh, I almost forgot. Since I brought the 3 spiritual plants back, having complete security would be safer." After that, he walked to the spiritual plant greenhouse. At this moment, the spiritual plant greenhouse is quite empty, and the spiritual plants they purchased mid-month has already been used up.

Nalu nodded in agreement, "You are very considerate, but isn’t the price of this set not cheap? Do you have enough money?"

Su Ling: "Yes, enough."

Su Ling raised his hand to touch his stud earring. After a moment of thought, he gave a word of caution, "Uncle Nalu, there’s something that I’m going to show you now. Just don't get too excited."

Nalu smiled, "Did you forget? I was with you when you took the Grade A spiritual plants from the safe. Whatever is this, I won't get excited."

After a minute, the person who said he won’t get excited was flushing as he circled Xian Mo Yu and muttered ‘ooh’ and ‘my god’ nonstop...

Su Ling rubbed his ears, "Uncle Nalu, calm down."

"Oh my God! How can I calm down? This is a Grade S spiritual plant!" He exclaimed with an affectionate tone, "It's so beautiful!"

Xian Mo Yu stretched out a root and tapped Nalu’s forehead; praising him for having good eyes.

Su Ling laughed and shook his head. If Nalu had smelled Xian Mo Yu's offensive scent, then he wouldn't be so affectionate.

After Nalu finally calmed down, he said, "No wonder you said you don't have to go to the mountains anymore!" He placed his hand on Su Ling's shoulder excitedly, "The Doctor Ni An you mentioned last time, can you ask him to come and study the plant?"

Su Ling laughed, "No need to ask him, my pheromone has returned to normal."


Nodding, Su Ling took off his isolator. Soon, the fragrance of citrus mint wafted into the air from him.

Nalu took a step back and distanced himself from Su Ling, "Even if I am Beta, I am fascinated by your pheromone."

Su Ling: "..." He reattached the isolator and said, "Such an exaggeration." His pheromones do smell good though, and he himself likes it very much.

Nalu sternly rebutted, "It's not an exaggeration at all!"

Raw word count:  2171


[1] A bit hard to translate properly, but it means that SL was feeling a bit sad with something so he went to the mountain to do some thinking, which Nalu understood what makes him sad.

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