Poisonous Peasant Concubine

Chapter 29 - A Small Profit

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“How is Ling Gongzi planning on selling the process of this jam?”

In a short period of time, the four people were in a private room. The shopkeeper opened his mouth and went straight to the point. Ling Jingxuan smiled and shook his head, “I’m only selling the jam, not the method.”

Think he was a fool ah,  he wouldn’t kill the chicken to get the eggs.

“I can give you a high price. Ling Gongzi, there’s no harm in thinking it over.”

Frowning, Shopkeeper Zhang continued to persist.

“Hehe.. Shopkeeper Zhang is worried that I’ll sell this to other people as well as the preservation of the jam. No need to worry, this jam is newly boiled. You only need to place it in the icehouse and I guarantee it won’t spoil for 3-5 months. At the same time I can also sign a contract with you stating that the jam I create can only be sold to you. If sold to others, you can bring the contract to the authorities and sue me. Will the shopkeeper feel more relaxed this way?”

Ling Jingxuan was a smart person, how could he not know his apprehensions? But actually, he also had his own idea. This thing ah, if it was uncommon it would become expensive, if it were to flood the market, then the price would also become cheap. So even if he didn’t say it, he would still take the initiative to agree to exclusively sell to them.

“Ok ba, how do you plan to sell?”

Shopkeeper Zhang contemplated a little bit then responded. That dish was honestly too attractive to people. Although it could only be sold in the summer, it was enough for them to make a big profit.

“One tael per jar.”

Peng peng!

After saying this, the person buying hadn’t even responded yet and the two buns collapsed on their chairs, their eyes wide with shock. The Big bun especially with his little face choked red, stared at his dad like he was looking at a monster. That jam was obviously made from wild fruits on the mountain, it didn’t require any money to create. The most expensive thing was probably just the jar but daddy unexpectedly wanted to sell it for one tael? Is he crazy?

“Hehe… sorry about that. It’s the first time these two children have been to the market, they are nervous.”

Ling Jingxuan awkwardly laughed, his entire face full of black lines as he pulled up the buns. He gave them a meaningful glance where the shopkeeper wouldn’t see him. Don’t undermine my plans ah, he was hoping to make a profit ne.

“Haha.. it’s ok. They’re just children ma. Ling Gongzi should still have jam ba?”

Shopkeeper Zhang smiled. It was unavoidable that the father and sons felt embarrassed. The discussion quickly turned back to the main topic at hand. Their business had always done well, if it was just these two jars, even if that method attracted people, he also had no interest in buying it.

“If Shopkeeper Zhang can accept my price, then of course there is.”

In other words, if you don’t accept it, then there was no need to continue talking about it. Shopkeeper Zhang was also an astute person. He immediately said, “One tael per jar is indeed a bit expensive, but it is still within an acceptable range. But Ling Gonzi, the amount I want is not small, are you able to supply it?”

The dishes from Xinyuan restaurant all cost a few taels, with someone even costing tens of taels. One tael was really not that much.

“”Approximately how much do you want?”

He was in a position to get rich so he must put in extra effort for Xinyuan restaurant! But Yuehua mountain had tons of wild fruits so the jam didn’t have to be made from the wild grapes. But the mountain top was dangerous and currently he had no plans to go deeper into the mountains.

“To be honest, my Xinyuan restaurant is the number one in the Qing dynasty. We have branch stores everywhere in the Qing dynasty. This food that targets the bitterness of summer is definitely a blessing to people. Currently it also happens to be the 6th month with extreme heat, reckon that once this is released it will be very popular. For at least the next 2-3 months it will be the best seller. Even for just this Datong branch, we will need tens of jars per month. If you wait for me to report it to the county, I estimate that it will be even more. It would be best if Ling Gongzi could give me an accurate number.”

Shopkeeper Zhang cautiously informed him. He had a premonition that this food would be even more popular than he imagined.

“En.. how about this ba. Shopkeeper Zhang, today I only brought these two jars of jam. You test it and try to sell it first. If the results are good, then tomorrow you can send people to Lingjia village to fetch the goods. My house still has a hundred jars. If you still wanto, you just need to send someone earlier to notify me. But the season for fruits is limited. This frozen dish can only be sold in the summer so I’ll only sell it for three months. When it comes to the 9th month and it gets cooler, I won’t sell anymore. Shopkeeper Zhang, is that reasonable?”

Ling Jingxuan’s face had a careful looking pretense, but inside his heart he was already smiling. What would sell better than a frozen dessert in the summer? Even if he didn’t make a huge fortune this time, a small profit was no problem.

“Ok, then we’ll sign a contract ba.”

The shopkeeper was also a frank and straightforward person. He easily pulled out paper to write. Ling Jingxuan took a look, feeling that there was no problem he signed his own name. He also pressed his fingerprint.

“Ok, this is the money for two jars of jam. Does Ling Gonzi need a downpayment in advance?”

“No need, it’ll be better for us if we pay as we receive.”

Receiving two silver coins, Ling Jingxuan passed it to the already foolishly staring Big bun.


Foolishly holding onto the silver coins, Ling Wen with a complicated gaze lifted his head to look at his dad. He couldn’t help but tremble after calling out for his dad. Was this silver really theirs? He wasn’t dreaming ba?”


Lovingly rubbing his head, it wasn’t like Ling Jingxuan didn’t know his son’s astonishment. Nevertheless he didn’t say anything. This was nothing. In the future they would earn a gold and silver mountain.

“Shopkeeper Zhang is probably very busy ba? I won’t disturb you anymore then.”

Business was finished, there was no need to continue to stay. Ling Jingxuan said this and prepared to take the two buns and leave asShopkeeper Zhang also stood up and said, “Ling Gongzi, take care.”

“No need to see me out shopkeeper.”

Turning around to smile and nod his head, Ling Jingxuan remembered the path out. With a left and right, he led the two buns out of the restaurant. Shopkeeper Zhang followed their backs with his eyes until they disappeared, then carried the two jars of jam to the kitchen. There was a new delicacy, of course it must be released as soon as possible.


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