The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 29.2 - Eldest Young Master of a Prestigious Family

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He had not walked for even a few minutes when a black Mercedes-Benz came over. Cheng Jinyu stopped, saw that the car window opened and revealed Jiang Zihan.

Cheng Jinyu greeted him, “Hello, Chief Jiang.”

Jiang Zihan looked him up and down. His face was a bit gentle as he spoke, “Why are you walking? How about I send you over?”

“No need, there is a public station up ahead,” Cheng Jinyu said.

“Just get in, it’s on the way.”

Cheng Jinyu sincerely said, “Thank you Chief Jiang. But really, there’s no need. Taking public transportation is still pretty fast.”

Jiang Zihan stared at Cheng Jinyu. His expression was a bit penetrating. “Is that the outfit from the company?”


“Oh!” Jiang Zihan nodded his head. “”Your husband bought it?”

Cheng Jinyu did not know what his meaning was. He could only smile and didn't say anything.

Jiang Zihan said, “Biao Ge, there is no need for you to be this polite with me. We are still considered old friends. Your husband should also come out so we can meet him.”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “Chief Jiang is very hardworking. Your time is too precious, there's no need to waste your time with that.”

“How could Biao Ge’s affairs be a trivial thing. Yuze however will definitely ask me to take good care of you.”

“You already take care of me. I am very grateful to you. My bus is almost here. I will hurry over there now. Thank you Chief Jiang for your consideration.” Cheng Jinyu finished talking and hurried to run over.

Jiang Zihan watched him from his car window. Cheng Jinyu’s hair being outlined by the sunlight made it look extremely dazzling. His skin looked bright and fair. In a group of so many people he was the most eye-catching.

Jiang Zihan waved his hand. The driver started the car up again.

Cheng Jinyu got off the bus. With a quick glance he noticed Yang Zijian exit from a taxi. He was still a bit dazed, like he hadn’t woken up yet.

Cheng Jinyu smiled and called out to him, “Zijian, you’re still not sober?”

Yang Zijian saw Cheng Jinyu and in a flash, he seemed like he had no bones. He immediately ran to Cheng Jinyu’s side. “Mascot, hurry and save me. I feel like I have no life.”

Cheng Jinyu supported him. “What’s wrong?”

Yang Zijian, aggrieved, said, “I’m feeling so unwell. I threw up so much that I almost died”

“Who let you drink so much?”

“Wasn't I happy?” Yang Zijian said, “Who knew that the aftereffects would be this fierce. Next time I won't drink. Wait no, it’s ‘I won't drink as much’.”

Cheng Jinyu interrupted, “It's supposed to be ‘won't drink anymore’.”

“That's impossible, I can’t help it.”

“You’re this uncomfortable and still want to drink!”

“It's very serious, ok? Ahhhhh I’m dying!” He finished talking and leaned on Cheng Jinyu. Cheng Jinyu couldn't help but laugh. “Just keep pretending then.”

Two people, one dragging along the other and one leaning on the other. They were laughing and joking in a way that  drew quite a few provoking gazes towards them. Although Cheng Jinyu was naturally pretty, Tang Zijian was also dashing. These two people by themselves would already attract gazes, let alone together.

Jiang Zihan’s car arrived soon after. There was too much traffic from rush hour.

When Jiang Zihan arrived, it was just in time to see Cheng Jinyu and Yang Zijian horsing around. Two people were mutually holding onto each other’s shoulders, like they were friends for many years.

Cheng Jinyu’s smile was splendid. It was a smile that Jiang Zihan had never seen before. It was obviously the same person, but his smile was different when in front of a different person.

Jiang Zihan returned to the office and once again went to work. When it was 9:30, the higher ups in the company started their meeting. Every department head would report things that had recently happened. Everyday, Jiang Zihan heard all kinds of data, all kinds of reports, and unexpectedly felt a bit bored.

This same pattern, this dry and dull thing, it was always missing a bit of enthusiasm and freshness inside.

When it was Wang Ke’s turn to report, Wang Ke reported the project in his hand in one turn. Before he mentioned the project with Hisense Company he said, “Chief Jiang, do you know who the real President of Hisense Company is?”

Jiang Zihan shook his head. Although Hisense Company was developing very well at the moment, in the end it did not enter his eyes.

“Hisense Company's true boss is Gu Bokai, the person in charge of the Gu Family.”

“Isn’t that Chief Jiang’s good friend?” Jiang Zihan’s secretary, Shen Meiyu asked.

It was also the first time Jiang Zihan heard of it. “It’s him? I also only just found out.”

Wang Ke said, “Last night Xiao Cheng and I accompanied people from Hisense to eat dinner. In the end I drank too much alcohol. It was Zhang Yishan who had later told me that their company's boss had personally come.”

“And then?” Jiang Zihan asked.

Wang Ke continued, “I was drunk and lost consciousness, I don't know anything. Xiao Cheng was there, Xiao Cheng should know. Today I came late. Later I will ask Xiao Cheng what happened. I’m just afraid that it won’t be good. When Zhang Yishan was talking to me, he was hesitant. He didn't even say a few phrases and just hung up.”

“Did that Xiao Cheng do something to offend Hisense?” Vice Chief Du asked.

“Unlikely, but... but Xiao Cheng is a new person, and Hisense Chief Xin had a bit of interest in him.” Wang Ke said.

“It’s over, it’s definitely over. Old Wang, you shouldn't have brought a new person with you. This bill of over ten million is definitely over.” Vice Chief Du said.

Jiang Zihan asked, “Why would you bring a new person with you?”

Wang Ke stood up. “Xiao Cheng is very mild. It has nothing to do with Xiao Cheng, it's me who isn't good. I shouldn't have drank that much last night.” Wang Ke just finished talking when his cellphone made a noise. “My apologies Chief Jiang.”

“Go.” Jiang Zihan said.

Wang Ke went to take his call. In a moment, he rushed back. “Hisense Company’s Zhang Yishan just called, he wants me to go again.”

Vice Chief Du smiled and said, “Then there is still hope. It's better if you hurry and go.”

“It’s just that... he still wants me to bring Xiao Cheng.”

The color on Jiang Zihan’s face turned cold. “We are selling clothes, not people.”

Vice Chief Du smiled and said, “Perhaps their thinking is not the same as us. Besides, who knows if that Xiao Cheng purposely seduced them.”

Jiang Zihan said, “Immediately fire him, our company doesn't need this kind of person.”

Wang Ke cautiously said, “Chief Jiang, do you really want to fire him? At the time he came to the company, it seems like… it seems like it was you who invited him.”

This phrase from Wang Ke, made everyone in the company there instantly turn their gazes towards him. Jiang Zihan was dazed. “A person I brought over? Who!?”

Wang Ke replied, “It's that person we saw that day on the elevator, wearing our company’s clothing, who was so especially handsome in our suit that by single handedly created a business deal for the sales department. Do you still remember? The one who is very handsome?”

“You, the one you’re talking about is Biao Ge?”

“Yes, yes, him. Cheng Jinyu.”

Jiang Zihan had an indescribable feeling in his heart. So he was originally called Cheng Jinyu. So that was his original name. He had known him for many years, but he actually never knew his real name.

Shen Meiyu looked at Jiang Zihan with wide eyes. “Chief Jiang, how should we deal with this person? Still fire them?”

Jiang Zihan looked at him with one glance. “You get out!”

Shen Meiyu’s face turned slightly pale. He hastily stood up. “Sorry, I spoke out of turn.” After Shen Meiyu said this, he hurried and bowed, lowered his head and left.

The atmosphere of the conference hall was strange. No one knew who the sacred Biao Ge was, much less what this person was to President Jiang.

However the number one thing was that this person was definitely a very good looking person. Even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman. However, it was hard to process this with Chief Jiang in front of them.

Only Vice Chief Du had a purposeful expression. He directly changed the topic of conversation. Everyone else followed his lead. Like this the conversation was put away.

Wang Ke was also a clever person and did not mention it. It was almost like the topic never came up.

He only needed to go to Hisense Company in a bit. As for if he should bring Cheng Jinyu or not? Wang Ke looked at the refined Chief Jiang. He felt that it was better to not bring him. Even if this project could not be completed, it was still better to not offend Chief Jiang. The gains would not make up for the losses.

Cheng Jinyu did not know what was going on with the board of directors. Merely when it was noon, he felt that there were gazes staring at him. Cheng Jinyu looked over, and there were many people he did not know. But those people saw that Cheng Jinyu looked over, and gave a friendly smile.

Yang Zijian unhappily said, “Why do I feel like there are many people looking at you today. It seems that you’ve already become an important person in the company. To be so good looking, every minute you raise people's attention.”

Cheng Jinyu asked, “You think that people are looking at me?”

“Of course.”

Cheng Jinyu said, “I also feel the same way, but why? It's not my first day in the company.”

Yang Zijian thought about it. “That’s true. There’s something wrong. Did you see it yet? Just now the Chief’s little secretary ran over to take a look at you.”

Cheng Jinyu frowned. Don’t tell me that Gu Bokai told them about their marriage? But that shouldn’t attract the attention of the people of Zhuoyue Company!

Cheng Jinyu finished eating and got called to Wang Ke’s office. Wang Ke was very cordial. “Xiao Cheng, you arrived? Do you want coffee or tea? Or would you rather have some milk?”

Wang Ke was a swift and decisive person. However this considerate, gentle and soft tone actually made Cheng Jinyu feel uncomfortable.

Cheng Jinyu said, “Manager, what’s going on?”

Wang Ke smiled and replied, “It’s nothing, just wanted to find you to chat. But I was busy and had no time. Xiao Cheng you are a very good worker, with one glance I could tell.”

Cheng Jinyu smiled. “Manager, you flatter me.”

Wang Ke continued, “Last night we were all drinking together. Afterward I drank too much and did not take care of you properly. I heard that near the end, Hisense’s Chairman came, what happened after?”

Cheng Jinyu definately could not tell him what happened after. He thought for a bit. “Nothing really happened. Only, after the Hisense company boss came, he became a bit angry and lashed out at Chief Xin.”

“Lashed out at Chief Xin? Why?”

Cheng Jinyu said, “Chief Xin isn’t a very good person.”

Wang Ke looked at the person in front of him. He was seriously a very beautiful person. Although today he didn't wear a suit, the outstanding temperament was the same as before.

“Xiao Cheng, how do I treat you?”

“Very good!”

Wang Ke continued to ask, “I am not a blabbermouth, since I have something to say I’ll just say it. What relationship do you have with Chief Jiang? At that time wasn’t it Chief Jiang who broke the rules and let you enter?”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “I really don't have any relation with Chief Jiang, only a distant relative is friends with Chief Jiang.”


“Really,” Cheng Jinyu assured him.

Wang Ke thought for a bit. “That's good, currently there's a problem that I need your opinion on. Just a moment ago, Manager Zhang from Hisense Company called. He wants me to go to Hisense Company again. In addition, he specially asked for you to come as well.”

“Xiao Cheng, I respect your choice. Do you want to go along with me?”

“I can, I don’t have a problem.” Cheng Jinyu responded.

Wang Ke did not expect him to respond in one breath. A 20 million dollar bill, if it was completed, along with the bonus, the rewards would be over 2 million. Wang Ke was not an immortal, he couldn’t treat money like dirt.

Wang Ke said, “You said it yourself, I did not force you. In fact, you saw it yesterday. Because I was helping you, I got drunk. Today we will talk about the project in the office. We don't need to go eat, and we also don’t need to accompany Chief Xin.”

Cheng Jinyu said, “I know that Manager Wang is trying to protect me, thank you. I’ll immediately go and prepare the material. We can leave immediately.”

“Good.” Wang Ke clapped his hands.

Cheng Jinyu himself agreed to go, thus it was good.

Two people immediately began to tidy things. At once they set out for Hisense Company. But, Wang Ke did not bring his own assistant. He also did not bring other senior staff members. He only brought someone who recently just entered the company. It made the other staff of the sales department think it was weird.

Xiao Sun leaned on Yang Zijian. “We can’t hold on to our mascot anymore. He was immediately snatched away by other people.”

Yang Zijian spun the pen in his hand, staring out the window.

Cheng Jinyu arrived with Wang Ke to Hisense Company once again. They had just gotten off the car when they spotted Zhang Yishan and the two managers from last night at the entrance to welcome them.

Wang Ke was frightened. He had not understood what was going on when those three people were already apologizing to Cheng Jinyu. “Mr. Cheng, we are very sorry. Last night we were in the corner drinking. We really didn't know what was going on over by your side. Apologies, everything was our fault.”

Although Cheng Jinyu figured that the people from Hisense Company would change today, he did not think it would be like this. In addition he saw that Wang Ke’s gaze was full of doubt.

Cheng Jinyu said, “It’s alright, nothing really happened yesterday. Rather, I think you guys may have misunderstood. I don't have any relationship with your Chief Gu. He is just a friend of my distantly related cousin.”

It's the distant relative again? Wang Ke was looking forward to meeting this distant relative.

Although Cheng Jinyu said it like this, Zhang Yishan and the rest were still very cordial. They bowed deeply to invite them inside. While speaking, they were constantly wearing a smiling expression, as if they were the second party instead.

They were invited into the big meeting room. After receiving some coffee, they were even gifted some tea leaves and gifted some snacks. Wang Ke was a sales rep for many years, this was the first time he experienced this kind of treatment.  

They had just sat down, Mo Jiaxing opened the door and came inside. “Did Zhuoyue Company's people arrive?”

Wang Ke naturally recognized him. He immediately greeted him, “Chief Mo, hello.”

Mo Jiaxing smiled and walked over. “Don't need to be polite with me, Manager Wang. We are old acquaintances. Regarding the project, I can make the decision. In regards to Zhuoyue’s clothing, I have faith.”

Mo Jiaxing was the company’s executive. Him saying this phrase was naturally the final say on this situation.

Wang Ke excitedly said, “Thank you Chief Mo for having faith in us, we definitely won't disappoint Chief Mo.”

Mo Jiaxing smiled and replied, “No need to thank me Manager Wang, if you need to thank someone thank Mr. Cheng. Last night if it wasn't for Mr. Cheng daring to speak up in front of our Chief Gu, Xin Yuguang’s true colors wouldn’t have been exposed. Until now we wouldn't have seen clearly his true character.”

“Xin Yuguang has already been fired from our company. Thank you, Mr. Cheng, for helping us get rid of this troublemaker. Manager Wang, you really have good fortune to have such an outstanding subordinate.”

Wang Ke hurriedly replied, “Mr. Cheng is outstanding on his own. I was also fortunate enough to be his leader. If it was just me, how could I do it? Mr. Cheng is so excellent and talented, in the future he will definitely be prosperous.

“Haha, that is obvious.”

Mo Jiaxing finished talking and walked to Cheng Jinyu. He handed over a business card, “Even if you don't need it, it’s still better to take it. In case you ever need to know my location, just inform me.”

Wang Ke was still very close by. Mo Jiaxing had used honorifics, what he said was very humble.

At this very moment Wang Ke looked at Cheng Jinyu again and understood. Wasn’t the outfit on Cheng Jinyu the newest style from Kate Luo? The value was around 90,000.

Would a person who originally wore street stall clothing be able to wear this? This was clearly some young master who came to the company wanting to experience company life.

Wang Ke secretly thought, thankfully he had not come across him often. Fortunately he did not say too much, and last night he bravely defended him.

But, just what was going on with these young masters? One could be a young master of a prestigious house but didn't, and insisted on running over here and becoming his subordinate, pretending to be a good for nothing.

Mo Jiaxing was a person who had a lot of self restraint. Standing in front of Cheng Jinyu, he had a somewhat smiling expression, and didn't even let Cheng Jinyu attempt to refuse him.

With no better option, Cheng Jinyu took the business card. “Thank you Chief Mo for your care.”

Mo Jiaxing smiled, “Can’t say I’m taking care of you, in the future won’t you be taking care of things.”

Take a look! Sure enough, it was a rich and powerful young master. He really did guess correctly. Wang Ke firmly believed his own guess.


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