High Energy QR Code

Chapter 29.1- The Last Person

Chapter 29:

The item dug out was actually a video camera’s memory card, well protected in a plastic casing.

In Cock Robin, Sparrow said he killed Robin and Fly said it watched Robin die with his little eye.

The male teacher was homologous to the fly in the nursery rhyme. He held the burden of having watched everything on the video cameras but not revealing it. He even hid away the memory card and every night, would run around finding another place to hide it. It just wasn’t clear if he was doing this under the ghost’s control, or if he himself was doing it in his sleep.

While Xing Ye was thinking, Cao Qian just waited quietly and didn’t ask anything.

After he arranged his thoughts, he noticed Cao Qian just sitting there like a robot and was a little baffled. “Why aren’t you asking anything? You also didn’t inquire about the leads I found at the piano.”

“There’s no point. The less people who know, the better.” Cao Qian said, “Besides, I might not understand it even if you tell me. I’ll just take charge when it comes to fighting.”

There wasn’t much interest in her eyes. She was very clear about her own position.

Such a teammate fit very well with Xing Ye’s tastes. However, this wasn’t normal.

Although it’s said that “curiosity killed the cat”, Xing Ye believed that humanity’s desire for knowledge is what led them to improve themselves. However, Cao Qian seemed to have lost that.

Cao Qian noticed Xing Ye was still looking at her and said, “That’s how I’ve always worked with my old teammate. At the beginning, I was also curious, but that’s how he explained it to me.”

Her desire for knowledge was destroyed by her teammate in the game world. Although it might be a good thing for the team, doing so would strangle that person’s ability to think critically.

Being in the opposing fate camp already put them at a disadvantage. If you also lost the ability to think, it would be very difficult to press on.

Cao Qian’s former teammate wasn’t helping her and didn’t care about her future at all. He just wanted to raise a goon to fight for him.

Xing Ye didn’t like such ways of thinking. He had always been a leader. Only weak leaders would fear their subordinates being stronger than them. He was confident in himself, so his leadership style was to let everybody grow and develop their own styles.

His subordinates could be intelligent and ambitious, but as long as he himself was stronger, he didn’t need to worry about being overtaken by them.

Xing Ye spoke, “The message I got at the piano was an english nursery rhyme called “Who Killed Cock Robin”. You can find a translation of it online. I took the sheet music in the music room and found eighteen different notes when I compared it to the proper version online. When I pressed the eighteen notes on the half broken piano, it gave me the information about Cock Robin. I think the nursery rhyme is a very important clue to solving the seven legends so to prevent others from discovering it, I destroyed the piano.”

Cao Qian was dazed, “Eighteen different notes? I only found sixteen. But that’s not important, it’s fine as long as you know.”

“No,” Xing Ye said solemnly, “I sincerely believe that you are a valuable teammate so you can’t just close off your brain like that. You have to think for yourself and furthermore, take the initiative to think. It’s good that you can fight, but humans aren’t like machines. You can’t just take yourself as a tool. When we run into more mysterious worlds, we need every person to think for themselves and interpret the mission task in their own ways. If you continue like this, it’ll be very bad for you.”

Cao Qian seemed to be having difficulty with absorbing Xing Ye’s words. Xing Ye also knew that habits couldn’t be changed in one day, so he wasn’t anxious.

A person’s thoughts can’t be confined.  As long as there was a tiny seed and a conductive environment, it’ll surely be able to break through and grow big.

That’s what Xing Ye was doing right now by telling her his plans.

Xing Ye continued, “Do you know how I discovered which sheet music you took away?”

Cao Qian shook her head.

“I used a certain ability, one that I’m still using now and will continue to use.” Xing Ye said, “We can’t just take the storage card like this. We need to put a fake back in, but it’s best if it isn’t us that returns it.”

Xing Ye had Cao Qian go back to rest. Running around for half the night made him very tired. It was already two am, making it only two days and one night before the three day deadline with Miss Human Head was up. They still had a fair bit of time to find the human head.

“Even if we can’t find it, we can just give Miss Human Head any head. I think Wu Yu’s head is pretty good so when the time comes, we can just give his. We also won’t have to worry about disposing the corpse and we’d even get points for it.” Xing Ye told Cao Qian casually.

Cao Qian: “...”

After playing the game for so long, she had already reached the level where she could kill players without blinking an eye. In any case, they wouldn’t really be dead. It was just like a holographic game. However, a person like Xing Ye who only judged another player’s life by their value and put them into categories was a level she could not achieve.

The two opposing fate camp players had made quite a few rounds around the campus but didn’t find any special QR codes. Xing Ye still only had one special QR code, and that QR code was given to him by a following fate player. It was truly sad.

After returning to the dorms, Xing Ye thanked and praised the mirror, saying that without him standing guard, he and Cao Qian wouldn’t dare to have started digging in plain sight.

The praise made the mirror very happy. He talked about how tired he was from being tossed about all night and how Xing Ye couldn’t put him under the blankets again because his pecs were too hard and uncomfortable. Furthermore, he had a trauma of being buried in a chest from the last world and didn’t want to see chests anymore, regardless of if it was a man’s or woman’s. Xing Ye also couldn’t put him beside the pillow in case his drool fell on him. The bedside cabinet would be even worse. It was too far; this was a supernatural world, what would he do if he had a nightmare?

Xing Ye was speechless. “Then where should I put you?”

“Hm…” The mirror thought for a long time. It seems all the places simply wouldn’t do.

“How about near my feet then.” Xing Ye proposed.

“No way!”

“But look...” Xing Ye opened the mirror, “You don’t want to be by the pillow or my chest, but my waist… even if you want to sleep there, I don’t really want a living person pasted there. Isn’t the only choice left by my feet?”

The mirror didn’t speak.

“There’s only these few choices. Just lower your expectations and choose one.” Xing Ye said helplessly.

“Then I guess I’ll just stick with your chest…” The mirror said, feeling aggrieved. “Don’t put the blankets on too tightly, it’s too stuffy.”

Xing Ye put the little mirror by his chest, secretly finding it pretty cute and funny as he hugged him to sleep.

Morning came and as usual, Xing Ye didn’t go to class. Instead, he ran to the campus supermarket and bought a presentable looking storage card before using the original body’s computer to fill it up with a bunch of adult videos. Finally, he gave it to Boy C.

“At noon, bury this memory card in the northeast corner at the garden behind campus. Do it secretly and don’t let others see.” Xing Ye ordered.

Boy C spoke sullenly, “Xing, weren’t you going to find the human head? The deadline’s tomorrow, what are you going to do?

“Haven’t I been searching for it this whole time?” Xing Ye said, “Haven’t you seen people in the group still tailing Wu Yu? From how he acted the day before yesterday night, he definitely knows more than he’s letting on. It’s very important to watch him.”

Boy C felt a little more at ease now. “Xing, I’ve walked everywhere around campus for the past two days but didn’t find anything. I really regret it going to the female dorms now. Sure enough, bad things will always be punished, sob…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t give your head to that ghost.” Xing Ye sounded very insincere as he pacified him.

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