Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 289 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(5)

“A pair for life?”

It wasn’t that Prime Minister Liu was uncultured but there was no such thing as a married couple consisting of a wife and husband in Luanfeng Country. This was the reason why Liu Xuan froze when he heard Su Wan’s words. He was shocked by her.

Nani. At this moment, Su Wan felt like she had transmigrated. Apparently, if she transmigrated and flaunted her modern skills, a group of people would claim that she was a celestial being and bow under her feet.

“Princess Royal, are you really only planning on marrying one person your entire life?”

Liu Xuan froze before looking at Su Wan with a flickering gaze.

“A pair for life?” That sounded pretty good but just how many people could actually do that?

Liu Xuan froze, not reacting much. Su Wan sighed in her heart. As expected, halos and whatnot are only effective on female leads.


Su Wan softly coughed and looked straight at Liu Xuan. “You don’t necessarily have to escort the bride over to the ceremony. If you find someone you truly love, what’s wrong with marrying someone of your lower social status?”

“Marrying someone of your lower social status?”

Liu Xuan was really flabbergasted this time. Who was Su Wan? She was the Princess Royal that ruled above all but one.

If even the Princess Royal of Luanfeng Country was willing to marry someone of a lower social status, then what did this mean?

“Princess Royal, sure but…”

“What are you scared of?”

Su Wan smiled. “I never care about people’s feelings. Prime Minister Liu, I know that Yue Qing is in your residence. Can you let him see me? I won’t make things difficult for him!”

Seeing that Su Wan beat around the bush and finally ended up talking about Yue Qing again, Liu Xuan revealed an apprehensive expression. “Princess Royal, um...this official should listen to you but Her Majesty, she…”

“Okay, okat. It’s fine. Can I at least see him from afar?”

Su Wan interrupted Liu Xuan impatiently, her face cold.

“Yes. Princess Royal, this way please!”

This time, Liu Xuan didn’t reject her. Instead, he was in front leading and brought Su Wan to Liu Family’s backyard.

“There are traps in this yard. Princess Royal, follow this official. Don’t go the wrong way.”

As he said this, he walked in large strides and Su Wan naturally followed closely behind him. Not long later, the two arrived at a courtyard. Standing under the moonlight, Liu Xuan paused. “Your Highness, Master Yue is inside the courtyard.”

Right now, the front window of the courtyard was opened wide so one could see the person inside the room from afar. Even if it was just a far glance, she could feel the elegant and noble temperament on him.

Su Wan looked quietly at Yue Qing.

Still wasn’t.

He wasn’t Su Rui.

She had been in this world for a few days. Su Wan summed up the plot here. The main figures in this world were all in the capital. Besides Lu Changge who was leading his soldiers by the border, Su Man’s six other men were in the capital.

Of the three male concubines and four attendants, Su Man loved Liu Luo, Lu Changge, and Yue Qing the most.

Of the four male attendants, two of them were male attendants she had since she was young in the imperial palace. The other two weren’t with Su Man yet. One was her personal shadow guard, Leng Ye, and she was just secretly in love with him right now. As for the other, he was Government Minister Li’s son, Li Xiao. He hadn’t entered the palace and become an official yet. He didn’t even know the current empress.

Of course, Lu Changge was the male lead. He and Su Man only sympathized with one another...

As for the other male supporting leads like Feng Wuchen, Liu Xuan, and the others, Su Wan had encountered them on court. She hadn’t seen Su Rui yet.

Could it be that Su Rui hadn’t come to this world?

No, that’s not right. Su Wan’s instinct was that he had come and was in the same world as her. Even more, he should be nearby.


Su Wan had thought of another possibility.

Could it be that Su Rui had gotten into an accident when he entered the world?

After all, according to Su Rui’s mission path, he should’ve taken over Feng Wushuang’s body. However, he suddenly died. That meant that either Su Rui only entered the world after Feng Wushuang died so the logistics department of the headquarters should arrange him another status or that he couldn’t reveal his appearance?

Therefore, there was a possibility that everyone was Su Rui?

Thinking of this, Su Wan suddenly laughed to herself.

If that was the case, Su Rui, why did you purposely hide? Are you trying to test me?

Recalling the test that Su Rui spoke of last time, Su Wan had a thought inside her mind.

General Su, I’ll find you. Just you wait.

“Your Highness?”

Seeing that Su Wan had been staring in Yue Qing’s direction and faintly smiling, Liu Xuan couldn’t help but call her.

It seemed like Princess Royal still liked Yue Qing?


Su Wan snapped out of her trance and looked deeply at Liu Xuan. “Okay, I’ve seen him now. If you miss some people, then you just miss them. There’s nothing else I can do. I should head back now. Prime Minister Liu, thank you for the hospitality!”

Saying this, Su Wan turned and left hastily. At this time, she seemed to have forgotten that the Liu Residence was full of traps. Seeing that she was able to set off a trap, Liu Xuan immediately exclaimed fearfully, “Your Highness, be careful!”


Two arrows shot out from the two sides of the wall and went straight for Su Wan’s chest. At this moment, Su Wan seemed to have been frightened. She didn’t react at all.

At a matter of life or death, a black figure scuttled out and pushed Su Wan to the ground.

The wind whooshed by and the two arrows were chopped in half by the precious sword. “Your Highness, are you okay?”

“I’m okay.”

Su Wan shook her head.

“Sorry for startling Your Highness.”

When Liu Xuan heard Su Wan’s words, he immediately bowed and took the blame. “Your Highness, please punish me!”


Su Wan shook her hand and said, “Prime Minister Liu, please lead the way.”


Coming out of the Liu Residence, Su Wan leaned against the wall of the horse carriage and closed her eyes to rest. Meanwhile, Bi Lou opened her mouth but then hesitated, not sure whether to say anything or not.

“What do you want to say?”

Su Wan suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Bi Lou.

Bi Lou became panicky seeing Su Wan’s stare on her. Your Highness, this maid, this maid is just curious as to why Your Highness…”

“You’re curious why I didn’t dodge it?”

In this world, the original body did know martial arts. It didn’t make sense for Luanfeng Country’s Princess Royal to not know both martial arts and literature.

Naturally, Su Wan inherited the original body’s martial arts skills but she just didn’t use them.

“Heh. There’s a reason why I didn’t dodge them.”

Now, Su Wan couldn’t distinguish Su Rui based on his appearance. Plus, she was in the light while he was in the dark.

She could only find Su Rui through testing the people time after time.

At this time, Su Wan was really jealous of Su Rui’s superb perception. He was able to distinguish anyone he met before just based on aura. How about Su Wan however? She could only base it on her feelings and analysis.

Therefore, Xu Ce really found a trump card. General Su, you’re born to be a male lead aren’t you?

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