The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 289: Duoduo, this is The Last Time

Seeing that State Teacher was finally looked to his direction, the Old Monarch endured his anger and said, “According to the spies, Yao’er’s death is strange. I suspect that it was Qi Hengqing, that stinky boy, that pulled down the bridge after crossing the river. Now that he’s the Emperor and his foundation is gradually stable, he couldn’t wait to uproot people who are unpleasant to his eyes, he’s afraid that Yao’er would reveal to me the secrets of Donglin Kingdom, this [email protected]!”

Gong Moran nodded slightly, “Qi Hengqing’s move is obviously to provoke Nanyun Kingdom. If Nanyun Kingdom give in even with this matter, it will become even more effective in the future, that’s why, this minister also proposes for war.”

The Old Monarch was happy, but then he became a little worried, “I heard that Qi Hengqing has been urging his soldiers to practice every day since he took the throne half a year ago, and he has also purchased numerous horses from Beiwu Kingdom. Now Donglin Kingdom’s military strength couldn’t be compared to the past ah.”

Gong Moran said indifferently, “The Emperor can rest assured, this minister will go with the Emperor this time, the victory of Nanyun Kingdom is guaranteed.”

When the Old Monarch heard this, his previous contempt disappeared in a puff, he got up and bowed deeply, he didn’t care whether the State Teacher was holding a woman right now or not, even if this bow was also directed towards that woman, he still felt happy in his heart.

With State Teacher’s power that exceeded the sky, his Nanyun Kingdom won’t fear Donglin Kingdom in the slightest.

Gong Moran thought of something all of a sudden and looked at the Old Monarch, “If this minister isn’t wrong, once the war starts, Qi Hengqing will command his troops himself to boost morale, don’t know if the Emperor has this idea?”

Old Monarch immediately said, “With State Teacher’s protection, what fear should we have? We also want to command the troop in person and show to the world that our sword is still sharp!”

When the Old Monarch left, Nan Xun looked worried as she said, “My Lord, the sword has no eyes, do you really want to go?”

Gong Moran patted her head, “Duoduo, don’t be afraid, this Lord won’t meet any mishap, you can go with this Lord if you’re so worried.”

“Really? But I’m afraid that I will only drag my Lord back.” Nan Xun squinted so that she can see more clearly.

“With this Lord, no one would dare to say that you’re holding anyone back.” Gong Moran paused and asked her, “Duoduo, Princess Yao only died just now, will you blame this Lord for taking revenge for you this late?”

Although it took long for this woman to die, but her death was very painful, which was definitely better than killing her directly. This was her retribution, she should never have plotted against Duoduo, let alone wanted to kill Duoduo.

Nan Xun uttered, “Of course not, in fact, if she had no bad thoughts and tricked me into that side palace and wanted me to marry the Fifth Prince, I wouldn’t be able to righteously… with my Lord… cough, anyway, it turned into something good.”

Hearing this, Gong Moran didn’t feel embarrassed, he only smiled slightly, “So this Lord just thought too much, nearly let down Duoduo’s affection.”

Five days later, Nanyun Kingdom sent an armed group of soldiers to send written challenge to war to Donglin, and with troops each led by their respective monarch, the situation on the battlefield became fierce.

The soldiers from Donglin were brave and good at fighting, while Qi Hengqing was wise and full of stratagems. It looked like Nanyun Kingdom was about to be utterly beaten in the past four months, but suddenly a strange phenomenon occurred in a very crucial time.

They obviously had been attacked with fire when the enemy’s OP State Teacher used his wizardry to let down heavy rain from the sky and extinguished their fire in a matter of seconds. They also had successfully surrounded Nanyun Kingdom’s troop tightly when all of a sudden, a typhoon made a crack for Nanyun’s troop to rush out.

Later on, Donglin Kingdom which almost held victory in its hand, began to retreat steadily and was eventually forced to escape back to Donglin in the end.

The Old Monarch intended to take this chance to seize victory, but State Teacher stopped him from doing so. Although Nanyun won in the end, but the losses they had suffered was no less than Donglin.

Qi Hengqing was very annoyed, his face was cold as he was standing on the wall, swearing curses loudly to his soldiers, “There will be one day when We will lead you all to take suicide and enter Nanyun’s imperial city, then make that demon, Gong Moran, to suffer unnatural death!”

Meanwhile in Nanyun’s campsite, the Old Monarch drank a lot of wine happily to celebrate victory, when unexpectedly he was affected with cold the next day.

Somehow, news was sent back to Nanyun’s state, saying that the Old Monarch died in battle.

Nanyun’s affairs of state was turbulent, the faction of the Queen and Second Prince was impatient to start seeking the throne. The Fifth Prince didn’t resist this time, just watching from the sideline when everyone supported the Second Prince to ascend the throne.

On the day when the Second Prince ascended the throne, the Old Monarch returned with State Teacher. The Second Prince’s action made the Old Monarch furious and prompted him to make a decision.

The Old Monarch injured his body this time due to excessive anger, and again, he couldn’t avoid illness to come over him.

He sat on his dragon bed while looking at the white-clothed man who walked inside. He quickly tried to reach out to him while panting, “State Teacher, State Teacher, didn’t you say that We will live for another six more years? Why is it that We can’t hold on even though only one year has passed?”

Gong Moran didn’t walk over, he only stood from afar, staring at him coldly, just as cold as his words, “Your Majesty was supposed to be able to live for six more years, but this time Your Majesty was furious and hurt Your Majesty’s foundation, this is an unexpected tragedy, this minister was also helpless.”

The Old Monarch looked unwilling, “State Teacher, State Teacher, please help Us live for a few more years, We don’t want to die like this, We haven’t lived enough!”

Gong Moran frowned slightly, he looked a little awkward, “But…”

The Old Monarch’s eyes glinted, “We executed the Second Prince, but there are still four princes. State Teacher, use their lives to supplement mine! Just leave out the Fourth and Fifth Prince, as for the other two, State Teacher, you can take all their lives! No, We don’t want the Fourth too, anyway, he’s just born from a lowly dance girl, so just leave out the Fifth. We have raised them all with wealth and luxury these years, without Us, how can they be what they are today? State Teacher, do you think that what We do is too much?”

Gong Moran said lightly, “The Emperor has a clear conscience and does not need to ask anyone’s advice.”

In the main hall of Moran Hall, Nan Xun frowned as she watched Gong Moran wrote the birthdates of several princes on talisman papers. She suddenly held Gong Moran’s hand, a look of pleading in her eyes as she whispered, “My Lord, don’t’ use forbidden techniques any more…”

During the months of war with Donglin Kingdom, she watched him use witchcraft several times with her own eyes, every one of them was forbidden. During those months, on full moon nights, his backlash was particularly severe. In order to cover this up, she almost looked like a hussy as he held her tightly, her moans were so loud as to cover up the man’s painful scream.

It didn’t matter even though she was called s1ut by soldiers, she would never expose his weakness.

Gong Moran knew what she was worried about. He released her grip a little and smiled faintly, “Duoduo, this Lord promise you, this is the last time.”

Nan Xun’s eyes reddened, “You said it. If I find out that you use any heaven-defying witchcraft again, I’ll make you regret it, I really will make you regret it.”

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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