Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 288 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(4)

In front of Beihua Door, a faint smile flickered over Liu Xuan’s gentle face as he looked at the cold Princess Royal wearing a phoenix robe. “Since Princess Royal is willing to do me the favor, I will naturally accept the invitation!”

As he said this, Liu Xuan moved to the side. “Princess Royal, this way please!”


Su Wan answered coldly and waved her sleeves, walking ahead. After the two left the palace door, the officials then started to gossip in low voices.


Chi Xueyuan was wearing a blue official outfit today and she couldn’t help but walk towards Feng Wuchen. “Is the Princess Royal planning on getting Yue Qing from the Liu Residence?”

Hearing Chi Xueyuan’s words, Feng Wuchen sneered. “Do you really think Princess Royal is a fool?”


Chi Xueyuan lifted her brows arrogantly hearing Feng Wuchen’s words. “She’s a woman, no? Whenever women are blinded by love, they become fools. Princess Royal looked astute but she was still fooled by Yue Qing in the end!”

Yue Qing used to belong to the Princess Royal residence and she loved him. Everyone knew.

The moment Yue Qing entered the palace, Her Majesty already knew about her motive.

Princess Royal was really not Her Majesty’s match in terms of intelligence.

Chi Xueyuan’s gaze flickered and she wore a heroic look. “Cousin, Her Majesty is the best person to rule the country. I know you dislike her because of second cousin’s death but...I hope you can put the interests of the whole over yourself!”

Interest of the whole...

Feng Wuchen’s stern face revealed a gentle rare smile. “Xueyuan, I know what to do. I have to go train the soldiers at the military drill ground. How about you? You’re going to return to the residence or go to the Office of Military and Political Affairs?”

“I’m returning to the residence. There are quite a few things that I need to handle.”

Chi Xueyuan smiled at Feng Wuchen and walked out of the palace door quickly.

Feng Wuchen’s gaze flickered watching the handsome rear view gradually walk afar.

She always placed Luanfeng Country’s court affairs in the first place. She never placed relationships in her heart. This was Luanfeng Country’s hot-blooded female minister, Chi Xueyuan.

Capital, Liu Residence.

Su Wan’s horse carriage gradually stopped in front of the Liu Residence. Bi Lou immediately jumped off the horse first before pulling the curtains to the side.

When the guards saw Su Wan’s horse carriage, they all got on their knees respectfully.

“Paying respects to the Princess Royal!”

Su Wan gradually got out of the horse carriage and glanced at the lofty Liu Residence. She couldn’t help but smile slightly. “Prime Minister Liu, I heard that you wanted to build your own residence when you grew up. Who knew that your wish actually came true. Not only do you have your own residence, you’ve become a high-rank official and held power over the court!”

Liu Xuan’s expression stiffened hearing this. Then he faintly smiled and said, “Princess Royal still remembers? I was a young and ignorant child back then. I was just babbling nonsense.”

Liu Family was a famous family in the capital. Liu Xuan and Liu Luo had mingled with a group of nobles as children. At that time, Liu Xuan couldn’t practice martial arts so he was quite invisible within the group, but he had a lot of ambitions. He started studying the art of war and strange formations by himself, and one could see the progress he had made.

As a child, he was ambitious but now, Liu Xuan knew how to perfectly hide his own ambitions and aspirations.

Su Wan had exclaimed that just to test him.

The two arrived at Liu Residence’s garret under the the housekeeper’s lead. This was Liu Xuan’s personal resting spot and the only absolute safe spot in the residence. As for the other places like the backyard, garden, study, and etc., they all had traps and formations set. People wouldn’t be able to enter normally. Even if one luckily made it inside, they wouldn’t be able to escape.

That’s right. It was just that dangerous.

Therefore, the Liu Residence was more troublesome than the imperial city. With all these layers of traps, Liu Xuan was then able to carry out his plan to overthrow the court.

“Here’s the tea. Princess Royal, please enjoy!”

Liu Xuan was skilled at brewing tea. Watching him skillfully brew tea for herself, Su Wan’s hands landed on his hand.

“Princess Royal?”

Noticing Su Wan’s gaze, Liu Xuan froze and then called her again subconsciously.


Su Wan snapped out of her trance and smiled awkwardly. “I didn’t expect for you to be so good at brewing tea. Even the way you brew tea is really unique. I was in a daze looking at you.”

“This...I probably just became skilled from practice.”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Liu Xuan’s gentle face darkened quickly before it vanished.

They were both sons but because he couldn’t practice martial arts, his mother had found a lot of teachers to teach him the four arts, and the art of brewing tea. At that time, mother had been planning on sending him into the palace, no?

Heh. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned and changes could be derailed by unforeseen events.

Since the restructure, he was able to become an official with his outstanding literary talent. As for his brother well versed in letters and military knowledge, he ended up entering the palace to serve upon Her Majesty because of love!

Liu Xuan disagreed with Liu Luo. Regarding marriage, Liu Xuan believed that they must only marry if they truly loved each other.

He believed that if they truly loved each other, even noble ladies would be willing to marry a man of lower social status, no? Otherwise, why bother talking about love?

As Liu Xuan sank into deep thought, Su Wan had elegantly sipped the tea. “Prime Minister Liu, this tea is really good. I actually have some good tea at my residence too. Do you want to try?”

Su Wan tested him the second time.

Liu Xuan’s gaze flickered. But he still acted elegantly and gentle. “Princess Royal, thanks for the kind offer. This subordinate doesn’t usually drink tea. If you like, you can just take the tea.”

Liu Xuan didn’t reject her directly but rather responded tactfully.

Su Wan looked up with her phoenix eyes and said, “I don’t want to steal from you. After all, Her Majesty rewarded you this. How can I steal that from you? That’s not what a gentleman would do. Prime Minister Liu, right?”

Liu Xuan could only nod and smile faintly hearing the meaning behind her words. “Princess Royal, you’re right!”


Su Wan gradually stood up and said, “Master Yue is from my residence. Since he loves Her Majesty, I think I should let him be with her. Tomorrow, I will send a memorial to the empress, asking her to accept Master Yue. I believe Prime Minister Liu will also support me right?”


Liu Xuan’s gaze flickered. He was unsure whether the Princess Royal was saying the truth or not.


Su Wan smiled arrogantly seeing Liu Xuan’s hesitating expression. “Everyone thinks that I’ll do something to Yue Qing so Prime Minister Liu, you don’t have to lie in front of me. It is true that I want him to die but since Her Majesty wants to protect him, I’ll just have to give up. He just betrayed me. I just hate his mercilessness. Since he likes to share a wife with someone else, go ahead. I want...someone to stay with me for life. Since he left me, it’s his loss!”

“Someone to stay...with for life?”

Liu Xuan paused hearing her words.

Right, at that moment, a new world welcomed Prime Minister Liu~

Su Wan, go on and trick him~

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