The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 288: My Lord, Let’s Live in Seclusion

Gong Moran was sitting in the couch while reading, Nan Xun leaned on the couch in a very comfortable position with her thigh resting on him.

Perhaps he was afraid that she would feel insecure, when the man was reading his book, he would gently stroke her hair and read the book aloud.

The man’s voice was cold and beautiful, just like clear water from a melted ice in the early spring, brought with it some warmth, flowed gently to the depth of one’s heart. Nan Xun squinted her eyes comfortably, she liked hearing interesting things from him.

She thought that State Teacher always stayed inside the palace, very rarely would he go out for a stroll, and thus he wouldn’t know about amusing affairs. However, who would’ve known that interesting stories was able to came out from his mouth constantly, even though he talked without expression, the listener would laugh out loud hearing him.

“My Lord, these things, did you see with your own eyes? It’s really amusing!”

Gong Moran only mumbled out an ‘en’ as a reply.

“My Lord, why don’t you laugh at such a funny thing?”

Gong Moran said lightly, “Have seen a lot, this Lord doesn’t find it interesting anymore.”

After Nan Xun heard this, even if she couldn’t see with her eyes, she couldn’t help but blink her eyes while lost in thoughts. She looked like a playful minx as she suddenly smiled and asked, “My Lord, how long… have you lived?”

Gong Moran was startled, his thin lips pursed slightly, three words flowed out in a tiny whisper, “A long time.”

Nan Xun immediately questioned closely, “A long time, how long is it ah?”

Gong Moran’s thin lips tightened. Seeing that his little disciple wouldn’t stop until she reached her goal, he satisfied her wilfulness and replied, “This year is precisely three hundred years old.”

Although she was long prepared, but when Nan Xun heard this immediately from big boss’ mouth, she couldn’t help but be surprised with her mouth shaping a big O.

Then she quickly said ‘oh’ and laughed twice, “My Lord is still very young, I originally thought that my Lord has lived for thousands of years.”

Gong Moran: …

Nan Xun asked this just to break his thick defense, and then she proceeded to ask naturally, “My Lord, are you some kind of celestial being that came down from heaven, or a monster that can change its appearance?”

Gong Moran’s gaze wandered around her when he asked, “What does Duoduo think?”

Na Xun smiled, “I don’t know, that’s why I ask my Lord ah, but I still like my Lord whether he’s a celestial being descended from heaven or a monster that changed its appearance.”

When Gong Moran heard this, the corners of his mouth slightly twitched, and the look in his eyes turned softer.

“Duoduo, this Lord is just a mortal.” He spoke.

“Then, how come my Lord has such a powerful magic? Isn’t this only possible for celestial beings or monsters?”

“Have Duoduo heard of the Witch Clan?”

Nan Xun’s heart beat suddenly quickened; she finally broke through big boss’ heart!

She shook her head, kept silent and waited quietly for his next words.

Gong Moran lightly said, “You naturally have never heard of it. The Witch Clan died completely three hundred years ago, and now there’s only this Lord left.”

Nan Xun asked softly, “Are the people in Witch Clan all as powerful as my Lord? How come they’re all gone? Could they have died from natural disaster?”

Gong Moran’s voice grew colder, “Not a natural disaster, it’s a man-made disaster. The Emperor of the Great Zhou and the founding Emperor of Nanyun Kingdom massacred more than 20 thousand people from the Witch Clan.”

Nan Xun frowned, “Nanyun Kingdom’s… Founding Emperor?”

She thought of something and said in surprise, “My Lord, then, you…”

Gong Moran stroke her hair and said lightly, “This Lord knows what you want to ask. This Lord wanted to kill the founding Emperor at first, however, his fate’s luck wasn’t in his body alone, even if this Lord killed him, his luck will be passed on to his descendants. If this Lord only kills him, how can that repay the 20 thousand lives of the Witch Clan that he had massacred? This Lord will destroy his dynasty and make this entire Nanyun Kingdom be buried alive along with the Witch Clan.”

After Nan Xun heard this, she digested it for a while before grabbing his hand all of a sudden, a distress was seen in her face, “My Lord, have you been suffering all these years?”

Gong Moran was startled, he couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh, “Duoduo, this Lord thought you would persuade me to give up this hatred, after all, it has been hundreds of years, but disaster is yet to reach his descendants.”

Nan Xun said, “I didn’t think that much, the first thing I thought of was my Lord.”

Gong Moran squeezed her hand, tilted his head slightly, his posture changed somewhat indolent. He half closed his eyes and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with me. This Lord has never killed any descendants of the royal family in this three hundred year, the luck of Nanyun Kingdom is exhausted by each monarch themselves, this Lord only incited their inner greed and desire, it was them that made the final decision.”

Nan Xun complained in her heart: So big boss is still big boss ah, he’s still so elegant even when he’s doing bad things.

Nan Xun didn’t comment on his behaviour, she just squeezed his hand and said, “My Lord, when everything end someday, can we leave from here? Let’s find a secluded place with no one else around, you plow the field while I weave your cloth, let’s become an ordinary couple.”

“…ordinary couple.” Gong Moran murmured and repeated, a dazed expression flashed in his eyes.

“That’s right ah, my Lord.” Nan Xun said loudly, “You already ate me to the bones, is it that you don’t want to be responsible? My Lord, you can’t be this insincere as a man!”

Gong Moran looked at her fondly, “…this Lord promise you; I will take you out of here when all the dust settles, we will find a place to hide.”

Nan Xun smiled with joy and immediately added, “My Lord, after we live in seclusion, you can’t use witchcraft any more, okay? Let’s be an ordinary couple and grow old together. Actually, I really want to see how my Lord looks like when my Lord becomes old.”

Gong Moran’s eyes moved, the smile on his lips deepened, “Well, at that time, this Lord will no longer use witchcraft and gu, this Lord will grow old together with Duoduo.”

Nan Xun smiled and rubbed her head against his stomach, she was very happy.

Gong Moran touched her messy little head, moved his gaze away to a little yellow paper man on the table.

The five-heart locking spell, there’s only one last line left.

Three months later, Nanyun Kingdom’s Old Monarch received news that Princess Yao died suddenly in Donglin Kingdom. He was enraged and all the generals asked for his order to attack Donglin.

Gong Moran was leisurely feeding Nan Xun a bowl of porridge when the Old Monarch entered hurriedly without notice.

Seeing the two pair of master and apprentice who shamelessly hugged each other in broad daylight, the Old Monarch became even more enraged.

“Emperor, please sit down and wait a moment.” Gong Moran said lightly, and continued to feed his little disciple without stopping his movement even one bit.

Nan Xun has now fully recovered her hearing, her eyes can also see things already, it’s just that they can’t see things clearly from a distance, a bit like deep myopia.

Seeing that it was the Old Monarch who entered, she wanted to get up from Gong Moran’s arms but was held down by him.

Nan Xun continued to sit in his arms embarrassedly, grabbed the bowl from his hand and ate them clean in a few big mouthfuls.

Gong Moran frowned slightly, “Drink slowly.”

He turned his gaze slightly to the Old Monarch and said lightly, “The Emperor is here because of Princess Yao?”

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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