Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 287 - Male Concubines and Mistresses (3)

By the time Su Wan brought Bi Lou back to her residence, it was evening.

“Your Highness, do you need this maid to help you take a bath?”

Bi Lou walked to the door and asked out of habit.

“It’s fine.” Su Wan waved her hands. “You must be tired too. Rest soon. I don’t need anyone today.”


Bi Lou immediately retreated respectfully, hearing Su Wan’s words.

Su Wan walked back to her bedroom slowly. The moment she did, she sensed a strange aromatic smell. This was...

“Your Highness!”

A clear and crisp male voice rang in the dark. Then a figure rushed towards Su Wan.

Su Wan’s gaze coldened and she lifted her hand, taking out the dragon dagger from the cuff of her sleeves. Her gaze darkened and the sharp dagger was placed on the man’s neck.

“Your, Your Highness!”

The man’s voice couldn’t help but tremble. “Your Highness, Master Lou sent me over to serve upon you!”

“Lou Xiaoxiao?”

Hearing the boy toy’s words, Su Wan’s tone coldened even more. “I don’t need anyone!”

“Yes, yes. I will leave right away.”

The boy toy heard Su Wan’s words and carefully retreated, wanting to escape. But Su Wan’s gaze flickered. “Since you’re here, don’t leave.”


The boy toy froze for a moment. During that moment, the dagger in Su Wan’s hands slit his artery and fresh blood splashed everywhere, dying Su Wan red.


Su Wan called loudly and two study and nimble figures rushed in. “Your Highness!”

“Carry this corpse out and remove his clothes. Throw him in front of Lou Xiaoxiao’s residence’s door!”


The two guards rushed in and immediately nodded respectfully.

“And, find out who let him in. Beat them to death afterwards!”

After waving the guards off, several maids came in to change the incense in the room and the blood on the limestone tiles was also cleaned.”

Right now, Su Wan had removed her clothes and submerged her inside in the bath.

She hadn’t killed someone in a really long time. Sometimes, she wondered if she had really become useless because of General Su.

Thinking of Su Rui, Su Wan couldn’t help but smile. With a husband like this, who cares if she became useless?

Back then, she was hell-bent on getting revenge on Xu Ce and ended up too far on this path. Her heart also turned cold. She really thought that she was impeccable like that but would she be happy like this?


Her heart was cold at that time and she couldn’t find her destination. There was no exit. She only felt hatred.

But she had someone she loved right now. A man that would stay by her side no matter what. Didn’t everyone want someone like that?

People shouldn’t be too greedy.

The next morning at the Lou Residence in the capital.

Like usual, Lou Xiaoxiao slept until late morning. Who knew that morning just came when Madam Lou barged into his bedroom with a rattan and whipped her son without saying anything.

“I’m going to whip you to death, it’d save me the worries!”

“You want to anger me to death don’t you?”


Master Lou was dreaming when he was immediately shocked awake from the whip. He jumped out of bed and exclaimed, “Mother, mother, what are you doing? You want to kill your son?!”

“Scram. I don’t have a son like you!”

Madam Lou frowned and exclaimed in a resentful tone. “Look at Liu Family’s Liu Xuan and Feng Family’s Fen Wuchen. You three grew up together and they’re now high-rank officials in court already. But what about you? You finally got dispatched to Shenji Camp and is a military official there but you ended up causing trouble for me every day. That’s fine but yet, you bastard, ended up provoking the Princess Royal. Why?! Do you really want to die?”


Lou Xiaoxiao’s gaze flickered. “Mother, Su Wan, no, I mean the Princess Royal. She...what did she do?”

“Ask yourself what you did. Last night, someone from Princess Royal’s residence threw a boy toy’s corpse in front of our Lou Family and someone was specially there to make sure we didn’t throw him away. Yun Zhu already told me. You bought the boy toy and sent him to the Princess Royal residence. You little brat. You’re just looking for trouble aren’t you?”

Madam Lou looked at her son and was so angry that she didn’t know what to say. Who was Princess Royal? She was known for being ruthless. How come her foolish son couldn’t be more careful?

Lou Xiaoxiao smiled carelessly however. “Mother, I heard that Yue Qing is now with Her Majesty. Hahah. The noble families in the capital all know about this. Isn’t Su Wan really noble and virtuous? Back then, she wasn’t even interested in this master. Now that her man ran off with someone off, this master will do something nice for her and buy a handsome man for her. I’m doing this out of kindness! She was just being undiscriminating!”

“Presumptuous! You think you can criticize the Princess Royal just like that?”

Madam Lou’s expression turned a bit complicated hearing her son’s words. “Xiaoxiao, tell this mother the truth. Do you still like the Princess Royal?”

“No, no! Impossible!”

Lou Xiaoxiao immediately widened his eyes and responded determinedly. “There are lots of good women in this world. With our family’s status, I can get any woman I want. Why should I bother to marry someone from the imperial family? I can’t lose my face!”  

Ever since the former emperor’s rule was pushed forth in the country, men’s statuses did become more important. Although there was no antecedent for noble ladies to marry a man of a lower social status, marriage was common.

Madam Lou felt comforted hearing Lou Xiaoxiao make a solemn vow. Lou Family was a hereditary noble family in Luanfeng Country. Although Madam Lou didn’t need to go to court, she was still a duchess. She understood the situation on court as well. For the past two years, Her Majesty gradually took control. Especially after Her Majesty had formed connections with the Liu Family through marriage. With Prime Minister Liu’s assistance, Princess Royal doesn’t have a high chance in winning.

At this moment, Madam Lou felt fortunate that Princess Royal rejected this marriage unhesitatingly when the former emperor tried to set up a marriage for her and Lou Xiaoxiao. If it worked out, who knows what Lou Family’s future would be now?

This was probably a blessing in disguise.

There was no such thing as secrets in the capital’s circle. What happened in front of Lou Residence had spread throughout the court.

Everyone couldn’t help but lament. As usual, that Master Lou doesn’t know his status. Everyone knew that Princess Royal had been in a fit of anger, yet he still tried to provoke her. He’s really not scared of death!

After court, Su Wan walked in the front but no one dared to surpass her.

She just walked to Beihua Door when she suddenly stopped.

The officials behind her looked confused. Under the morning sunshine, Su Wan wore a fiery red official robe and appeared really charming and flamboyant.

“Prime Minister Liu.”

Su Wan’s gaze swept over the people and landed on Liu Xuan in the end.

“Princess Royal.”

Hearing Su Wan call him, Liu Xuan was walking with several male officials stopped and walked towards her. He looked respectfully at her. “Princess Royal, do you need something?”

“This official heard that Her Majesty had rewarded Prime Minister Liu some good tea. I wonder if I have the honor to drink some tea in your residence.”

Su Wan smiled at Liu Xuan. Though she was asking him, her tone was mighty and refused to be rejected.

She was born arrogant and indifferent. She never placed anyone in her hands. This was Luanfeng Country’s Princess Royal, Su Wan.

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