The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 287: Duoduo, Is It Really So Bitter?

The man next to her seemed to wake up. He slowly opened his eyes and approached her to ask, “Duoduo, what are you laughing about just now?”

The corners of Nan Xun’s mouth curved up slightly as the other party’s breath was sprayed on her face, so she knew that the big boss had spoken something.

She didn’t know what the other party was saying, so she said everything that she wanted to say, “I slept well with my Lord by my side. My Lord, do you miss me? I miss you too. It has been a day, but it actually felt like a month without you. My Lord, it seems that I won’t be able to separate from you any more, if you have time, can you accompany me more?”

Gong Moran touched her head fondly, he replied with a low voice, “Okay.”

Nan Xun suddenly thought something and smiled happily, “My Lord, I can’t hear you, why don’t we do this? When I ask you a question, kiss me once if your answer is yes, and kiss me twice when the answer is no, okay?”

Gong Moran stretched out his hand to flick her on her forehead, he laughed helplessly, “Naughty.”

“My Lord, are you saying that I’m naughty?” Nan Xun immediately asked.

Gong Moran’s eyes moved, he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

Nan Xun was overjoyed, “I guessed it right, did I? That’s why my Lord gave me a kiss. This is really a good way!”

Seeing her joyful look, the smile in his eyes gradually thickened.

Since then, Nanyun kingdom’s State Teacher rarely went to court. Even if the Emperor summoned him for something, he will find a reason to evade. The Emperor had no other way to call him, so he had to go to Moran Hall himself if there’s a major event.

However, in half a year, Moran Hall’s disciples all could only watch helplessly as their aloof State Teacher turned into someone unable to separate himself from a woman. They secretly despised this, but no one dared to voiced their thought.

Because Nan Xun basically didn’t go out, the disciples of Moran Hall didn’t know that she was blind and deaf. Even when she went to the bathroom, the Lord still supported her by the arm. As soon as the Lord went out, their stealthy glances will be immediately retracted back, how would they find any clues?

The Lord nowadays was no longer the Lord he used to be. He went to the kitchen every day to instruct the chef to cook that woman’s favourite meals. He also sits in the kitchen and cooked medicine personally. Their Lord was someone who loved to be clean ah, it was unthinkable for him to ever set his foot in such a dirty place!

Seeing the Lord came out from the kitchen with a bowl of medicine, the disciples immediately retracted their gazes, and after the Lord entered the main hall, they began to discuss in a low voice.

“What kind of illness does Shijiu have? The Lord has been decocting medicine every day for the past six months.” Gong Liu frowned.

Gong Shiba curled his lips, “It’s better if she dies from illness rather than harming the Lord.”

Gong Liu’s expression changed, he let out a sharp, low voice, “Shiba, you can’t say this anymore, do you still want to suffer the pain of your heart and brain being eaten alive?”

Gong Shiba shrank his neck in fear, but he couldn’t help but mumbled, “She’s a femme fatale, Shiqi died because of her while Gong Da was killed by her. Now, even the Lord looks like a ghost…”

Gong Liu said in a deep voice, “Shiqi and the Lord is willing, let’s just watch the Lord and Shijiu from the side, don’t say anything. I, Gong Liu, can have today is all because of the Lord, no matter how the Lord has changed, his kindness to me is enough to make me go through fire and water for him.”

After hearing this, Gong Shiba nodded silently.

Inside the main hall, Nan Xun picked up the medicine bowl, raised her head and drank it in one big gulp, her face wrinkled from the bitterness.

Gong Moran quickly handed her a candied fruit, he can hardly suppress his smile when he looked at her exaggerated expression.

“Duoduo, is it really so bitter?”

Nan Xun can already hear vaguely under his treatment, she grinned when she heard him, “It won’t be bitter any more if my Lord kiss me.”

Gong Moran reached out and pinched her nose, “You still want this Lord’s kiss after eating candied fruit, this deal is really not profitable.”

Even though he said so, but he still gently sucked onto Nan Xun’s lips.

In the next second, Nan Xun turned into a shy little wife, she plunged right into his arms.

Little Eight sighed, “Can you two restrain yourselves a little? This grandpa watched you two spread dog food all the time, and now this grandpa is almost drowned by your dog food ah.”

Nan Xun gnashed her teeth, “Smelly Little Eight, you tricked me until I went to Qi Hengqing’s residence, I haven’t settled this account with you yet.”

Little Eight suddenly became mute. Self-harm ah, it’s all because he accidentally leaked this information. When He woke up, Nan Xun was already going back to Moran Hall, so he was shocked, “Huh? Aren’t we at Fated Child’s house? How come we’re already back after a nap?”

Nan Xun’s expression at that time was very colourful, in the end, she only had the thought of wanting to hang and beat Little Eight up.”

Little Eight coughed, “It’s also for your good ah, you were blind and deaf, even if you have this grandpa to navigate you, you still won’t be able to get out from the woods within a day or two. Fated Child isn’t a scourge, isn’t it better than you missing in the woods and die from hunger?”

Nan Xun sneered, “Isn’t it just because you’re too lazy to navigate? There are several hunter huts nearby the forest, do you think I don’t know? I still can crawl out within a day using my own hands and feet. If I knew that it was Qi Hengqing, I wouldn’t follow him even if you coax me many times over.”

Little Eight: …

Your mom, she can even see through this?

In fact, Nan Xun didn’t care even if she owed Fated Child a favor, what she cared about was Gong Moran knowing that she had once lived with Qi Hengqing, would he think too much about it? That night, how did Gong Moran take her out of that other residence?”

The Fated Child of this world wasn’t someone kind, he’s good at calculating, it’s impossible for him to let go of the OP Nanyun Kingdom’s State Teacher.

Nan Xun suddenly remembered when the big boss paused for a while at first, did he meet Qi Hengqing that day?

Why was it all right afterwards? Was it because of some verbal agreement, or… did he use a powerful witchcraft?

Nan Xun wasn’t afraid of anything else, what she’s afraid of was how the backlash he received was already very powerful, she didn’t want him to use too much witchcraft from now on, otherwise, this won’t only strengthen the backlash he receives, but also reduce his life.

During the several backlashes in the past six months, the big boss had spent the whole process by making thick soy sauce with her. He was sober throughout the whole process, but his actions were still as fierce as a beast, so Nan Xun wasn’t sure whether big boss’ backlash has become more serious or not. She wanted to ask him in person, but she couldn’t do it.

After several months of observation, Nan Xun felt that there should be nothing wrong with him, and felt relieved a little.

According to Little Eight, Donglin Kingdom’s monarch died three months ago.

The famous old monarch died in the hand of a woman, he was poisoned with a slow-acting poison by his spouse, Concubine Chen. When it was found out, it was already too late.

Concubine Chen was the most favoured birth mother of Fourth Prince. As soon as this poisoning incident was exposed, Concubine Chen was banished into the cold palace, while the Fourth Prince was turned into a commoner. The old monarch used his last breath to pass the throne to the Seventh Prince, Qi Hengqing.

Everything was moving according to the plot of the original world. Qi Hengqing had ascended the throne as Donglin’s emperor, after that, his goal will slowly shift to the other three countries.

To all this, the big boss’s reaction was very calm.

Nan Xun felt that the big boss was a very big chess piece, at best, this game of chess would be over in another two or three years later.

She hoped in her heart that this game would be finished soon, since she was worried about the final… result.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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