Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 286 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(2)

Feng Wushuang’s death caused the entire Feng Family to be in a gloomy atmosphere.

By the time Su Wan arrived at the Feng Family in casual clothes, Feng Family had removed the mourning hall but white cloth was hung all over the military officer residence.

“Princess Royal!”

Madam Feng naturally came out to welcome Su Wan.

“Aunt Feng, my condolences.”

Su Wan gently held onto Madam Feng’s hands and said, “I know you’re really upset over Wushuang’s death but he has always been an innocent and kind child. I believe that he would want you and Wuchen to stay happy.”

“Ah. My unfortunate son.”

Hearing Su Wan’s advice, Madam Feng sighed again. She came from a prestigious background. Though she had no daughters, her two sons were her everything. Feng Wuchen was ambitious and had high prospects as a child, suitable for advancing the former emperor’s new rules. He was the first batch of men that entered the court and became an official but because Feng Wushuang was sickly as a child, he had been in the residence recuperating.

Feng Wushuang was a pretty okay man but he was overly weak. This might be the reason why Su Man didn’t like him.

Although Su Man was an empress, she didn’t like overly weak men. Her man needed to either be talented like Yue Qing or have incredible martial arts and be a hero like the current general on court, Lu Changge.

She wanted a strong alliance. This was probably it.

“Princess Royal, you’re here!”

At this time, Feng Wuchen’s voice rang behind Su Wan. She immediately turned around and looked at Feng Wuchen’s simple but cold face. A glint of disappointment flashed by.

He wasn’t Su Rui.

Feng Wuchen was one of male supporting leads who had an abundance of lines in the world. However, his relationship with the female lead didn’t advance.

“Military Officer Feng, I need you for something.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Please follow me to the study.”

Feng Wuchen gestured her to follow along, leading her to Feng Family’s study.

“Military Officer Feng, are you sure?”

The moment she entered the study, her aura changed and her expression turned solemn and serious.

“Your Highness, did you think I was joking with you? Wushuang, he...he passed away at an early age because of depression. This is all Her Majesty’s fault! Her Majesty married Liu Family’s second master and was with Master Yue too. Why wouldn’t she accept Wushuang then? What did Wushuang do wrong? If he hadn’t heard of Her Majesty getting married and his emotions became overly emotional, he wouldn’t have…”

Feng Wuchen choked upon saying this.

From what Su Wan knew, Feng Wuchen had always been known as the Cold-blooded Military Officer. Who knew that he had a deep relationship with his little brother?

“I can understand your feelings. Since you’ve decided to be my ally, I naturally trust you.”

Su Wan couldn’t help but smile faintly. “Wuchen, Chi Xueyuan is your cousin. I know that she has always liked you. Can you persuade her to support me?”

Chi Xueyuan was the right-hand prime minister and had power over the entire court. She was Su Man’s right hand.


Feng Wuchen’s gaze dimmed. “Probably not. Xueyuan and Her Majesty have a deep relationship and she probably wouldn’t change her stance. Plus, it’s inappropriate for me to put my cards on the table with her. Princess Royal, please understand.”

“Mn, I understand. There’s no rush, there’s really no rush.”

Su Wan pacified Feng Wuchen and smiled. “I can’t stay here for long. Let’s end the talk here. If anything happens in the future, I will send Bi Lou to notify you.”


Feng Wuchen respectfully sent Su Wan away. Seeing her horse carriage leave the back door of Feng Residence, Feng Wuchen looked up at the pitch-dark sky, a cold glint in his eyes.

Wushuang, this brother will bring justice to you. I will for sure.

It wasn’t far to travel from the Feng Residence to the Princess Royal residence in the east of the imperial city. But Su Wan’s horse carriage went straight for the northern part of the imperial city after going in circles on the streets for a bit. There was a huge residence on a certain street in the northern imperial city. The walls in the residence were all black and it blended in with the night.

The residence appeared to be really mysterious and strange. The residences here didn’t dare to come close. Apparently, there was a night watchman who had seen lots of ghosts traveling in and out of the yard in the middle of the night.

That’s right. It was the famous Residence of Unrest in the northern part of the imperial city. In reality, it was one of the locations where Su Wan kept the imperial shadow guards.

“Your Highness!”

Su Wan got out of the horse carriage and Bi Lou’s figure immediately scuttled out. Right now, she changed into a tight black outfit and appeared to be really dangerous and cold.

“Your Highness, this subordinate is useless. I’ve let Yue Qing escape! He’s in the left-hand prime minister’s residence right now. It’s unsuitable for this subordinate to send more people!”

While saying this, Bi Lou got on one knee. “Your Highness, please punish me.”

Su Wan glanced at Bi Lou and said, “Nevermind. Su Wan is prepared. It’s not your fault. She and Liu Luo have really set up a good scheme. They hid Yue Qing on Liu Xuan’s residence!”

Liu Xuan was the left-hand prime minister of the court. Like Feng Wuchen, he was a high-rank official. Liu Xuan’s brother, Liu Luo, was Su Man’s real husband. Because of this layer of relationship, Liu Family naturally worked with Su Man.

Liu Xuan?

According to the original plot, he was a hidden boss but he wasn’t a criminal or anything. He was just an ambitious man, an ambitious person who wanted to overthrow women’s power and establish a country based upon men’s power.

From what Su Wan knew, after the original body died, Su Wan and a few of her men lived peacefully for a while. But at this time, Liu Xuan’s conspiracy had just started to show itself.

Liu Xuan.

Su Wan silently read this name. She could try to get him on her side too.

“Bi Lou, get up. What about the other thing I told you to do?”

While asking, Su Wan entered the residence.

“I’ve brought the person back.”

Bi Lou had already gotten up and stood behind Su Wan obediently. “Your Highness, do you want…” Bi Lou gestured to kill but Su Wan smiled and shook her head.

“Take me to see him!”

Imperial city’s imperial study.

Su Man wore a bright yellow dragon robe and sat on the chair. In front of the desk stood an elegant and gentle man respectfully. He was the left-hand prime minister, Liu Xuan!

“Liu Xuan, is Yue Qing safe?”

Su Man looked at Liu Xuan’s face and asked anxiously.

“Master Ye is naturally safe in my residence.”

Liu Xue smiled confidently. Though he was a literary official, he had studied ancient Chinese divination traditions meticulously. The entire Liu Residence had been set with layers of traps. Even Princess Royal’s strongest warrior, Bi Lou, wouldn’t be able to find Yue Qing in the Liu Residence.

“That’s good.”

Su Wan was comforted receiving Liu Xuan’s affirmation. “Royal sister is always ruthless and merciless. If she finds Yue Qing, he’d be dead for sure. Thank you, Minister Liu!”

Because Yue Qing didn’t have a status in the imperial palace and Su Man didn’t know whether Su Wan’s spies still existed in the imperial city, she didn’t dare to keep him there. Compared to the imperial city, the study Liu Residence appeared safer and more reliable.

“It this official’s job to relieve Your Majesty’s burden.”

Liu Xuan immediately bowed and acted respectful hearing Su Man’s grateful words but disdain flickered through his eyes in the dark...

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