The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 286: Oh My, So Shy ah

When Gong Moran finally landed, Nan Xun sighed regretfully, “My Lord, is it over? Have we returned to Moran Hall?”

Gong Moran looked down at her, his eyes turned as soft as water in an instant, “Duoduo, we’re back.”

At this time, the disciples of Moran Hall were still crying and howling on the ground, many of them hit their heads directly on the ground from pain, the blood that was flowing from their heads were really terrible to look at. Some have passed out in pain; they would have died if Gong Moran came a moment later.

Seeing the Lord finally came back while holding Gong Shijiu in his arms, Gong Liu who still retained some sort of sanity, exhaled a relieved breath, the nerves that were tense all over his body that felt like they would burst at any time finally eased down, he bowed his head deeply to Gong Moran and said, “My Lord is back, and Shijiu is fine.”

Gong Moran swept his glance across the crowd indifferently and lifted the restrictions placed on them.

After the restriction was removed, the disciples quickly let out the heart and brain eating Gus’ out of their bodies.

After retaining their lives with such difficulty, everyone’s heart felt a lingering fear.

The death of Gong Da and the Lord’s anger made them clearly realized that they will never be able to control anything about Gong Shiju in the future. The Lord and Gong Shijiu can do whatever they want, they didn’t dare to intervene again.

In the main hall, Gong Moran laid Nan Xun down on the bed.

As soon as Nan Xun touched the soft mattress under her body, she stretched out and yawned again and again, but she still had something more important to do than sleeping. She shook Gong Moran’s hand and emphasized her words, “My Lord, I’m so hungry, I didn’t eat well all day yesterday.”

Except for some dry food in the carriage when she first fled, Nan Xun didn’t eat anything after. The young gentleman told his servant to bring her many pastries, but Nan Xun was rarely being cautious that she didn’t eat them.

Gong Moran said gently, “I have already asked the kitchen to prepare all of your favourite meals before I went to find you.”

He had just finished speaking when he remembered that she couldn’t hear at all, and his eyes dimmed slightly because of this realization.

According to Gong Er, when they confronted each other, Duoduo released a powerful magic which resulted in Gong Da’s death. He described the scene so vividly that Gong Moran had no difficulty to imagine what happened.

After that, Duoduo became blind and deaf, he suspected that it was the backlash of using magic.

He brooded about this a lot because he couldn’t predict Duoduo’s future. When he first counted her fate, he can only saw Duoduo’s past, her life was full of pits, family was poor, he can also see her early death fate; she’s basically a person without future.

In this world, there’s only one kind of person that he can predict only their past and not their future, and that was… a dead person.

But there’s also another kind of person: someone who has gone through a rebirth.

However, what Gong Moran didn’t understand was when he used blood divinatory diagram, that diagram changed its appearance. In the second diagram, he could neither predict past Duoduo’s past nor her future, her diagram was truly bewildering.

He never doubted his abilities, he was quite sure that it wasn’t because of his ability to predict the future was diminished, the problem laid in Duoduo herself.

He deliberated over this matter and only thought of one possibility, that was, Duoduo wasn’t a person from this world.

Gong Moran sat beside the bed, one hand holding hers, his gaze was obscure.

What made him more concerned was that Duoduo learned witchcraft and spells very quickly, as if she was born with this skill, he didn’t like the feeling that something was out of his control.

“Duoduo, this Lord doesn’t care about your past, however, this Lord will decide your future.” Gong Moran said, looking straight into the woman’s dim eyes.

Nan Xun grabbed his hand, “My Lord, when will the food be ready ah? I can’t wait.”

Gong Moran’s eyes changed back to normal, he patted her hand lightly, “Duoduo, obediently wait here, this Lord will go and urge them to be quicker.”

The hand that Nan Xun was holding suddenly left, it made her felt neglected and restless, but she didn’t show it. She just sat on the bed quietly and motionlessly like a little fool.

When she finally smelled the fragrant food, her expression regained its vitality, she couldn’t wait any more as she fumbled towards the outer hall.

When she was fumbling in the dark, a force suddenly grasped her, and there was an extra arm around her waist.

Nan Xun felt very ashamed because Gong Moran put her in his arms during the whole meal, she didn’t even sit on a chair but on his lap instead.

He carefully selected all her favourite meals and put them in a big bowl in front of her, not forgetting to combine meat with vegetables for a more balanced diet.

Nan Xun smelled green cabbage and wrinkled her nose in disgust, she secretly pushed aside that cabbage in her bowl, planning to chow down of the big meat first, but unexpectedly at the next moment, there was nothing else in her bowl except for vegetables.

Nan Xun’s small face went dark, she said nothing as she silently stuffed the bowl of vegetables into her mouth. When she finished eating that hateful bowl, she immediately picked up a large chicken drumstick.

Nan Xun: …

After she was full, Gong Moran personally wiped her face.

Nan Xun then was stripped naked by him, sitting in the bathtub with her back facing his chest, her face was so red that it looked like a thoroughly cooked shrimp.

Was it only her imagination? Why did she feel like when the big boss was bathing her, his hand that was wiping her with a bath towel always somehow touched her private places?

However, until the end, the big boss was really only giving her a bath. He also wiped her wet body with a dry cloth before hugging her to bed.

He attentively helped her put on underwear so considerately until she felt overwhelmed by his favour.

He let her go only after she was put on the bed, Nan Xun quickly moved to the inner side and patted the position next to her, “My Lord, come and sleep together with me.”

“…alright.” Even knowing that she couldn’t hear him, he still murmured this word before he took his coat off and laid on the outer side of the bed.

Waiting until he fully laid down, Nan Xun consciously entered his arms, using her hands and feet together, her thigh wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck, while her head rested on his strong arms.

Gong Moran seemed to be fascinated by this kind of direct physical contact. He pulled the little girl in his arms tightly, lifted her up, and then pressed her forehead, the tip of their noses touched each other.

Nan Xun was infatuated with the intimate entanglement of their breaths. All she can use now was her sense of touch, taste and smell, so she really liked the close distance where she can feel the other party at any time.

This time, Nan Xun slept well until the sky lit up.

She thought that big boss would definitely be gone after she woke up, after all, big boss was a busy man, the Emperor always summoned him for everything.

But Nan Xun didn’t expect that when she moved slowly, her pink lips touched against a warm body, all of her limbs were also wrapping around his body like a sticky octopus, her posture was exactly the same as when they went to bed yesterday.

Nan Xun gently moved and tilted her head up, rubbed her face against the man’s face twice and chuckled hoarsely.

Oh my, so shy ah, she suddenly felt that being blind and deaf was also good.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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