The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 285: Duoduo, We’re Going Home

The leader was none other than Qi Hengqing, the seventh prince of Donglin Kingdom who’s about to marry Princess Yao.

If Nan Xun knew that she had entered the wolf’s den by mistake because of Little Eight, she would definitely tie him up and hang him on a tall tree, but she’s blind and deaf at this time, thus she was ignorant of all things that was happening, she only felt that Gong Moran that was holding her had stopped all of a sudden.

“My Lord, what’s going on? Why aren’t you going?” Nan Xun held Gong Moran’s neck and involuntarily moved closer to him while speaking, the two seemed to be in a very intimate position.

Gong Moran slightly bowed his head and kissed her cheek, whispering to her, “It’s nothing, we will go back home soon.”

Although Nan Xun couldn’t hear him, but she could guess what he said and felt relieved immediately.

Suddenly thinking of something, Nan Xun gently poked his neck and said, “My Lord, this family’s gentleman has taken me in. If he hadn’t brought me here, I’m afraid I would still be suffering in the middle of the wilderness, so, shall we… well, leave a silver before leaving?”

Nan Xun’s voice was as beautiful as the singing voice of a nightingale in the silent night, but unfortunately the face of the man who heard it turned extremely hideous.

A faint smile flickered across Gong Moran’s eyes. With a flick of his finger, something shot at Qi Hengqing’s side.

The guard next to Qi Hengqing thought it was a hidden weapon and was so frightened that he flustered to catch it. To one’s surprise, Qi Hengqing was also a martial arts expert. Without needing his bodyguard to take action, he already moved his body aside quickly and caught the ‘hidden weapon’ in his hand.

There was a crystal-clear pearl between his fingers, the light it reflected became even more brilliant and vibrant under the moonlight.

Gong Moran hugged Nan Xun while looking at Qi Hengqing expressionlessly, he said lightly, “This is a thank you gift. Thanks to Seventh Prince for taking in this Lord’s beloved apprentice for these few hours.”

Qi Hengqing’s eyes fell, he threw the precious pearl to one of his guard casually and sneered, “State Teacher, you have made an error. There’s none of your beloved apprentice here, there’s just this Prince’s newly-received concubine Qiangwei. If the people of your Nanyun Kingdom know that their high and noble State Teacher had broken into a private house at night and kidnapped the other’s concubine, what would they think then?”

Gong Moran swept him a subtle glance, “Since the last time the Seventh Prince left, a lot of things has happened in this Nanyun Kingdom. Didn’t the spies in Drunken Moon Tower tell you that the matter between this Lord and Duoduo is no longer a secret? The common populace already knew that Duoduo used to be a famous courtesan in Drunken Moon Tower for a while because of her mischievousness.”

Qi Hengqing’s expression changed abruptly when he heard this. This person actually knew that the boss behind Drunken Moon Tower was himself!

This time’s arrival, he hadn’t had the time to meet Madam Zhang. Before he left, he also reminded Madam Zhang before his departure that she shouldn’t pass information by carrier pigeon unless something big happening in Nanyun Kingdom, that’s why he really didn’t know about what things had happened in this kingdom during his absence.

Qi Hengqing’s face became more hideous, if what the State Teacher said was true and everyone knew that Gong Shijiu was once a famous courtesan from Drunken Moon Tower, wouldn’t what he said just now seemed ridiculous?

Qi Hengqing’s eyes darkened, and he clenched his fists inadvertently when he thought about something. Qiangwei is already his person?

This State Teacher also fell for feminine charms!

Gong Moran’s thin lips lifted slightly, but his gaze was still extremely indifferent, “The welcoming team for the Seventh Prince of Donglin Kingdom has entered Nanyun’s imperial city, and also sets up a separate residence nearby.”

His gaze swept across the rows of guards as he leisurely added, “These plain-clothed guards behind the Seventh Prince are all trained soldiers.”

Qi Hengqing didn’t do anything, but his soldiers were somewhat impatient, this Nanyun’s State Teacher was clearly threatening the Seventh Prince!

Qi Hengqing laughed suddenly, “These words that State Teacher said tonight made this Prince feel even more that... I shouldn’t let you go.”

At the end of his words, he shouted with a low voice, “Shoot him! Don’t injure the woman in his arms, shoot his four limbs for this Prince!”

More than 30 archers shoot their arrows together, they were all skilled archers with unfailing accuracy, and they have deep internal strength. The more than 30 arrows all were shot to Gong Moran’s legs and arms, even the first master of Nanyun Kingdom wouldn’t be able to avoid them.

Everyone thought that State Teacher’s arms and legs would be shot into a hornet’s nest by the rain of arrows, but unexpectedly, he never even dodged.

In a blink of an eye, a powerful magic force was released from the man’s body, an invisible wall obstructed the long arrows which contained the archer’s internal strength that could penetrate flesh and blood easily.

Qi Hengqing’s expression became solemn, he immediately shouted, “Sword and spear, seize this sorcerer for this Prince!”

The archers stepped away while the sword and spear guards walked in front and surrounded Gong Moran.

Gong Moran didn’t even blink his eyes as he continued to walk outside with the woman in his arms.

His steps were very steady and composed.

All the guards who rushed up couldn’t get close, they couldn’t break through the invisible wall with their swords and spears.

The cold expression on the white-clothed man formed a sharp contrast with the hideous appearance of the roaring guards who just couldn’t wait to break in and tore apart all of his limbs.

Until the man left the residence in an uninhabited state, the nearly a hundred guards couldn’t touch even a sliver of his hair.

Everyone was stunned, they had never seen such a weird ability before, they couldn’t even get close to this person.

Weird! It’s really weird!

Qi Hengqing watched the two people leave with a frown on his head, he said solemnly, “This person has great witchcraft, it seems that this Prince can’t contend against him for the time being.”

“Your Highness, why not try to win this person over?”, one person suggested.

Qi Hengqing shook his head, “This Prince can’t control this kind of person, right now, this Prince has no time to take care of the other three kingdoms’ affairs. When this Prince confronts Nanyun Kingdom in the future, this person must be removed first.”

The confidant was a little worried, “Will he tell Nanyun Kingdom’s old monarch that Your Highness entered the city?”

Qi Hengqing turned his eyes and said, “No.”

Although his subordinates were curious why he was so determined about this matter, but they didn’t ask why. Their Seventh Highness was resourceful and ambitious, making each of them willing to follow him to their death, and they were confident with his decision.

Nan Xun didn’t know at all that the man holding her just now was besieged by nearly a hundred martial arts experts, because his steps were too steady, and he didn’t stop even for a moment.

As the man walked, he seemed to speed off, because Nan Xun felt the wind blowing on her skin, it was very refreshing ah.

She hugged the other’s neck and said happily, “My Lord, are you flying? Are you? You must be flying! I feel like I’m being held by my Lord while we’re flying across the night sky, so fun ah!”

A blind and deaf person that was so happy like Nan Xun was quite rare to see.

Gong Moran felt distressed for the little disciple who can’t see or hear now, he was anxious to return to their home, but he didn’t expect that this scatter-brained little kid can still laugh in this kind of situation.

He did fly in the night sky, his white figure shuttled back and forth on the row upon row of buildings in the imperial city. Except for occasional use of force, tapping the roof lightly with his toes, his body seemed to soar high in the sky.

Moonlight shone on the man’s body, his white robe shrouding the splendour of stars. Looking at it from a distance, he seemed like an illusion of a fairy passing by as he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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