Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 284 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (23)

After many days of rushing about, Lu Group temporarily got through the crisis. Madam Lu’s illness had been stabilized as well. At this time, the entertainment reporters still refused to let Lu Jun go. Everyone had been asking about his and Ye Liu’s relationship.

Ye Liu?

Lu Jun avoided every question with Ye Liu. The two had called several times but they fought every time. They were unable to calmly communicate and chat.

Maybe one’s plans can be derailed by unforeseen events.

Originally, Su Wan and Su Rui planned on finding Li Weiyi to take some pictures of Ye Shaoqun visiting her at the cast when Lu Jun was still hard-pressed and under pressure. They wanted to take this chance to hype up Ye Liu and Ye Shaoqun in order to distract Lu Jun’s thoughts.

Who knew that Ye Shaoqun coincidentally encountered a landslide when coming to visit Ye Liu. Though second master Ye was the weakest at home, he did practice some martial arts before. In minutes, he, a hero, had saved her, a damsel in distress.

It was because of this that Ye Liu really became good friends with Ye Shaoqun. Of course, they were just good friends.

When the two’s scandal came out, Ye Liu had called Lu Jun to explain in the first moment but it was clear that he didn’t believe her.

Trust was the foundation of a relationship.

If they didn’t trust one another, how could they be with each other eternally? How could there be a future for them?

In reality, Lu Jun did lack trust towards Ye Liu. Ever since he had reborn, he bad become really mistrustful and he didn’t dare to truthfully believe in someone.

Especially people who had anything to do with Ye Shaoqun. It would make him recall his painful past.

Could he believe Ye Liu? She was also an actress.

If she and the past life’s “Su Wan” were both people inserted at his side by Ye Shaoqun, then what should he do?

Needless to say, Lu Jun worried too much about the “past life” and this made him suspicious and doubtful of everything, unreasonable.

In the end, Ye Liu had posted on her Weibo that she and Ye Shaoqun were just good friends and she had broken up with Lu Jun on peaceful terms.

The filming for the movie was already halfway through. Ye Liu originally wanted to quit the cast but the director admired her hard work and potential so kept her in the end.

After that, Lu Jun’s company received a transfer of a nine digit remittance. Ye Shaoqun had sent him the money from his personal account.

That’s right. The guys in the Ye Family never cared about money when pursuing women.

Although second master Ye still hadn’t gotten Ye Liu yet...

A year later, Ye Liu who had revealed her outstanding talent in the movie and television circle was invited to the new year’s movies award ceremony. At this ceremony, she encountered Su Wan.

Though the two had frequently appeared on the same page of a publication, they hadn’t seen each other in a long time in reality.

“Sister Wan, congratulations. You must be the film empress tonight!”

Ye Liu’s immaturity and inexperience had faded. She had gradually become a domineering woman and a senior sister.

“Hopefully! If I can obtain the award again this time, it will be the last award of my acting career!”

Su Wan couldn’t help but smile at her splendidly hearing Ye Liu’s words.

“Are you going to quit…”

Ye Liu looked at Su Wan a bit shocked. Then she recalled the post third master Ye had posted a year or so ago. She revealed an envious expression. “Sister Wan, you’re the most blessed woman!”

“I think so too.”

Su Wan smiled mysteriously at Ye Liu and also moved towards her. “If you’re willing, you can also be as happy as me. Women are born to be pampered by men. Ye Family’s men are reliable for sure!”

Ye Liu was speechless.

For the past year or so, Ye Shaoqun had been pursuing Ye Liu. He even showed her the scars on his body. Apparently, he didn’t complete his grandfather’s order of finding a girlfriend so in the end, he was ruthlessly punished.

Ye Liu had gradually felt Ye Shaoqun’s sincerity as well. Though he was indeed a playboy in the past, he had restrained himself quite a bit now.

Ye Liu was a bit swayed but after Lu Jun, she was instinctively afraid of powerful families. She didn’t dare to try again...

At the award ceremony, as everyone expected, Su Wan had obtained an award. But what surprised everyone was that the guest giving Su Wan the award was third master Ye.

Everyone immediately recalled third master Ye’s post that he sent in the middle of the night during Su Wan’s birthday...

When you’re standing at the peak of your career, I’ll personally put the crown on for you!

“Su Wan, this is your glory!”

Su Rui immediately got on his knees after helping Su Wan wear the crown symbolizing her status as the film empress. In front of the countless guests and cameras, he took out the diamond ring he prepared. “Marry me!”

“Be together!”

“Be together!”

“Marry him!”

“Marry him!”

Everyone applauded enthusiastically. Su Wan smiled and allowed Su Rui to put the ring on for her. The lights had captured their happy smiles forever...

Two months later, Su Wan and Su Rui got married. After their wedding, Su Wan had hosted a news conference and officially announced her departure from the entertainment circle.

After leaving the circle, Ye Liu had left her original company and signed under Ye Entertainment advised by Su Wan. Right now, Su Rui had handed the Ye Entertainment’s power over to Ye Shaoqun as well.

Ye Group’s employees were just lamenting about how they finally escaped from the third master. They didn’t need to say “Master Ye loves Su Wan” three times every day after each day ended. What they didn’t know was that they’d be welcoming second master Ye’s PDA.

At the very least, third master had already gotten with his women. It wasn’t so shameless that he was being lovey-dovey.

But what about the second master? You haven’t even gotten a woman so the heck are you saying this for?

After Su wan and Su Rui had gotten married, the two began their sweet vacation around the world. Every day, Su Rui would record the places they went on Weibo. Now the two had fans totalling millions...

That’s right. Everyone was here to watch them be lovey-dovey.

Deceived? Dumped? Two-timing? No matter how much pain you’ve suffered, just come to third master’s territory and then you’ll feel alive.

The world was big and there were lots of scumbugs too. Being dumped can also be a good thing because you are worthy of something better. There would always be a man in the world who is waiting, waiting to pamper you...

Su Wan and Su Rui were in the sun getting a sunbath on an island when they received Ye Shaoqun and Ye Liu’s wedding invitation. She hung up and then Su Wan received a notification indicating that the mission was completed.

However, she and Su Rui didn’t choose to leave the mission world immediately. The two booked plane tickets back to attend Ye Shaoqun’s wedding. Old man Ye couldn’t contain his joy after he found out that Ye Liu was already pregnant.

For Ye Liu’s sake, the two’s wedding was luxurious but low-profile. This wedding was reported by major media.

Lu Jun naturally received the news too.

Because Lu Family’s business hadn’t been going well for the past two years, Madam Lu had arranged a business partner’s daughter to go on a blind date with Lu Jun. The two had just confirmed their relationship.

Lu Jun didn’t like nor hate the lady. Sometimes however, he would still dream of his past life, dream of his hardships and sweetness with Ye Liu.

Unfortunately, it was just a dream.

That was just a dream.

But was it really a dream?

When Lu Jun encountered Su Wan again and saw her splendid smile, he felt as if he was in another life.  

“Have you been well?”

Su Wan walked towards Lu Jun, still wearing a charming smile.

“Compared to your past life, do you like your life more right now? At least, it’s not like you have nothing.”

“What...what are you talking about?”

Lu Jun’s expression changed and looked at her incredulously.

“You know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, Ye Liu loved you so much but you were unable to give her happiness. Nwo, I found someone better than you for her. Don’t thank me!”

While saying this, Su Wan approached Lu Jun. “Lu Jun, you’re just a coward. So what if heaven decides to give you a chance at rebirth? You refused to even believe in your woman. You deserved to lose Ye Liu!”

Su Wan smiled in satisfaction and turned to leave while watching Lu Jun’s stiffened expression.

Sometimes, heaven gave us an opportunity so that we can treasure the people by our side and atone for our past mistakes, not to keep disturbing other people’s lives...

Returning to Su Rui’s car, Su Wan closed her eyes and leaned against the chair. Now, she could leave.

Even if Lu Jun regretted his decision right now, he couldn’t get Ye Liu back anymore.

Every one was actually narrow-minded. Their hearts could only fit one person.

Let Lu Jun live in shame and regret for the rest of his life...

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