The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 284: My Lord, Kiss Me Lots in the Future

Gong Er also endured the pain and knelt beside Gong Liu. His forehead was raining with cold sweat, and the words that came out from his mouth trembled, “My Lord, disciple knows that he’s wrong, but now that Gong Da has been killed by Shijiu, and Shiqi also died because of her, so this disciple asks my Lord to calm your anger. Although Shijiu is gone, she has such a monstrous magical power that no one would be able to harm her. This disciple is willing to bring people to find her, and will take her back safely within one day!”

Gong Moran glanced at him and said lightly, “This Lord will bring her back. Before that, you all will suffer the pain from heart and brain eating gu, if you die before this Lord can find Duoduo, that is also your own destiny.”

After leaving this sentence, he turned around and left the hall regardless of his disciples hovering between life and death.

When the disciples heard this, their eyes rolled upwards, almost fainted on the spot.

The pain from heart and brain eating Gus’ together, how can ordinary people bear it! The Lord let them suffer this kind of pain until he found Shijiu back?

They were wrong, they were really wrong.

The Lord can do whatever he wanted; they shouldn’t intervene pretentiously. In the future, whoever the Lord want to pamper will be pampered, even if the Lord drowned himself in unbridled debauchery and licentiousness day by day and died by the hands of Shijiu, it’s also what he's most willing to…

Gong Moran walked to his bed and quietly looked at the messy mattress, fragments of last night’s memory flashed in his mind.

He bit and took possession of his woman like a beast while she docilely allowed him to do what he wanted, no matter how painful she felt, she just cried silently and held him tighter.

Gong Moran held his head in his hand, slightly covering his bloodshot red eyes.

His Duoduo ah…

Thinking about the things she encountered later on, Gong Moran’s eyes turned freezing cold, a mortal danger hidden in his eyes.

Did you kill Gong Da?

Duoduo was really kind, did she know that Gong Da would die much more miserably if he (GM) ever got his hands on him (GD), and that’s why she decided to end him earlier?

Gong Moran found two strands of Li Yunduo’s hair from the bed, burned them to ashes, mixed it with his own blood, and then drew a tracking spell on a yellow talisman.

He closed his eyes lightly, and when the talisman was burned up, Li Yunduo’s position had automatically emerged in his mind.

His eyes opened all of a sudden, a trace of cold light seeped deep inside.

How can you be there?

Dudouo, is it because you’re so heartbroken that you want to abandon this Lord?

Gong Moran’s pupils were dark and gloomy, with his bloodshot eyes as a background, his appearance made one’s flesh creep.

“Oh god! It’s no good, no good!” Little Eight’s scream awakened Nan Xun who had just fallen asleep.

“What’s wrong, Little Eight?” Nan Xun yawned.

Little Eight sobbed as he said, “Big boss’ evil value just dropped by 10 point just now.”

Nan Xun looked dumbfounded, “This isn’t a fright, it’s a happy surprise, what are you being frightened about ah?”

Little Eight sobbed once, he continued, “But the blackening value is full, it’s 100.”

Nan Xun: …

“It seems understandable if you think about it, after all, I was chased by Gong Da and the others, if I didn’t have the ability, I would’ve died a long time ago, his blackening is normal ah.”

Little Eight, “I think that his blackening isn’t because of this reason.”

Nan Xun hurriedly asked, “And what’s the reason then?”

Little Eight paused and went silent.

It took a while before he finally spoke, “This grandpa is tired ah, I want to have a nap. This place is very safe, so this grandpa doesn’t need to pay attention to you, you can sleep without worry.”

Nan Xun felt that Little Eight was hiding something from her, why was he so sure that it’s safe here? Because the gentleman that took her was a nobleman? Or maybe a general?

Nan Xun thought about it for a while before she continued her sleep. In the middle of the night, she had a nightmare and was so scared that she sat up.

She dreamed of Shiqi when he died. He vomited a lot of blood and kept holding her hand and didn’t want to let go…

“Little Eight, Little Eight, can you talk with me for a while?”

Little Eight didn’t give any respond, he really was sleeping.

Nan Xun sat on the bed quietly in a daze. So, this was the world of a deaf and blind people who can neither see nor hear anything. It seemed like she was all alone in this whole world, as if she was abandoned by everyone.

She raised her head slightly and felt the night wind blow in through the half-open window, it felt comfortable when the wind blew on her face.

After sitting for a while, Nan Xun fumbled out of the bed, walked to the window by following the wind, and then opened all the half-opened windows.

She felt more secure when the wind was stronger.

She just opened the window and walked back when she suddenly noticed something. Turning her head, her eyes that lost their focus were facing the window.

“Who? Who’s there?”

Gong Moran was standing by the window. He looked at the bewildered woman whose eyes were empty as an unusual colour dyed his eyes.

“Duoduo?” He whispered, but he still didn’t see any response.

Nan Xun froze in place, she smelled the familiar sandalwood incense, which was Gong Moran’s smell.

“My Lord, did you come to pick me up?” Nan Xun was overjoyed as she quickly reached out to touch him.

Seeing her look like this, Gong Moran’s eyes sank deep, Dudouo, she…

Gong Moran took a step forward, suddenly hugging the person who was fumbling and slowly coming over into his arms.

Nan Xun was startled at first, then quickly return his hug, buried her head in his embrace and deeply breathed in the smell coming from him, “My Lord, I almost couldn’t see you anymore.”

Gong Moran gently patted her back, “Duoduo, this Lord won’t let you meet any mishap.”

Nan Xun couldn’t hear what he said, so she was immersed in his own world with red eyes, feeling dejected, “My Lord, my eyes are blind, and I won’t ever see your appearance again. My ears are also deaf, and will never listen to my Lord’s voice any more. Without you, I feel that my world is dark and dull…”

Gong Moran frowned slightly and hugged her tighter, “Duoduo, tell this Lord, what happened?”

Nan Xun simply can’t hear him at all ah, she continued to mutter to herself, “My Lord, do you think my sense of taste and smell will gradually fade too? If I can’t feel my Lord, then what’s the point of living in this world any more…”

She looked sad and lonely; her appearance was as if the sky was falling.

Gong Moran stared at the woman in his arms, seeing that she was about to cry, he couldn’t help lowering his head and held her pink lips, giving her a deep and long kiss.

For a long time, he expressed his love through his lips.

Nan Xun slid in and sucked with a sigh, licked him with her tongue, embarrassedly slipped in into his arms and whispered with a soft voice, “My Lord, you are so good, I feel safe immediately. In the future, you have to kiss me lots and lots.”

Gong Moran gently caressed her beautiful hair as he said in a low voice, “Duoduo, let’s go.”

He lifted Nan Xun, opened the door casually and walked out.

There were a hundred masters in plain clothes in the yard, the first row was archers, the second row was holding knives and the third row with spears.

The leader stared at him coldly, he said with a solemn expression, “State Teacher, Qiangwei is now this Prince’s concubine, what are you doing?”


Uhmm... what?

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