Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 283 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (22)

Su Wan followed Su Rui back to the Ye Family for dinner on the New Year. This was also her first time seeing old man Ye. The old man had a straightforward personality and looked energetic. He complimented Su Wan’s acting skills nonstop when he saw her. Even Su Wan thought that he was overly flattering her. As for the head of the Ye Family, Ye Shaoning, he still wore a serious and indifferent expression. He was now thirty-five years old but there was still no girlfriend in sight. Because of this, he had been scolded by old man Ye for many years. Seeing that his third brother had already gotten married and started a career, Ye Shaoqun was now the target. The two brothers were real brothers. Even more, they had made a military order in front of the old man. In the new year, even if they were to steal, they’ll steal a wife back home~

Su Wan’s new show was still being released. Now, she had started researching a new movie with her company. After all, shows and movies were two separate things. Shows could easily help one garner fans and reputation but only by appearing on the movie screen could one be known not just domestically, but also internationally. More audience will know about the person.  

Su Wan had been paying attention to Lu Jun. After finding out that Ye Liu had gone to the southwest’s mountain to film a martial arts drama, Su Wan and Su Rui had moved about separately. Su Wan had Wu Tong pick a pretty good script for herself and entered the set while Su Rui had officially started attacking the Lu Group.

Anything could happen within a business battle. Su Rui’s attack was sudden and fierce. Lu Group’s shares had dropped dramatically and everyone was terrified within the company.

Lu Group originally had an abundance of money in circulation but Lu Jun had lost two billion while investing in Ye Liu’s show. Not too long ago, he spent almost another billion in order to invest in another movie for Ye Liu. Now that Lu Group was attacked, the money in circulation wasn’t enough for the company to function.

In the next half year or so, Lu Jun had spent a lot of money to steal projects. Now, they had invested in all the projects so if money wasn’t in place in the later stages, one couldn’t even calculate the amount of money they’d be losing every day.

Now that the company was in such a situation, Madam Lu had fallen sick. Lu Jun felt conflicted inside his heart seeing his mother falling sick just like she did in her past life.

No, he refused to let the same thing happen again this life. He’d find a solution. He will!

Lu Jun clenched his teeth and carried the burden on his own. He lowered his status to talk to banks and beg his partners as well. He finally stabilized his projects when he received news online that Ye Liu’s set had met a mishap in the mountains.

As it turned out, the cast had encountered a rainstorm and landslide while they were filming in the mountains. Many were stuck in the valleys. The news reporters had written a few feature articles. In one of them, there was a picture of Ye Liu being carried out. It revealed a faint silhouette of the person carrying her.

A mysterious man risked his life to save a woman!

Lu Group encounters a crisis and Ye Liu dumps Lu Jun for another man?

The major media platforms all took advantage of this picture to make a fuss. Lu Jun laughed bitterly upon seeing the articles.

He understood Ye Liu. How could Ye Liu be that type of person?

Plus, she had been busy filming in the cast and he never told her about what happened in the company.

In Lu Jun’s eyes, people were just trying to make a deal out of nothing and then trying to hype up Ye Liu’s popularity. He planned to suppress the negative news on Ye Liu when Xuri Entertainment published a picture of Ye Liu and the man’s front view.

It was obvious that the photographer had secretly taken the picture near their cast based on the background. Ye Liu was still wearing a costume in the picture and her eyes were slightly teary. She leaned against the man and he wasn’t anyone else, but Ye Shaojun!

Ye Shaojun?

Lu Jun stared fixated on Ye Shaoqun’s face in front of the computer. There was no way he’d recognize the face wrong but...

Why was Ye Liu with Ye Shaojun?

Lu Jun felt absent-minded. He continued to read the article. Looking at the other picture, Lu Jun’s expression changed. The other picture showed the two at the ocean. The two were really close to one another as if they were a couple and murmuring sweet nothings in each other’s ears.

Ye Liu was still wearing the long dress that Lu Jun gifted her. There was a caption by the picture, exclaiming that the picture was taken after [Mystery in the Palace] was canceled. It seemed like Ye Liu wasn’t affected by the cancellation of the show at all. After that, she even went on a sweet date with second master Ye.

Once this article came out, the internet went into an uproar.

That’s right. The online users enjoyed gossip and fights. They liked to join in on the show.

Who was Ye Liu? You don’t know her? It’s fine. You just have to join in on the show and watch the news!

After some gossip deities’ investigation, everyone thought that truth was the following:

As Su Wan’s substitute, Ye Liu had used some unscrupulous methods to steal Su Wan’s ex-boyfriend, Lu Jun.

Seeing that Su Wan had gone to find someone better aka third master Ye, Ye Liu followed along closely and went for second master Ye.

Therefore, Ye Liu and Su Wan are true loves right?

At this time, Su Wan was in the capital filming a new movie. Influenced by Ye Liu’s scandals, reporters would come and press her relationship with Ye Liu as well as the reason why she broke up with Lu Jun.

Because this matter had become worse and worse, Su Wan was forced to reply to the matter. She posted on her Weibo.

If they truly loved one another, even if they broke up, they shouldn’t hurt each other.

Mr. Lu and I broke up on peaceful terms. It has nothing to do with the gossip outside. I don’t know Miss Ye that well so I don’t want to be implicated in her matter. But Mr. Lu is a really nice person. I hope he can find his happiness.

People liked Su Wan’s post immediately and Su Rui also liked and commented at the first moment.

I agree with my wife. Mr. Lu is the best person in the world. If he didn’t let her ago, I wouldn’t be with my true love right now. Please give a thumbs up to her ex-boyfriend.

The moment Su Rui replied, the comments section had created a fuss. A lot of users immediately @ Lu Jun or left comments under his Weibo.

China’s good ex-boyfriend, do you want to say something?

Hello ex-boyfriend, goodbye ex-boyfriend!

Lu Jun was speechless...

Right now, the male lead must’ve been really hurt. From Ye Liu and Ye Shaoqun’s scandal being exposed to Su Wan standing up for him, Lu Jun felt like everything was a dream.

Right, this must be a dream right?

Maybe once he woke up, everything will be back in place again?

Sometimes, fate was like a joke. Lu Jun thought that he had been reborn and could change the future but he felt like everything was out of his grasp and nothing was going as planned.

Maybe there was no such thing as past life.

Could anyone have “reborn” in this world?

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