The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 283: Regain Consciousness, Fly into a Rage

“Dear da, are you lying to me? You’re blind and deaf? Isn’t that being unable to see or hear anything? If it wasn’t because this grandpa’s talking directly into your mind, you wouldn’t be able to hear this grandpa?”

Nan Xun said seriously, “I’m not lying, I was also dumbfounded just now, it’s fortunate that I’m smart and let them go away in time, otherwise, if they found out, I would already be cleaned up now.”

Of the five senses, her senses of hearing and vision were gone, only taste, smell and touch were left.

Nan Xun’s eyes went dark not long after killing Gong Da. She suddenly can’t see anything while her hearing also declined sharply.

Little Eight thought, “I understand, sh1t, you used too much force just now ah. Didn’t I tell you that if you used too much pain shield, your five senses will be affected? With the power you exerted just now, the backlash broke out all at once.”

Nan Xun pursed her lips and said, “I don’t regret it. Even if I knew that I could turn blind and deaf, I’d still kill Gong Da.”

Little Eight sighed, “I’m not saying this to make you regret, but now that everything’s gone like this, you still have to attack the big boss later on ah. Such a long road, and in a desolate mountain range nonetheless, you this blind and deaf person, you can’t go back even if you crawl with all of your hands and feet ah.”

Nan Xun was more optimistic than him, she said lightly, “Although I’m blind and deaf, I still have Little Eight ah.”

Little Eight who was inexplicably given a heavy responsibility: …

A quarter of an hour later, the blind Nan Xun walked forward in the dark, Little Eight’s voice kept ringing in her head, “There’s a big tree two steps away, and there’s a small hole under your foot, pay attention, right, right, keep going, pay attention to the stone under your feet, there’s a small slope one step forward…”

Little Eight was about to cry; it’s so exhausting to be a navigator all the time. He had to spend a lot of energy to transmit sound to Nan Xun from his space, okay? Although one or two sentences weren’t that much, but if it kept on adding up, he would quickly be dried up to death.

Didn’t know how long it goes when Little Eight’s cheer suddenly sounded in Nan Xun’s mind, “Nan Xun, Nan Xun, someone is coming ahead! Wow, wow, there’s a carriage.”

After he said this, he suddenly changed his tone and exclaimed, “F*ck, this man!”

Nan Xun quickly asked, “What’s wrong with this person? Is it a bandit? Sh1t, it’s over, it’s over ahhh, this sister is so beautiful like an immortal, if I encounter a bandit, I’d definitely be captured to become mistress of the fort!”

Little Eight laughed, “You’re thinking too much.” After a pause, he said, “He’s a handsome guy, it’s just… never mind, let’s solve the current difficulty first.”

Nan Xun hurriedly wiped off the blood stains on her face before stopping still, waiting for the person to come.

Although she was blind and deaf, she still could feel the air fluctuating, it seemed like the person’s hand was swinging in front of her eyes, trying to test if she was really blind.

Nan Xun asked Little Eight, “From his appearance, do you think he’s a good person? Can he be trusted?”

Little Eight hesitated, “…should be considered a good person.”

Then Nan Xun put on a face that she thought was the most genial and said in a gentle voice, “Good day, gentleman, may I borrow your place to stay for a few nights? Or perhaps if this gentleman would be so kind to lend me some silver, I can just go and stay at an inn. I will return these silver taels to this gentleman in the future.”

After saying this, Nan Xun immediately asked Little Eight, “His reaction? What did he say?”

Little Eight, “He’s frowning, he doesn’t seem to understand how such a beauty is deaf and blind. Don’t worry, this person will take you with him, it’s all taken care of.”

As soon as Little Eight’s voice fell, Nan Xun felt someone was holding her arm. The other party should be a noble gentleman because he pulled her from her sleeve.

Nan Xun was taken into a carriage by him. She stretched out her hands and fumbled, she could feel that the carriage was very spacious and the cushions inside were soft and comfortable to sit on.

“Little Eight, is this person staring at me all the time? His gaze is too obvious, I can feel it even though I’m blind.”

Little Eight coughed, “You’re beautiful, who doesn’t want to look at a beauty ah?”

When all you can see was dark, it’s just as if you’re closing your eyes, and thus sleepiness came to Nan Xun. She yawned, closed her eyes and take a nap. Before she slept, she told Little Eight, “Tell me when the carriage enters the city.”

When Nan Xun woke up again, she found herself lying in bed. That gentleman seemed to be sitting beside her, and there should be another person beside him inside the room.

Suddenly, the man took her hand.

Nan Xun was startled, she subconsciously wanted to retrieve her hand back.

The man squeezed her tightly, patted the back of her hand twice in a soothing manner, then spread her palm and wrote something on it: Don’t be afraid, it’s examination.

The next moment, another hand touched hers. This dry old hand lifted her eyelids to check her pupils before prying her ear apart.

After the two said something, the young man took Nan Xun’s hand again: Acupuncture, don’t move.

Nan Xun quickly nodded, “Thank you, gentleman, when my family comes to pick me up, we will definitely thank you heavily.”

Little Eight sighed, “His face turned dark for a while, he didn’t like listening to this sentence.”

Nan Xun frowned and closed her mouth; the old doctor had already started to put needles on her head.

When the acupuncture session was over, the two of them left. Nan Xun couldn’t help asking Little Eight, “Help me see if the big boss is awake, it has already been three hours since then, right? He shouldn’t be still unconscious.”

Little Eight told her to wait, and after a moment passed, he suddenly yelled out, “Terrible! It’s terrible ah! Big boss is so furious, his eyes are so red from anger, he planted heart and brain eating gu, and now all of those disciples are rolling on the ground from pain, knocking their heads and cried in utter anguish.”

Nan Xun breathed a sigh of relief, it’s good if there’s nothing wrong with big boss.

At this moment, Moran Hall has indeed become a hell for the disciples, just as what Little Eight said.

The man in white robe stood coldly in the open field, watching all the disciples of Moran Hall being tortured by heart and brain eating Gus’.

Gong Liu crawled to his side and kowtowed, “My Lord, Gong Liu also disagrees with Shijiu’s execution, but this disciple isn’t as skilled as Gong Da and was unable to stop him. This disciple reported the matter as soon as my Lord woke up, beseeching my Lord to please spare Gong Liu for this merit!”

Gong Moran kicked him away and said indifferently, “Are you really powerless to stop it, or you don’t want to?”

Gong Liu’s face became paler after he heard this, he stopped begging for mercy anymore and endured the pain while kneeling on the ground.

“This Lord has taught you a bit of magic, and now you’re thinking that you can make indiscreet remarks on this Lord? Just a group of servants, and you all dared to touch this Lord’s woman? Courting death!”


They really don't care about their lives, as long as this 'cheap woman' can be erased.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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