Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 282 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (21)

At the end of the year, [Spy Change 1943] which had garnered popularity way before the cast had even started filming finally finished shooting!

The finale banquet happened to coincide with Christmas. Because there was never snow in the movie and television city, lots of girls were enthusiastically talking about watching snow during christmas. Therefore, under Tan Tian and Su Rui, the two big bosses' lead, the entire cast flew to Mt Yulong. They got to drink good tea and admire the snowy scenery, living in the ancient-styled city. After all, the bosses were wealthy so they got to be unruly.

Everyone in the cast had their share of fun during this trip. The central office quickly approved of the greatly invested TV show as well. It was broadcasted on the two biggest TV stations of China in succession right before the Chinese New Year.

Because people always talked about this show, no matter whether they were fans or anti-fans, everyone sat in front of the TV during the release.

Fans: we’re so excited! Our idol’s new show is finally going to be released!

Anti-fans: we’re so excited! Should I start criticizing the opening titles when the show is released? Or from the background music? In short, I have to make sure I bring the criticism to a whole new degree. Hehe!

8pm, prime time.

Su Wan and Su Rui had sat in front of the television already. There were lots of snacks around them. Right. Tonight, the stations were going to release three episodes at once!

Plus, after the release, there would be another interview behind the scenes. The cast had specially filmed this in the television station a few days ago. The four main actors attended the filming and even made lots of unique explosive allegations.

General Su hadn’t seen a prime time TV show in a while and was a bit excited. Although he almost went to visit her everyday while the show was being filmed, it was another special feeling when he saw the show actually being released in front of the TV...

Friday evenings were usually the most relaxing and carefree night. People could finally rest after working for a week.

Pan Xiaolu was Lin Mu’s brain dead fan. Even though Lin Mu had hit the bottom of the pit after news of him taking drugs had been exposed, she still supported her idol.

What’s wrong with taking drugs? Who didn’t make mistakes? Plus, he was just trying to relax and find inspiration. Our Lin Mu had worked so hard so what gives you guys the right to scold him?

In short, Pan Xiaolu thought that people were just jealous of Lin Mu and framed him. The person that did that must be someone from [Spy Change 1943]. The two parties’ fans fought each other madly while the two shows were being filmed. Later on, [Mystery in the Palace] was canceled and a group of [Spy Change 1943] fans were cheering online.

Two months later, [Spy Change 1943] was finally going to be released.

Pan Xiaolu had long prepared a tablet and phone. Sitting in front of the TV, she decided to criticize on the official Weibo forum for the show once it started being released. She doubted that this show was really as good as people claimed it to be.

Off the charts attractiveness index? Max acting skills? Superior quality tools? Perfect script?

Hmph. Everyone knows how to bluff!

When the advertisement countdown ended, the show was finally released. The screen revealed the grounds enveloped in the flames of war, and then the main figures and characters standing in the smoke. There was no ost in the beginning. There was a large backdrop. The soundtrack music was worked up and enthusiastic.

Uh, is that the theme music? It’s quite good. Look at those actors. Each one of them was young with smooth skins. They look like spies, don’t they?

Pan Xiaolu decided to wait a moment. She decided to roast the newbies’ acting skills after ten minutes. Right now, the opening scene ended and the plot officially began.

Meng Hao took on the role of Yu Cheng who wore golden glasses. He wore an ordinary outfit and appeared inside a restaurant.

This was the beginning of the story. As an intelligence agent, he was here to meet up with his informer.

The cameras changed right now. Outside the restaurant, Su Wan played the role of Ninth Sister Qin and wore flowery unlined upper garments with two braids sitting on her shoulders. She carried a bag over her and stood on the streets confusedly.

“Hey big brother, may I ask you for the directions to Jiyang Restaurant?”

She casually stopped a man wearing a robe on the streets and smiled, asking.

“Jiyang Restaurant? Never heard of it.”

That man shook his head and walked off quickly.

Disappointment flickered past Ninth Sister Qin’s face after hearing his response. She subconsciously pulled the bag closer to herself and then kept walking. This time, she stopped a young woman wearing a cheongsam. “Hey aunty, do you know…”

“Who’s your aunty? What’s wrong with your eyes? Country folks sure are blind!” That young woman wearing noble clothes glanced at Ninth Sister Qin and then walked off quickly, swaying her waist.

Didn’t I just call her aunty? She looks even older than my aunty.

Ninth Sister Qin murmured to herself and walked ahead. At this time, she was outside Jiyang Restaurant. She patted her empty stomach and she unintentionally lifted her head to see the name. “Ah! Jiyang Restaurant!”

She exclaimed excitedly. She then hugged her bag tightly and rushed inside. It was rush hour right now. There were lots of people inside the restaurant. Seeing a spot by the door, she sat right on it without thinking twice.

“Miss, this seat is taken.”

A man’s polite and respectful voice rang. Ninth Sister Qin lifted her head to meet Yu Cheng’s gentle and harmless gaze.

Needless to say, Su Wan was a film empress so her acting skills was obviously spoken for. She had done a profound job acting this uncultured but honest village girl.

This was the male and female lead’s first encounter. Ninth Sister Qin’s appearance interrupted Yu Cheng’s plan and he was unable to successfully meet up with his informer.

This was a common troupe. Thankfully, Su Wan’s attractiveness index made up for it.

When Pan Xiaolu saw film empress Su’s fans cheering for their idol in front of the TV, she pursed her lips. She decided to not roast the actors’ acting skills but rather the story line.

She hadn’t read the novel before but she heard that they had changed lots of things in the show as well. It seemed like they were planning on sculpting it into an idol drama  under the pretense of spy and war. Even the first encounter with the male and female lead was very much alike the opening scene of an idol drama.

Pan Xiaolu continued to watch the show. She watched as Ninth Sister Qin kept on pestering Yu Cheng the entire way foolishly. They turned a corner and the atmosphere suddenly changed. Yu Cheng was walking in front and he was completely off guard. Meanwhile, Ninth Sister Qin suddenly took out a dagger from her precious bag and looked harshly at Yu Cheng, stabbing his back...

What was going on?

It seemed like Ninth Sister Qin had come to Jiyang Restaurant with a mission as well...

Subconsciously, the episode was over. Although there were still many anti-fans on the official Weibo, there were more fans eager to watch the next episode. The episodes were intertwined and the plot was closely knitted. It was indeed a rare spy war drama. There were many anti-fans that originally came with the hopes of roasting the show and were now subconsciously attracted by the plot. Pan Xiaolu was also one of them...

“Su Wan has indeed done a great job acting.”

Ye Liu sat in front of the TV and couldn’t help but exclaim softly.

Lu Jun said nothing.

In the past, he was also Su Wan’s fan. He naturally approved of her acting skills but maybe it was because of her skills that he had been deceived by her all these years.

“Ye Liu, you’ll be better than her in the future.”

Lu Jun reached over to pull Ye Liu by his side. “I’ve already settled a role for you in a new movie. It’s a martial arts chivalry drama. You’ll be the female lead. Though the filming location is far from the capital, I can fly over to visit you often. You’ll become more popular than Su Wan for sure!”

“I’ve never thought about competing against her. A-Jun, I...I don’t actually need to act.” Ye Liu lifted her head and looked gently at the man besides her. “I just want to be with you. I don’t want you to fight with your mother because of me or impact your business either.”

“Honey, say no more. I know what I’m doing.”

Lu Jun kissed Ye Liu’s forehead. In the past life, Ye Liu’s biggest wish was to become a film empress. In this life, he’d grant her her wish, no matter what.

Lu Jun hadn’t realized that he was too tied back in his “past life”...

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