Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 281 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (20)

Li Weiyi didn’t go to Ye Entertainment in the end. This surprised Su Rui.

Su Rui always thought that Li Weiyi would’ve been the type to climb up the social ladder and do anything for profit. This time however, he gave General Su a surprise!

He refused to give third master Ye face and only wanted to talk to Su Wan? What did that mean? Clearly, he was interested in his wife! General Su was displeased.

Li Weiyi was dumbstruck.

Who’s interested in your wife? Did you think that your wife is rmb? Everyone will like her?

Li Weiyi followed his principle of provoking men over women and chose to show Ye Shaoqun’s pictures to Su Wan first.

Third master, just accept your fate. Everyone knows that you pamper your wife to death. Unless there’s something wrong with my brain, there’s no way I’ll ditch Sister Wan for you.

Su Wan was considerately pleased with Li Weiyi’s photography skills. No wonder he was a paparazzi that specialized at taking pictures and stirring up trouble. With the content displayed by the picture, one could make anything up.

“I’ll transfer the money to your account on time.”

Su Wan smiled at Li Weiyi. “Of course. Keep these pictures in good hand. Send them when I have you to.”

“It seems like Sister Wan is setting up a big game of chess!”

Li Weiyi couldn’t help but narrow his eyes hearing her words. “Sister Wan, your last target is actually Lu Jun right?”


Su Wan wasn’t surprised that Li Weiyi had seen through her. She kept staring at him and saying, “Li Weiyi, you’re a genius. It’s unfortunate that you’re just a paparazzi. Have you considered changing professions?”

“Changing professions?”

Li Weiyi’s expression changed. “Maybe. I’ll follow Sister Wan. Once this matter is handled, I probably have saved enough money.”

Everyone wanted to live their lives their own ways. Li Weiyi was no exception. He did his utmost to earn money so that he could do whatever he wanted.

People were busy their entire lives and moved ahead nonstop. No one knew how to walk the road ahead of them and no one knew where their final destination was.

“Okay, if you actually change professions in the future and need funds, you can look for me and the third master.”

Su Wan stood up and waved her hands at Li Weiyi. “I have to go now. There’s a scene in the afternoon that I need to film.”

The place they met wasn’t far from the movie and television city. Therefore, once she left the restaurant, she wore her sunglasses and then slowly walked towards the filming location. Passing through Hong Kong Street, Su wan saw a familiar figure. That person clearly saw her too. Both of them paused.

Speaking of, she had been in this world for several months. This was the first time Su Wan had encountered the main lead.

Lu Jun wore a black suit and walked out of the filming location. The two encountered each other and Su Wan hesitated before gradually walking to him.

“Mr. Lu, long time no see!”


Lu Jun nodded coldly. “Indeed, long time no see. You’re a busy woman right now. What? Third master isn’t here to visit you today?”

Everyone on Weibo knew that third master Ye had to come to visit Su Wan every day. Ever since third master Ye starting showing off, he started a trend within the entertainment circle of PDA.

This included married people, unmarried, dating couples, and private couples.

All of them did their best to display PDA. Unfortunately, they weren’t a match against third master Ye.

He handed out millions of yuans worth of red envelopes and invested in billions. It was nothing to him. According to Ye Company’s employees, the password to enter and leave the company was now “Ye Shaoling loves Su Wan.” Whoever says this the loudest would even be rewarded. In short, third master Ye was sick. The sickness was “he’ll die if he doesn’t display PDA.”

“One’s life will be ruined if they encounter third master. If you want to marry someone, then marry Ye Shaolin.” These were women’s requirements for their other half.

Lu Jun originally shouldn’t care about this but because of his relationship with Su Wan, he followed third master Ye’s Weibo. Ever since, Lu Jun would be attacked by third master Ye’s lovey-dovey pictures and words at a set time every day. Now, he felt like he was half dead.

Su Wan smiled faintly hearing Lu Jun asking about Su Rui. “Lately, he has been busy with company matters. I didn’t want him to be tired traveling back and forth so I didn’t have him come. Oh, right. How have you been with Ye Liu? I haven’t gotten the chance to bless you guys yet.”

Ye Liu...

Lu Jun’s gaze was concentrated on Su Wan hearing that she was going to bless him. He looked at her a bit questioningly. “We’re really good. Even though her drama had been canceled, I plan on investing in another drama for her. This time, I’ll make her the female lead. Of course, if someone plans on interfering, I won’t let them go.”


Su Wan faintly nodded hearing Lu Jun’s words. “Okay, I should return to the set. See you next time.”

She waved at Lu Jun before passing by.

Once Su Wan walked far away, Lu Jun then turned around and watched her figure fade into the distance quietly.

It was unclear whether they hadn't seen each other in a while but Lu Jun felt that Su Wan was unfamiliar. He was unable to connect the Su Wan from his memory to the Su Wan right now.

Was there something different?

There were actually lots of differences.

From his past life’s memory, he had stolen several contracts that originally belonged to the Ye Company, and he even snatched a piece of land. What surprised him was that Ye Company had never fought with him before. Even more, their new products and development plan was completely different from Lu Jun’s memory.

Could it be that the boss of Ye Company changed from Ye Shaoqun to Ye Shaoling?


Lu Jun didn’t dare to think otherwise because if you think too deeply about something, the result is not the one you would want.

Lu Jun couldn’t fall asleep again today. He laid in bed and rolled around. What happened today had flickered through his mind.

It was completely different from what he experienced in his past life!


If his “past life” didn’t exist, then were his memories just a dream?

No, that wasn’t it. There was no way that the fragments of his memories would be so complete and realistic.

Lu Jun climbed out of bed and then rushed to the bathroom to turn the sink on. He turned it on max and splashed his face hard.

He mustn’t be swayed, he mustn’t be suspicious!

Hearing the water splashing, Ye Liu gradually opened her eyes in the bedroom. She leaned against the headboard of the bed and quietly stared at the bathroom door. At this time, the door to the bathroom was suddenly pushed open. Lu Jun gradually walked out and the two’s gazes met.

“A-Jun, what...what’s up with you?”

Seeing his face covered in water, Ye Liu asked in concern.

“Go sleep. I’m going to handle some matters in the study.”

Lu Jun cut off Ye Liu’s words and hurriedly left the bedroom. He didn’t know how to face Ye Liu at this time. He didn’t have the courage to tell her that he had actually been reborn.

Lu Jun had his own pride. He couldn’t tell Ye Liu how badly he lost in his past life...and how he had to rely on a woman to support him!

Ye Liu softly sighed seeing Lu Jun leave without hesitation. Lately, the two rarely talked to one another. Lu Jun was insistent on investing in another drama for her, wanting her to become the female lead. Ye Liu actually wanted to tell Lu Jun that in the past, her biggest wish was to become a big celebrity like Su Wan and become the film empress. But...ever since he was with her, she just wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

He was her biggest wish but he didn’t understand...

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