The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 281: Death, Nan Xun Is Furious

Gong Shiqi said with a deep voice, “Don’t talk anymore, I’ll take you out of here right away. Gong Da and the others want to deal with you privately, it’ll be too late if you don’t leave now.”


“Gong Shijiu! Are you still thinking about the Lord now? Don’t you know that you’re going to die if you don’t run now?” Gong Shiqi angrily said.

Nan Xun fell silent. Since Gong Da was plotting against her, and now that Gong Moran wouldn’t wake up for a while, she indeed has to escape first.

Gong Shiqi seemed to have been prepared for a long time that he actually conjured two sets of eunuch uniform out.

The two changed their clothes, and with a token to leave the palace with them, their journey out was quite smooth.

As soon as they left the palace gate, Gong Shiqi took out two sets of casual clothes that had been hidden outside the palace gate, and then bought a carriage in such a familiar way.

Nan Xun was stunned for a while, she was surprised, “Shiqi, you…”

Gong Shiqi grinned at her with his white teeth, his smile became brighter than ever when he looked at her, “Little rice bucket, Brother Gan will run away with you.” [T/N: Gan is Shiqi’s real surname]

The carriage chose a shortcut and left the imperial city gate within an hour.

When they left the city gate, Gong Shiqi waved the long whip and drove the carriage to a small road, dirt spattered wherever the carriage went.

Nan Xun sat on the bumpy carriage, tears streaming down her face.

She had just gone through a fierce soy sauce making last night, and today she had to flee for her life with this broken body.

The pain in her body really was…hard to explain in a few words.

The crux of the matter was, she was really worried that she and Gong Shiqi couldn’t escape from this predicament.

As expected, the carriage went on for less than two hours before Nan Xun heard hooves of horses behind them.

Little Eight immediately reported, “Gong Da brought ten Moran Hall’s disciples to chase after you. According to this grandpa’s observation, you guys can’t escape even if given wings this time.”

Nan Xun cursed under her breath, “Little Eight, your mouth is so inauspicious.”

Little Eight sobbed, “I’m just telling the truth.”

Gong Shiqi suddenly stopped the carriage, lifted the curtain and asked her, “Shijiu, can your body stand a bit of more bumping?”

Nan Xun reluctantly nodded.

Gong Shiqi abandoned the carriage and hugged Nan Xun on top of the big horse.

“Shijiu, hold the horse’s neck!” Gong Shiqi ordered, holding the rein with his right hand while whipping the whip with his left hand, “Go—”

Nan Xun hugged the horse’s neck with a distorted expression.

“Little Eight, buy one pill on credit, I really have no energy now.”

Little Eight ‘huh?’ and asked, “Dear da, where are you hurt?”

Nan Xun’s face blackened, “Where do you think?”

Little Eight mumbled an ‘oh’ in hindsight, “Wait a bit.”

In the next second, Nan Xun kept a pill in her mouth as it melted quickly. She felt refreshed just after taking it, and her strength was mostly restored.

The sound of horse hooves getting closer made Nan Xun’s expression fell, she thought again and again and suddenly said, “Shiqi, I don’t think we can escape from them, how about you go first? They only want to catch me.”

Gong Shiqi’s face sank at once, “Little rice bucket, I said that I want to protect you. I’m your Brother Gan, how can a brother watch his sister die?”

Nan Xun, “Shiqi, don’t be like this, I can actually—”

“Shut up!”

Nan Xun lowered her eyes and frowned.

What Brother Gan?! How could she didn’t know Gong shiqi’s feelings towards her until this time? However, she came into this world just for big boss, others were like drifting clouds passing by.

Now, the person she regarded as clouds was willing to risk his life to save her, she really couldn’t bear this affection.

Seeing that Gong Da and the others were about to catch up, Gong Shiqi quickly led Nan Xun to jump on his horse and ran deep into the woods.

Unfortunately, he still can’t escape in the end.

Right until he was surrounded by Gong Da and others, Gong Shiqi still held Nan Xun’s hand tightly.

Gong Da looked at Gong Shiqi and shouted angrily, “Shiqi, you’re insane! You actually have the impertinence to betray Moran Hall just for the sake of a lowly brothel woman?”

Gong Er also had a look of ‘hate that iron can’t turn into steel’, “Shiqi, you disappointed us too much. You’re the one who brought this woman into Moran Hall at the beginning, if it weren’t for this, the Lord wouldn’t be in his state today. A woman who acts against the rules towards the Lord, you still dare to protect her?”

Hearing these words, Gong Shiqi sneered, “Don’t push all faults into one woman, one hand alone can’t clap, it was the Lord himself who’s willing to, Shijiu only pursued what she wanted, what fault does she have?”

“Twisting words and forcing your logic!” Gong Da shouted, he directly used a strong force to hit Gong Shiqi to fly aside before the wind rushed in front of Nan Xun.

“You shameless s1ut, I’ll kill you!” Gong Da shouted in fury, he didn’t even want to say any more words as he fiercely raised his hand, a powerful force from his palm shot towards Nan Xun.

Nan Xun flipped her palm while chanting a mantra silently in her heart, condensing magic power in it.

Just when Nan Xun was about to raise her hand to take on Gong Da’s palm, a figure suddenly jumped over and stood in front of Nan Xun.

Thus, Gong Da’s palm hit straight to… Gong Shiqi’s heart.

For an instant, the surrounding air seemed to be still.

Gong Shiqi’s body swayed twice, slowly falling down with blood flowing from his mouth.

“Shiqi!” Nan Xun’s expression changed suddenly, she shouted in shock.

She stretched out her hand to support him and hurriedly blocked his bleeding mouth with her other hand, her hands trembling all the time.

However, after covering his mouth              , the blood gushed out from his nose, like rushing water from a broken dam that couldn’t be blocked.

Just now, Gong Da’s palm was filled with killing force, Shiqi acted desperately to save the situation.

Gong Shiqi’s eyes began to become empty, he raised his hand to hold Nan Xun, trying to focus his eyes to look at her, his voice was frail, weak as if he was whispering. He grinned slightly and said, “Little rice bucket, brother can’t protect you from now on… I’m, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brought you into Moran Hall in the beginning, that way, all of this… wouldn’t have happened…”

“Shiqi! Shiqi!” Nan Xun called out desperately as she watched him slowly close his eyes, his hand slipped down, then his breath slowly weakened before finally… disappeared into nothing.

Nan Xun stared at the corpse in her arms.

It happened in a blink of an eye. Not long ago, he said that he would take her to escape from the Palace, and now…

A living person, died just like that.

Gong Shiqi, he really… died. Died like that in front of her face.

She looked on helplessly while she tried to breathe bit by bit.

At this time, all of Nan Xun’s carelessness and unconcerned attitude were gone, only the red blood on her hands was left in her eyes, reddening them thoroughly.

Gong Da was stunned for a while, he glanced at Gong Shiqi’s boy and said indifferently, “Death cannot wipe out one’s crimes.”

Nan Xun looked at him, deep hatred in her eyes.

She stood up slowly, her gaze was dipping with cold ice, “Gong Da, I didn’t care no matter how you insulted me, looked down on me and even wanted to kill me before, I didn’t really hate you, because all of what you have said was all for the Lord’s greater good, although these all appeared quite ridiculous. But now, I want you… to die!”

That last word almost exhausted the energy in Nan Xun’s mouth.

At the next second, the woman spread her arms, flipped her hands quickly and drew a complicated formation in the air. Her long hair moved even thought there was no wind while a powerful magical power radiated from her body.

All Moran Hall’s disciples who wanted to rush over seemed to be isolated by an invisible wall, unable to move forward.

The woman then flew towards Gong Da quickly, her right hand was holding something void, as if she was wielding a knife, in a blink of an eye, she ruthlessly pierced it into Gong Da’s chest!

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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