Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 280 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (19)

The bigger their hope, the bigger their disappointment.

Su Wan wanted Lu Jun to feel this vexed feeling.

Su Wan naturally knew about Lin Mu’s drug addiction a long time ago. She purposely ordered Tan Tian’s people to not give Lin Mu his drugs. After a consecutive month of filming under high pressure, Lin Mu had reached the tip of his patience. After the finale banquet, this was a good opportunity for him to relax. At this time, the place that he usually got drugs from finally came back in stock. Though it was a bit coincidental, why would Lin Mu care about it?

This was an amazing plan. Lin Mu’s career had been destroyed and likewise, Xinyu Entertainment had also suffered a heavy attack.

Lin Mu had the most scenes in [Mystery in the Palace]. Now that Lin Mu’s scandal was exposed, according to relevant rules, if the drama had to go under investigation, that meant that they were to delete Lin Mu’s scenes and then film them again.

Nani. If they had to delete all of the male lead’s scenes, then what were they going to film?

Two billion was invested in this! This entire drama took two billions! Although Lu Jun hadn’t said anything much despite him investing the most, the other investors were displeased with Xinyu Entertainment.

Xinyu Entertainment used to be one of the very best entertainment companies in China’s entertainment circle but now, it has suffered heavily...

While the users were still lamenting over Lin Mu’s matter, someone else exposed Lin Mu for stealing Jiu Ye’s picture and revealing Su Wan’s relationship.

Hypocrite, who’s that? Look at Lin Mu. There are pictures to reveal the truth!

The moment this post came out, users started unfollowing Lin Mu and becoming his anti-fans. Many of his fans and strangers were determined to rid this hypocrite and malignant tumor from the entertainment circle! They were to boycott [Mystery in the Palace]!

Internal trouble paired with outside aggression, [Mystery in the Palace] had been officially kicked to the curb. They didn’t pass the investigation so the drama wouldn’t be released!

Ye Liu had been in a daze sitting by the ocean side when she received the director group’s news.

[Mystery in the Palace] was the most important show in her life. She had suffered lots of hardships and overcome many obstacles in order to film this show.

A few days ago on the finale banquet, everyone was still toasting one another and blessing the ratings of the show but now...

Lu Jun had been wearing a dark face recently because of this.

Ye Liu knew that she had caused him to lose a lot of money and she also felt really bad. Ye Liu originally planned on chatting with him after Lu Jun finished dealing with the company matters. But Madam Lu had appeared right now.

As a nitpicky person, Madam Lu never liked her son being with her ex-girlfriend, Su Wan. She disliked Ye Liu even more however.

At the very least, Su Wan was a film empress and she had fame and reputation. She never spent Lu Family’s money either.

But Ye Liu was different. She only played insignificant roles and then her son had waste a billion or so in order to put her on a pedestal!

Cash, not paper!

The mighty Madam Lu made plans to meet Ye Liu. After meeting her, she became the typical villainous mother-in-law like how it was portrayed in idol dramas. She threw the check at her and said coldly, “Leave my son alone and I’ll give the money. Don’t think about bargaining for me! Because you’re only worth this price!”

It turns out that she had already been put a price tag on?

In other people’s eyes, she was just a little celebrity kept by Lu Jun?

Ye Liu knew about this but she could feel Lu Jun’s sincerity. She thought that as long as they loved each other, they could overcome any obstacles. But Lu Jun had become quieter lately. He was unwilling to share a lot of secrets with her and this made her feel really upset.

The set had disbanded and she had no work either. Because she was in a bad mood, she walked to the ocean to enjoy the wind.

“You’re Ye Liu?”

A clear male voice interrupted Ye Liu’s thoughts. Hearing the other party calling out her name. Ye Liu was really surprised. She looked in the direction of the voice to see Ye Shaoqun wearing a flowery shirt.

He was second master Ye. Though Ye Liu hadn’t really talked to him before, she heard Lu Jun mention him before.

“Second master Ye, do you need something?”

Seeing Ye Shaoqun walking over to her, Ye Liu immediately stood up nervously. She was afraid of these upper class people in the circle instinctively.

Especially Ye Shaoqun. Though he appeared casual, she had no idea what he wanted to do. Could he be here to humiliate her too?

After all, he and Lu Jun were opponents. It was normal for him to kick her while she was at a low point.

While Ye Liu was just letting her imagination run wild, Ye Shaoqun had walked to her. Unexpectedly, he clutched his sleeves and brought it over to Ye Liu. “I’m your fan. Give me your autograph!”

Ye Liu was speechless.

“You, you got the wrong person.”

Ye Liu looked at Ye Shaoqun suspiciously, “I, I didn’t act in anything.”

“Who said that? You’ve been in the circle for six years and acted in around a hundred or so shows. You’re the palace maid from Qianqing Palace from [Princess Linyue], Jiangsu Governor’s daughter in [Salt Merchant], and…”

Ye Shaoqun was familiar with Ye Liu’s roles. He even knew how many minutes she appeared in a certain show and the number of lines she had. That’s right. Second master Ye had been idle lately so he went to collect Ye Liu’s information. You want to know who’s a master at picking up girls? Look at second master Ye~

Ye Liu’s expression turned a bit complicated hearing Ye Shaoqun’s words. He was right. Even if he had mechanically memorized everything about her, she was still touched by the fact that he knew everything.

Ye Liu thought that only she would remember these things clearly. Who knew that Ye Shaoqun would actually pay attention to this.

Even if he did approach her with an ulterior motive, it was hard for Ye Liu to be hostile towards him...


The light had flashed by on the camera. Li Weiyi stood by the pavilion and placed his camera away, quietly looking at Ye Liu and Ye Shaoqun who were by the ocean. Naturally, they couldn’t notice him from such a far distance.

Only Li Weiyi, an experienced photographer, could be able to take such a clear picture from a far distance, and to make it seem ambiguous. Even more, capture the figures and expressions.

“Sister Wan.”

Li Weiyi immediately called Su Wan once he placed his camera in his car.


Su Wan’s voice seemed to be lazy and hoarse, as if she hadn’t woken up yet.

Li Weiyi’s expression changed when he heard Su Wan’s voice. He remembered that she was resting today.

“Sister Wan, I’ve completed what you asked. Do you...have time today?”

“She doesn’t have time.”

Su Rui’s cold voice immediately rang through the phone.

“Third master.”

Hearing his voice, Li Weiyi’s tone immediately became more respectful. “Then I’ll ask her another day.”

“You don’t have to go through so much trouble. Come to my company tomorrow.”


Li Weiyi wanted to say something else but Su Rui had already hung up without hesitation.


Su Rui turned over to look at Su Wan. “What did you ask Li Weiyi to do for you? I can find a private investigator to help you!”

“It’s nothing. I just wanted him to pay attention to Ye Liu. If Lu Jun finds out about the private investigator, it won’t be fun anymore. Li Weiyi is a professional paparazzi so Lu Jun wouldn’t be suspicious of anything if he finds out.”

Su Wan lazily explained before rolling over and planning to go back to sleep. She finally got to rest for a day. Even if she was to die, she’d die in bed...


Su Rui subconsciously narrowed his eyes despite his wife exclaiming it in simple terms. In short, he disliked Li Weiyi. No. He needed to warn him. Mn. It’s been happily decided!


Li Weiyi sneezed as he drove his car back to the city. He rubbed his nose and glanced at the road ahead, his gaze changing.

Should he go to the Ye Entertainment tomorrow or not?

Was this a chance?

The other figure in the picture was second master Ye. How should he explain to the third master?

Needless to say, Li Weiyi had to consider all possibilities after all the schemes in the circle. He needed to plan before acting. But this time, he had overthink too much...

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