The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 280: Astounded, A Head Full of Silver Hair

Thanks to the thick mattress pad, Nan Xun’s body didn’t break down into several parts.

When Nan Xun just hissed from pain, the man rushed forward and bit her just like a real beast.

Nan Xun felt that all of her body didn’t have any part that didn’t hurt, they were all bitten by this beast until they bled.

Afterwards, he took her ruthlessly with a beastly instinct.

The pain made Nan Xun frown, but what’s more than the pain, she was shocked when she looked at the man in front of her.

Gong Moran, his… his black hair was slowly changing until it turned into a head full of silver hair!

The long silver hair spread out, and the handsome face of the man became even more enchanting, just like a demon brimming with yin and yang.

When the pain became unbearable, Nan Xun suddenly raised her head and bit his shoulder ferociously in one bite. Physiological tears flowed out; her sharp nails carved bloody wounds on his back.

Sh1t, Gong Moran, I’ll kill you when you wake up tomorrow!

For the whole night, Nan Xun only opened her eyes and gazed at the green gauze canopy above, she was clearly sober, but she felt that she had died several times over.

It wasn’t until dawn and the moon disappeared that the beast finally called off the battle as he fainted while lying on top of her body.

Nan Xun laid down on the bed like an overused rag doll, feeling very sorry for herself.

She already indirectly felt big boss’ pain, she can’t help but sighed in her heart, big boss is big boss after all, he endured this inhuman pain for so many years.

Bam, bam, bam!

There was an urgent knock on the door all of a sudden, followed by Gong Da’s voice, “My Lord, this disciple is requesting for an audience for something important! My Lord!”

Nan Xun’s gaze changed slightly, she immediately replied in a loud voice, “The Lord is resting!”

In any case, she’s already a s1ut in everyone’s eyes, so what’s wrong with letting them know that she’s now in Gong Moran’s bed?

The knocking outside paused for a second before a louder knock broke out, “Shijiu! Shijiu, what did you do to the Lord? Why does the Lord not speak? Open the door!”

Nan Xun squeezed her fist, seeing that he wouldn’t give up, she had to wake big boss up first.

However, Nan Xun called Gong Moran several times without him regaining consciousness, she finally shook his body vigorously, but he still remained motionless.

Nan Xun was so frightened she immediately checked on his breath, she let out a big breath of relief when she found that he was breathing.

His hair had turned back to black, but his complexion still seemed a little pale.

Why doesn’t Gong Moran wake up? What’s going on?

The knocking outside the door was getting more and more pressing, it was as if they could break open the door any time.

Nan Xun suddenly realized that this must be a play, the person outside knew that the Lord was unconscious now, so it must be them who did something to make the Lord fell into this situation!

Nan Xun struggled to get up and was about to find something to wear from the cabinet, but just when she got out of bed, the door of the outer hall was knocked open with a bang.

Nan Xun pulled off the sheet and wrapped it around her body, when she looked up, she saw Gong Da and Gong Er were already standing in front of her.

The other disciples waited at the entrance of the outer hall one after another, rushing to see what’s going on inside. Gong Shiqi was also standing outside with a trace of worry in his eyes.

In the inner hall, Gong Moran was lying on the bed with a pale face, unconscious, while Gong Shijiu, who just wrapped her naked body with sheets, had a ruddy complexion, her lips were stained with blood from biting each other’s lips last night, she looked perfectly like a demoness who just squeezed a man dry.

When Gong Er saw this scene, his expression changed drastically, “Shijiu, you really used a bewitching trick just as Gong Da said! What happened to the Lord?”

Nan Xun glared at the two people in front of her and shouted in a low voice, “You are too presumptuous to enter the main hall without the Lord’ permission!”

Gong Da sneered, “If we didn’t break in, the Lord would already be drained dry by you!”

Nan Xun secretly pinched Gong Moran again, but didn’t see him waking up at all. She looked at Gong Da with a cold look and calm expression, “The Lord is in poor health and will wake up soon. Besides, with how much the Lord spoils me, what reason do I have to harm him? Senior brother, don’t impose false accusation against me!”

“The reason? You secretly met with the Queen yesterday while the Lord was in morning court, you seemed to be arguing on the surface, but who knows what deal you made in the dark? What did the Queen promise you in exchange for harming the Lord? Heartless and ungrateful prostitute from red-light district!”

Nan Xun’s eyes sank. She felt that there was something wrong, and as it turned out, she dug out her own grave.

Gong Da, he actually colluded with the Queen just to eradicate her!

“One can always trump up a charge against somebody, Eldest senior brother, what do you want?”

Nan Xun was then locked up inside a firewood shed.

She was very fortunate that these [email protected] didn’t tear up the sheets on her body, or else she would’ve entered the shed naked. In fact, if they really had the courage to tear off the sheets, they would see the tragic condition of her body, then they would realize that the demon was actually their revered State Teacher!

Nan Xun called out Little Eight because of her bad mood.

It was a long time before Little Eight replied to her, it seemed that he had just opened his five senses, “F*ck, why are you locked in a shed? Didn’t you have an intense battle with the big boss last night?”

Nan Xun sighed, “Don’t mention that any more, this sister was almost burned to death while making pancake yesterday. When I woke up, Gong Da and the others broke in and said that I had used some tricks to suck up big boss energy before locking me in here.”

Little Eight clicked his tongue, “Bewitching skill, tsk~ Sucking up big boss until he’s dried up, tsk~”

Nan Xun: …

Little Eight asked in amazement, “You just let them come in without resisting?”

Nan Xun crumpled up the sheets on her body, “Resisting what? Even the strength to lift my claws is non-existent, furthermore, I don’t have a shred of clothes ah.”

“Big boss is still unconscious right now?” Little Eight asked.

Nan Xun groaned, “Although I don’t know what the problem is, but those who can plot against the big boss must be someone who are very familiar with his daily habits. One that’s familiar with big boss and want to get rid of me quickly, who else other than Gong Da?”

Little Eight pondered, “This grandpa reckons that they want to use the time when the big boss is in a coma to secretly put you to death. You wait, this grandpa will take a look.”

In the next second, Little Eight screamed, “As expected, they’re arguing about you, the group led by Gong Da wants to execute you themselves, the group led by Gong Liu feels that it’s better to lock you until the boss wakes up before dealing with you, while the others remain neutral. You’re done for, this grandpa has roughly counted that most people want to kill you.”

Nan Xun sighed, “It’s terrifying when a fanatic fan became crazy. I feel quite relieved of their over-protectiveness towards the big boss, but their action is still really unreasonable.”

With a jingling sound, the lock outside seemed to have been pried open. Gong Shiqi entered and looked at her solemnly before dragging her away without saying a word.

Nan Xun was startled, “Shiqi, where are you taking me?”

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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