Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 28 - Return [OW]

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Su Ling took out the isolator and attached it to the back of his neck. There are at least 5 alphas in the ship, judging from the various voices in the call. If he doesn’t have the isolator, some trouble might come up. After all, he is very fragrant now! After sticking the isolator, he put the Golden Baby’s breath plant back into his space storage. Then he started walking around Xian Mo Yu, worrying. Xian Mo Yu is too big to fit in the space storage.

The space storage is three-dimensional, 20 m3, 3 x 3 in length and width, and more than 2 meters in height. Just the diameter of Xian Mo Yu’s stamen alone is close to 2 meters, and its petals of nearly 1 meter make it impossible to fit. He couldn’t ask Xian Mo Yu travel by itself, right? But if it shows up on their doorstep, it will definitely cause a commotion! As he is thinking, Gu Liheng's voice came from the other side, "Su Ling, have you receive the coordinate?"

Su Ling was sharing his real-time location, and the map indicated that his position has not changed. He hurriedly adjusted the volume and replied, "I have received it. I'm just sorting my things, will set off immediately."

He adjusted the volume to zero again and suggested to Xian Mo Yu, "My space storage can't fit you. How about you move to the perimeter of the forest and find a place to hide? I will come over regularly to bring you the nutrient solution."

Xian Mo Yu answered his proposal with action. Its red petals quickly close up together. The petals and stamens overlapped, reducing its size by a circle, which is now only the stamens are taking up space.

Su Ling's eyes lit up, it can fit now! Quickly, he sorted out the storage and soaked Xian Mo Yu's roots in the nutrient solution. Then he placed all of his equipment on top of Xian Mo Yu, barely fitting Xian Mo Yu in.  After some struggles for a while, Su Ling is quite exhausted and took a quick rest. He used the flashlight function from his bracelet to illuminate his surrounding. After enough observation, he followed the navigation guide to the coordinate given by Gu Liheng. He should be deep in the mountain at the moment, with dense vegetation and soft soil. There are many weeds on the ground, and it is easy to stumble when walking. He secretly rejoiced that it is fortunate he changed his equipment before he set off. The quality of the army boots male god bought was good; otherwise, the road would be too difficult to navigate.

After he walked for a while, suddenly, there was a snapping sound of a tree branch on the left side. He immediately turned his head and saw a pair of green eyes of a wild beast in the dimly lit forest. Su Ling’s heart jumped. The leaves above his head shook, two cries from some birds rang out, followed by the sound of fluttering wings, and the two birds flew away quickly. His expression became tight, he stared at the beast and slowly backed away. At this moment, Su Ling started to miss his smelly pheromone smell. Although it smells unpleasant, it provides safety, and he is not afraid to walk in the wild even with his eyes closed.

Seeing him retreating, the beast let out a dangerous low growl in its throat, and its upper body is lowered. At the next moment, the beast suddenly jumped up and pounced towards him. Su Ling quickly jumped behind the tree beside him, letting the tree to block in front of him. He touched his stud earring and took out a gun from the space storage. Just in case, he prepared himself to call for Xian Mo Yu.

At this moment, a dazzling light came from behind him, shining directly into the eyes of the beast. The beast was irritated and roared loudly. The roars reverberated everywhere, and it sounded extremely terrifying. With a ‘BANG!’, the roar stopped abruptly.

Su Ling breathed out softly, patted his chest and turned back. Gu Liheng was less than 5 meters away from him, and Hua Cheng was farther away, holding a black long barrel gun in his hand. He(SL) still has more than half to go before he reaches the destination, it seems that the two men came to pick him up directly from the landing point. Slowly relaxing, Su Ling put the gun back in his space storage and smiled at Gu Liheng. As Gu Liheng walked up to him, he looked at Gu Liheng's expression, but couldn't interpret his emotions. However, he remembered clearly that Gu Liheng's current attire was the same as when he went out at noon. Except it is now a little messier, especially the trousers, which was stained with dirt and grass. The image was totally incompatible with his male god.

"Sorry for causing you trouble." He said in a frustrated tone.

There is no need to ask, Su Ling could guess what happened based on the missed calls and his male god’s appearance at the moment. He has just confessed not long ago and was thinking about accumulating more good feelings in the future. He didn't expect to make him worry immediately after.

Gu Liheng lowered his head. His gaze swept across Su Ling’s face, and quickly looked away, "As long as you are fine."

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and his eyes were also curved when Su Ling heard that. His male god did not blame him but still cared about him. He still has the chance!

After Hua Cheng reached the two, he looked around and said, "President Gu, we should leave as soon as possible. The smell of blood will invite a lot of trouble."

Gu Liheng nodded and looked at Su Ling. Su Ling turned around and started walking, "I will try my best to keep up with you guys."

Gu Liheng: "You should walk ahead."

Hua Cheng laughed, "Omega can't keep up with our speed. Just proceed at your speed."

Su Ling couldn't refute, he had already seen an Alpha's abnormal physical ability in the gym.
Not saying anything to waste time, he moved forward according to the navigation. Gu Liheng was one step behind him while Hua Cheng covered the rear.

10 minutes later, there is a bright light ahead, and noises from the aircraft overhead could be heard. Su Ling glanced at the map, and his eyes lit up. They will arrive at the destination immediately. Excited, he quickened his steps subconsciously. However, after 2 steps, Su Ling’s feet was caught by the grass. He lightly yelped as his body fell forward. Instantly, someone grabbed his arms from the back and tightened the hold on his waist. Following the force, Su Ling’s body fell back and hit a muscular chest. For the first time, he deeply felt the difference between an Alpha and Omega’s body condition.

Su Ling turned around. A calm and robust breath filled his nose, his heartbeat quickened, and his head looked up to meet Gu Liheng's eyes. He blinked and raised his hand to wrap around Gu Liheng’s neck. The other party was visibly startled, and his body was stretched taut. A smile flashed in Su Ling's eyes. His male god is very innocent and sensitive ah. Raising his right foot, Su Ling shook it and said, "Sprained my foot, and it hurts. Can't stand."

Gu Liheng frowned and looked at his foot. Su Ling was wearing long-barreled military boots, and his calf was tightly wrapped in leather. His legs were slender and straight, simply gorgeous. Gu Liheng's Adam's apple moved slightly, and he suddenly has the urge to kneel on one foot and lightly kiss the boy's ankle.

Su Ling lowered his head questioningly. Is there something wrong with his foot? Why is male god's body stiffening up? After a moment of thought, he came out with a possibility - His male god was worried about his feet injury! Su Ling was overjoyed and at the same time felt guilty because there’s nothing wrong with his feet. Their current location is not far from the landing point. There won’t be any more dangerous situation, and when they reached the aircraft, he will soon be separated from his male god. Other than that, since he is not living in the villa anymore, It won’t be easy to meet him either. That's why he thought of an excuse to take advantage of his feet injury. However, Su Ling couldn’t bear to worry his male god, he has enough worry for today.

Putting his feet down, Su Ling regretfully released his hold from male god's neck and took a step back. In order not to slap himself in the face (that he’s lying) on the spot, he retreated very slowly and swayed slightly to indicate that his ankle is uncomfortable.

"Actually, it’s not a big problem, let's go." He smiled.

Gu Liheng frowned, "Forcibly walking will aggravate the injury," then he paused before saying, "Pardon my rudeness."

As he said that, Gu Liheng bending over and carried Su Ling in a princess carry, and then walked forward quickly. His actions were steady and fast that Su Ling was stunned, and absent-mindedly placed his hand on Gu Liheng’s arm. Soon, he realized that his(GLH) speed is faster than before. Su Ling couldn't help asking, "Isn’t that tiring?"

Gu Liheng did not look at him, but looked straight ahead: "No, you are very light."

Su Ling felt relieved.

The last short section of the journey only took 2 minutes. There was only 1 aircraft on the landing point as there is not enough space, so the other 3 aircraft circled slowly in the sky. When Gu Liheng appeared holding Su Ling in his arms, the smoothly rotating aircrafts suddenly flipped over and completed a thrilling 360-degree turn in the air.

"Asshole! Do you want to die?"

"Oh! President Gu actually carried an Omega in his arms!"

"I’m betting that Omega is definitely injured, and not that President Gu is finally enlightened."

"I betting too! President Gu must be enlightened. Don’t you see our boss is there too? With President Gu's character, if he is not enlightened, he will definitely take the gun to cover the rear and let our boss carry the Omega instead."

"Hey, it makes sense, I can't refute it!"

Hua Cheng gave a light cough with a smile and tapped twice on his bracelet. In an instant, the tapping sound sounded in all the aircraft at the same time.

A moment of silence.

Immediately after that tapping sound, the shared communication was cut off.

"It's over, am I going to be unemployed today?"

"President Gu should not be able to recognise my voice, right?!"

"Is there still enough time if I apologize now?"


When these comments first came up, Su Ling clearly perceived that Gu Liheng's footsteps paused for the slightest moment and his body muscles were tight. Looking up, he only saw the defined line of his side profile. After he stared for a moment, Su Ling finally pressed his head against male god's shoulder, trying to force down his smile.

Don't laugh, don’t laugh. It's not good if male god becomes angry.

Hua Cheng jumped into the front passenger seat of the aircraft. Gu Liheng glanced at him and placed Su Ling in the back seat. Then he circled to the other side and sat side by side with Su Ling. When the aircraft took off, the noise was quite loud and not suitable for chatting, so no one spoke.

Su Ling leaned back and stole glances at Gu Liheng from the corner of his eyes. Gu Liheng sat upright as if he was in a meeting. Su Ling carefully thought it out. Although male god has straightforwardly rejected him, but from his actions, Gu Liheng should have good feelings towards him. After thinking about it again, Su Ling countered the thought. If he(GLH) really have good feelings to him, he(GLH) wouldn’t refuse to give him a chance and make him move out immediately after rejecting the confession. Perhaps being kind to him is because they are friends. These two thoughts fought in his head, and the more he thought about it, the messy it became. Su Ling reached out to rub his face. As expected, feelings are the most complicated matter in the world. Even he, who is usually quite direct and simple inevitably struggles with feelings. The more he like someone, the less confident he became. Su Ling decided not to think anymore, as long as male god is single, he will pursue him unswervingly!

The aircraft quickly landed in the back garden of the villa, and the other 3 jets flew away without stopping. Gu Liheng got off the aircraft to Su Ling’s side, carried him down from the ship and walked into the villa. Hua Cheng lowered the window of the front passenger seat and waved goodbye. The aircraft took off behind the two and disappeared from their sight in a blink of an eye.

As he walked across the corridor to the living room, Gu Liheng paused, "Shall I ask the doctor to check your foot?"

"No need," Su Ling said immediately, "just get the driver take me back to the fragrance bar."

His lies will be exposed if a doctor checks it.

Gu Liheng frowned, "It's inappropriate for you to live in the fragrance bar."

Su Ling smiled at him and raised his eyebrows, "Why is it inappropriate?"

Gu Liheng: "The fragrance bar is mixed with many kinds of people. As an Omega, it is not safe for you."

Su Ling patted him on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry. It’s my shop, and it’s full of my employees. No one can bully me." He blinked, smiling brilliantly, "If you really worry, marry me, I will live with you every day."

Gu Liheng stared at his smile for 2 seconds, before abruptly looking away, and quickly walked out of the living room. Placing Su Ling in the back seat of the car, Gu Liheng instructed, "Get a doctor to see your foot when you returned." After saying that, he took a step back and closed the door.

Su Ling frowned slightly and looked at Gu Liheng through the window. He keeps staring until Gu Liheng’s figure couldn’t be seen anymore. He reached out and touched the corner of his mouth, recalling Gu Liheng's reaction just now. Could it be not only male god can't smile, but he also doesn't like others to smile as well? That’s not right. When he smiled at him before, male god looked happy and even smiled together with him. Su Ling was confused, what is going on?

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