Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 28: Frontline Journalist (1) Part 2

Ah Jin and Sanlang surveyed the small, shabby room.

It had only two single beds, a toilet, a table, and a small window.

The window glass was sealed from the outside and could not be opened.

Sanlang stood by the window and looked into the distance.

He grabbed his camera again and took a few shots, but the results were not satisfactory.

"No, I can't get a shot. It's all blocked by these buildings in front of me."

"Of course, or would we both be allowed to live here?"

Sanlang was not disheartened and put down the camera in his hand and asked, "Brother Zhou, how are we going to sneak out? We didn't understand when they made the arrangements earlier."

Ah Jin patted him on the shoulder.

"Don't worry. We’ll stay for three days first to get a feel of their work schedule and lower their alertness. After they relax, we can go out."

"Okay, brother. I'll do whatever you say."

The first day and the second day were nothing special.

The two of them were forbidden to go anywhere else or go for a walk in the yard.

They had to stay in their rooms.

On the third day, things changed.

The men took the two of them to take pictures, video and even interviewed the people passing by.

Compared to the miserable state of the city, this place was much better.

There were no broken walls, the houses were quite neat, and occasional pedestrians were on the road.

They looked pretty calm.

This should be arranged from those above, specifically to deal with the visit of journalists from various countries.

Ah Jin and Sanlang acted as if they didn't know.

It was time to take pictures and videos.

Ah Jin also pulled a person to fake an interview.

"Hello, do you have any opinion about the current situation of your country?"

"I am satisfied with the status of my country now. My country is still a bit chaotic, but I believe it will slowly get better. My country is slowly recovering from the construction."

"Okay, thank you for your cooperation."

The guard finished the interview, took them to the car again, and returned to their residence.

Ah Jin watched the scenery on the road.

There was no way for the people to live.

There was no semblance of recovering.

Just then, the car stopped, and Sanlang curiously probed out to see ahead.

The guard reprimanded Sanlang sternly, instructing him not to look too much, "Stay in the car, and don't you come down!"

Still stretching his neck, Sanlang tried to see something through the windshield.

He curiously asked Ah Jin, "Brother Zhou, what do you think is happening up ahead. Is there a fight?"

He waited for a while and saw that Ah Jin ignored him, so he turned his head to look at Ah Jin again, "Brother Zhou, what are you looking at."

Ah Jin was looking out the window of a dilapidated building.

There were several people vaguely inside, and they were sneaking around.

She wasn't sure what they were doing, but they could only see that they seemed to be trading something.

Ah Jin had a feeling she would find clues from these people, but now was not a good time.

The surrounding guards were too many to be impulsive.

She made a mental note of the surrounding terrain and landmarks until the time was right to come back to this place to explore.

The guard soon returned to the car.

The car continued to depart.

Sanlang curiously asked the guard, "Sir, was there a car accident up ahead?"

The guard replied, "No, there was a fight up ahead. The goods stalls were pushed over, which blocked the road."

He was suspicious.

He clearly did not see the fallen goods from the window glass just now, not to mention the vendors doing business.

They could really talk nonsense.

Fortunately, he was smart.

He converted the words into the information he wanted.

There should have been a conflict just now in front, and it affected the surrounding people.

The frightened people caused chaos and blocked the road.

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