My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 28: Networking Event

Everyone froze in place. Even if the fire of dissatisfaction burned in their hearts, they dared not speak up.

Jing Yue, “Since no one else has any opinion, let me talk about the third point.”

There was more?!

This time, it was no longer a big stick but could be considered a sweet carrot.

“When I was Jing Shan, I attended the networking event organized by the Civilian faction. I think this model is very good so I’ve decided to adopt it.”

Liang Yuan, Shi Nian and other Civilian disciples raised their heads in surprise, not knowing if they were shocked or happy.

“The networking event will be held every other day. You can exchange information on training experience, news, materials, tasks and many other aspects. This matter will be led by He Xianzhi. If you face any obstacles, you can come and look for me.”

He Xianzhi, who got named suddenly, was taken aback. Although he was in charge of the Civilian faction’s network meeting, he was not confident in calling on the other two factions. He was just about to explain when Jing Yue raised his hand.

“Furthermore, during the evening class of every tenth day, one lecturer will be in charge of answering questions. If students have any questions about cultivation, they can directly communicate with the lecturer. Any lecturer who makes a significant contribution, or any disciple who performs well, can get a certain amount of merit points.”

When everyone heard that there were not only lecturers dedicated to solving problems, but also merit points to earn, they immediately became interested.

In Frostcloud Sect, merit points were more useful than spirit stones, and also the main means of trading between core disciples. With sufficient merit points, disciples of the inner gates could approach core disciples to exchange for supplies or assign tasks.

However, there were too few opportunities to obtain merit points in the inner gates. Even a high-level cultivator like He Xianzhi could only accumulate about a dozen points after decades.

Jing Yue, “Does anyone have any questions about the above three points?”

No one answered. Even if they had any comments, they dared not speak up.

Jing Yue nodded slightly. “It seems that everyone is supportive.”

He took a few steps forward closer to everyone. “You need to figure out what is your purpose for joining Frostcloud Sect. You’re here to cultivate, and only to cultivate. Everything we do is to bring us closer to the Great Dao. Spending so much time on meaningless things, do you really like it?”

“Don’t you see that Frostcloud Sect has deteriorated from one generation to the next? How many disciples do we have on the Flying Immortal List from Amethyst Abode cultivators and below? Are we worthy of the title of the top cultivator school in the world? Even the Mauve Aurora Sect dares to provoke us now. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Jing Yue was expressionless as his cold gaze swept over everyone in the hall. “I feel ashamed.”

His remarks made many people ponder. Looking at the inspired Jing Yue, Shi Nian could not even remember how he looked when he was Jing Shan, even though they were about the same height and about the same age.

Are those two really the same person?

At the end of the session, Jing Yue asked He Xianzhi to stay, and the latter was trembling. He did not know if Jing Yue was going to dole out punishment or assign another difficult task to him?

Jing Yue, “I know what you’re worried about. Don’t think too much about it. Just help me to set it up. As for the warden, I’ll ask Yan Min to do it.”

That night, Yan Min was invited to the inner gates. No one knew what Jing Yue had discussed with him, but this core disciple who belonged to the Civilian faction left with a radiant face, looking as if he could not wait to serve the new patriarch properly.

Whenever someone asked Yan Min about it, he would only smile profoundly, but the truth was actually very simple. Yan Min was just convinced that the person who would make a difference had finally appeared.

Jing Yue’s actions were very swift, and all the decisions were implemented one after another. Within a few days, the first networking session was already organized.

In the dorm, Shi Nian was still waiting for Yu Xiaobao when Liang Yuan complained impatiently, “Why are you still waiting for him? Since he belongs to the Noble faction, why would he still be interested in the networking session? He might even be laughing at you for being nosy.”

It turned out that when meeting the new patriarch that day, Yu Xiaobao's unusual behavior had attracted Shi Nian’s attention. When they returned, Shi Nian asked Yu Xiaobao if he was hiding something from them.

The burden on Yu Xiaobao was already very heavy and he had withstood it alone for such a long time. That day, when he heard about Jing Yue’s final decisions, he knew that he and his brother had escaped the worst outcome, and he had finally relaxed from the high pressure. In the face of Shi Nian’s interrogation, he broke down and told them the truth under the stress of his guilty conscience.

Although Yu Xiaobao said he never wanted to harm others and only occasionally passed some news to the Noble faction, Liang Yuan was still very angry and said he would sever all ties with Yu Xiaobao.

Shi Nian, on the other hand, was only angry for a moment. At this time, he said to Liang Yuan, “A-jing, ah no, Laozu’s actions seem to be targeted at eliminating factional forces. Since he forbids internal faction struggle, let's not mention these things anymore. In the past, everyone was fighting for themselves. In the future, let’s just see what happens.”

Yu Xiaobao remained silent like a tattooed prisoner who could not even lift his head. Even his figure had slimmed down a lot compared to a month before.

Liang Yuan snorted softly in his nose when he saw Yu Xiaobao’s wan appearance and refrained from making any unpleasant remarks.

When they arrived at Frond Island, they noticed many people at the event, but they were still members belonging to the Civilian faction.

Shi Nian was a little disappointed. “It’s still only us…”

Liang Yuan said instead, “So what? At least we can come here anytime in the future without any invitations. If the other two factions don’t attend, it’s their loss.”

Suddenly, he found a familiar face in the corner. It was Long Ridi, who had blocked them at the entrance and was inexplicably beaten into the pit by the boundary stone.

Noble faction? A spy? Liang Yuan thought so reflexively.

He saw that he was surrounded by his own people so he boldly stepped forward. “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Long Ridi was startled before he responded, “I’ll come as I wish. What has that got to do with you?”

There was nothing wrong with his words, right? Liang Yuan's words stuck in his throat and he could only glare at Long Ridi.

The latter ignored him and strode into the courtyard.

In fact, Long Ridi’s heart was also pounding rapidly. Although the patriarch had said that everyone could come, when he looked around, did they not belong to the Civilian faction? Being alone in the crowd and receiving unfriendly stares, he could not help feeling apprehensive.

Despite that, everyone just stared at him and made no attempts to chase him away.

Long Ridi tried his best to ignore the discomfort, strolling around the stalls absently, pricking his ears high to eavesdrop on the conversations of others.

“Shijie, how did the power of your fire spell increase so much?”

Long Ridi slowed down his footsteps.

“Last time, when Laozu sparred against Mu Feng, didn’t he stun Mu Feng with a palm-lightning technique? I observed it carefully. Laozu didn’t cast the spell directly, but first compressed the spiritual power and squeezed the lightning into the size of a baby's fist. So I practiced according to that method and the fire technique became really powerful.”

“But once we spawn a flame using spiritual energy, it’s really difficult to control it.”

“It goes to show that Laozu is really formidable, and his mastery over his spiritual energy is done at will.”

Long Ridi had learned a new trick and decided to try it as soon as he returned.

As someone who had been defeated by the Laozu before, he trusted him wholeheartedly.

Yes, he already suspected that the incident with the boundary stone was Laozu using a mysterious power against him.

Now, he was Laozu’s fanboy. The reason why he secretly came to the networking session was also because this event was suggested by him.

What the Laozu said must be right.

Suddenly, he noticed a signboard hung up on a certain stall that stated magical robes were sold for only 998 spirit-stones.

There were magical artifacts for sale at the networking event? He stared incredulously at the blue robe hanging on the stall.

“Are you sure this is a magical item?”

The stall owner rolled his eyes. “Yan-shixiong has warned us earlier on that there cannot be fakes in the exchange meeting. If we get a complaint, we’ll be on the blacklist and will never enter this area again.”

Long Ridi, “But why is it 998 only?”

Although a magical robe was only a low-grade magic weapon, it would cost at least two thousand spiritual stones in the market.

Stall owner, “Because it’s a direct sale from the Refining Hall. Laozu made an agreement with the elders of the Refining Hall. Every month, a batch of goods will be sold at the exchange meeting. I only got this job because of my connections.”

Long Ridi, “…”

Stall owner, “Are you buying or not? 998, only 998! The price is not exaggerated, you won’t lose out if you buy it, and you won’t be fooled! Forged by masters, quality guaranteed, match as you like, value for money!”

Long Ridi, “I…”

“I want it!” One person suddenly shot out and his hand reached out for the robe.

Long Ridi noticed that it was Liang Yuan. Okay, so he had been following him, huh?

With a movement as quick as lightning, he rushed to grab the robe before Liang Yuan.

It was fine if he did not have enough spirit-stones now. He threw down a bag of spirit-stones and said confidently, “If it’s not enough, get the balance from my brother Long Ritian!”

On the same day, Long Ridi returned with a full load while and his brother Long Ritian received a huge bill from the exchange meeting. Of course… he could only pay obediently.

A day later, Long Ridi enthusiastically prepared to attend the networking session again.

“Ridi, where are you going? You seem to be in high spirits.” His roommate could not help asking.

“I…” Suddenly, Long Ridi realized that the items at the exchange meeting are very scarce. The fewer people who knew about it, the fewer competitors, so he quickly changed his tune, “I’m looking for my brother.”

When he arrived at the entrance to the courtyard, however, he met his roommates.

Long Ridi, “Hehe, such a coincidence.”

Roommates, “Yeah, such a coincidence.”

Could it not be a coincidence? They noticed Long Ridi acting stealthily and speaking vaguely, so they secretly followed him.

As a result, the atmosphere became awkward.

Long Ridi, “Uh, I’m here because of the crowd. It’s my first time here too.”

A stall owner passed by while eating melons. When he saw Long Ridi, he wiped his mouth and said, “Isn’t this Long-shixiong? Did you try out the robe yet? Isn’t it value for money?”

Long Ridi, “…”

What to do? He really wanted to fight someone now.

Long Ridi was exasperated. He was very frustrated that he was exposed and he did not get anything even until the event had ended.

But from the day onwards, more disciples from the Primary faction attended the event. After that, when the news started to spread, many people from the Noble faction were also attracted.

The number of stalls quickly increased by more than tenfold and the courtyard soon became overcrowded. With Jing Yue’s permission, Yan Min directly occupied half of Frond Island and made the networking event the first gathering of the inner gates.

Occasionally, even the core disciples would stroll around.

After all, everyone wanted to improve their cultivation and the help they got at the event was genuine.

During this period, the lecturer’s Q&A session on every tenth day would also begin, and Jing Yue, of course, was the first guest lecturer.

Author’s Notes: Mini-theater

Long Ridi: Such a coincidence.

Dorm mates: Such a coincidence x 1.

Stall owner: (Eh? Someone from the Primary faction is bluffing there. Let’s go and bully him.)

So, he walked over deliberately: Long-shidi, is the 998 you bought yesterday useful?

After saying that, walk aside and eat melons.  A person with hidden merit and fame.

Long Ridi: …

Ji-ji: Jing-jing, can we change the slogan of the 998 ad?

Jing-jing: What do you want to change it to?

Ji-ji: Evernorth Lu region, the largest magic school in the Evernorth Lu region, Hancloud Sect has gone bust. The trashy ancestor Jing Yue owed 350 million for eating, drinking, and gambling, and ran away with his divine beast…

Jing-jing: Men, release Yi Ye! We will have roast chicken tonight!

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