Poisonous Peasant Concubine

Chapter 28- Jam Milkshake

“Hehe.. Shopkeeper Zhang is probably a busy man. I won’t beat around the bush. My humble self has a new and rare food recipe that is suited for this kind of weather, not sure if Shopkeeper Zhang is interested?”

It didn’t matter what era you were in, wealthy men and ladies would have all kinds of rich ailments. Today he was targeting those to sell his jam.

“Oh? This guest probably already knows but every single food from our Xinyuan restaurant can be rated as a very high quality good. We dare not to present commoner goods as it is a bit embarrassing to show.”

The shopkeeper raised his eyebrow. It wasn't to despise or humiliate but Xinyuan restaurant wasn’t just number one in Datong Town, it was also the best in the Qing Dynasty. There was practically one in every prefecture of the Qing dynasty. Every food item they ate was said to be full of fragrance, color, and appearance. Naturally, the price was also high.

“This I understand. Could the shopkeeper possibly lend me the kitchen?”

“Guest this way!”

Seeing that he really seemed to be confident, Shopkeeper Zhang contemplated a bit before responding. With everybody watching, Ling Jingxuan and his sons followed the shopkeeper to the back of the restaurant.

It would soon be the peak hour of the restaurant. The chefs and the assistants in the kitchen were all busy dripping with sweat. When Shopkeeper Zhang entered, everyone stopped what they were doing and bowed to him. When they saw Ling Jingxuan and his sons behind him, everyone couldn’t help but be puzzled. But Xinyuan wasn’t some ordinary restaurant. Even if it was the kitchen, from the head chef down to the dishwasher, each was selected very carefully. If the shopkeeper didn't take the initiative to speak, then they definitely could not speak out of turn.

“Guest, is it fine if you watch from here?”

They stopped at an unused little stove and Shopkeeper Zhang turned around to ask. To be frank, he was really curious to see what kind of food he would make.

“This is fine. Trouble the shopkeeper to help me prepare a few delicate looking dishes or a big cup, a few small silver spoons, a bowl of fresh milk, a handful of jasmine tea, a piece of clean cloth, one.. En, a small iron hammer and finally a piece of edible ice.”

Ling Jingxuan didn't even really look at the kitchen stove, without even thinking burst out a series of strange things. It puzzled Shopkeeper Zhang but he didn't forget to instruct people to prepare.

“You guys stand at the side first and wait, daddy will finish very quickly.”

Worthy of Xinyuan restaurant, the things he wanted were prepared very quickly. Taking the jar of jam from the Big Bun, Ling Jingxuan turned around and became busy. Ling Wen led his younger brother to quietly stand at the side, the two hands grasped together was already drenched in sweat.

They saw as he dumped the milk he just got into the pot to boil, then put the jasmine tea into it, waited until the milk appeared to be a faint brown and strained out the tea leaves. Then he cooled it with the iced bowl in water. After he then used the clean cloth to wrap the ice chunk, used the small iron hammer to smash it until the ice was smashed into dregs then dumped it into the white porcelain bowl until it resembled a mountain. At this time the milk had cooled down so Ling Jingxuan split it into each of the porcelain dishes. Lastly he opened the jar of jam. With a big spoon, he ladled it and watched as it dripped down the ice mountain. A few dishes of ice cold, fresh and tasty jam milkshakes were complete.

“Shopkeeper Zhang, please have a taste.”

Retreating, Ling Jingxuan put a small silver spoon in front of him. The calm and confident smile on his face never eased.

The ice mountain was dyed a light brown and with the red jam flowing from the mountain top, it was like the finishing touch. Merely looking at this food, it made people crave it. The shopkeeper hurried to scoop some and deliver it to his mouth. A slightly sour and ice cold taste instantly delivered over and the stuffy and hot kitchen instantly became cooler. His entire person relaxed and invigorated. This food, undoubtedly, could match up with Xinyuan restaurant!

“You guys also come and try.”

After pondering over the taste for a period of time he put down the spoon. The shopkeeper turned his head to the people who earlier on had already circled them and spoke.

“Good, the color matches with the refreshing slightly sour taste, it’s not bad. It can be used as a beverage before the meal. It will definitely be a huge attraction towards those customers suffering from the summer.”

“What Chef Lin said is correct. Didn’t think that this common piece of ice could turn into this kind of delicacy.”

“It’ll quench the heat of the summer. Appetizing and invigorates the spleen. Pretty good…”

“Very good…”

The chefs who sampled it all explained in admiration. Ling Jingxuan’s smile couldn't help but deepen, it seems that this business was complete.

“Not sure if what Ling Gongzi is selling this cooking method or?”

Upon seeing this, Shopkeeper Zhang turned his head to look at Ling Jingxuan, his attitude was a bit more enthusiastic. Intuition told him that this youth wasn’t trying to sell the method, afterall when he made it just now everyone was watching. The process was also easy. At present, probably many people have already learned how to make it. Even if he didn’t pay for the process it would still be fine.

“The method to make this dish is free and a gift to you guys. What I want to sell is this.”

It seemed that he predicted he would ask this as Ling Jingxuan lifted the jam jar he had opened. “This is a jam that I created myself with fruits and some healthy herbs. That dish must be paired with this jam in order to display its full deliciousness. In addition, this jam can be blended with water, turned into pastries, cooked with etc... “

Having laid out the foundation for a long time, he was finally able to talk about the important point. Shopkeeper Zhang and the chefs couldn't help but put their attention on the jam jar, including a chef who had used a spoon to deliver some to his mouth. A slightly sour but sweet flavor instantly spread through his core and a satisfied smiling expression appeared on his face.

“Ling Gongzi, let's go out and talk.”

Sweeping his gaze over the chefs, Shopkeeper Zhang gestured with his hand. Ling Jingxuan was also not impolite. Carrying the jam jar he led the two children outside.

JADE: Not sure why they're called milkshakes, they honestly just sound like asian shaved ice LOL

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