For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House

Chapter 28 - Review Meeting with Social Goddess (リア神とテストと反省会)

The regular test before the summer vacation was over, and I was back in my part-time job routine.

Since today was Sunday, the restaurant was crowded with customers. Many of my part-time colleagues were working with a fake smile on their face.

Ignoring them, I was in the middle of my break. In front of me was Wakamiya, sitting on her regular position with our test results on the table.

“The reality is ruthless…” I muttered when I saw the answer sheets of the regular test that I received.

Although my score was better than before, my previous score was the worst of the lowest one ever.

In other words, my efforts would be questionable if it didn’t improve at all.

For the time being, the result was a progress.

But… I sighed, looking at the test result.

Well, I once again learned that the human brain wouldn’t be able to cause a miracle so easily.

“For now, it’s good that you don’t get red marks anymore.”

I glanced at the source of that clear voice.

The Social Goddess ate the donut with a blissful expression.

She also arranged her test result and notes on the table. From there, I could only see a row of one hundred points.

...So this was the difference between the Social Goddess and the underclass, huh.

“I’m sorry for getting such low marks even after you already spared your time to teach me...”

“That’s not true. Tokiwagi-san, I think you have done your best.”

“So this is the result of my best effort…”

An on-parade with barely passable scores. It was far below the promised score for me to get a reward.

But by avoiding red marks, I could spend my summer vacation without supplementary classes. This was quite enough for now.

“Tokiwagi-san, you hadn’t studied until now and was in the state of ‘zero’. It’s not bad to go up to ‘one’ from there. At least you took one step further.”

“That’s right, but…”

“And I declared that I will improve your test result confidently, but I couldn’t make you achieve good results. It’s me who should take responsibility.”

I hurriedly stopped Wakamiya, who bowed her head and apologized.

The surrounding customers also had a suspicious face when they saw a beautiful girl bowing her head.

“Um, Wakamiya-san. You’re not wrong at all. The way you taught me is easier to understand than the teacher in class, it’s helpful. It’s me who can’t make use of that. Wakamiya-san doesn’t have to take responsibility at all.”

“No, I’ll take responsibility.”

“No, I will.”

“I will.”

Why were we pushing responsibility to each other…

Moreover, Wakamiya refused to accept me taking fault.

How stubborn.

Even so, Wakamiya who argued with a slight pout was a little cute.

“Let’s leave aside who’s taking the responsibility for now. Wakamiya-san, why are you looking at your test results? No way, do you have to take a remedy?”

I pointed to Wakamiya’s test results to change the topic. She had been writing something in her notebook for quite some time...

“You’re wrong.”

“What about your test result? From what I can see from here, they’re all full marks.”

“Yes, I get a perfect score in everything. I managed to keep the lead.”

“Oh, congratulations!”

“Thank you very much.”

Perfect score in everything… How could she achieve that?

By the way, Kenichi got the second rank in the previous semester.

Well, we’re talking about Kenichi here. I’m sure he took the second rank again.

“So what are you writing in your notebook? You don’t need to see your test results either, right?”

“I’m doing the teacher’s tendency analysis.”


“This notebook summarizes the tendencies of the teachers who are making the tests this time, the source of the questions, and so on.”

“Hahaha… You’re amazing. For real.”

Even after the test ended, most students wanted to be free. And among them, this girl was preparing for the next test.

This might be why Wakamiya was the honor student.

I was honestly impressed with her effort…

I couldn’t do that.

“But… now that the test ends, the study season is over, right? Knowing that makes me feel a little lonely.”

I muttered what I was thinking until now. However, it might have been a little too loud.

But I also wanted to complain. I hate studying and I don’t want to do it.

However, saying that I hated studying with her would be a lie.

There’s no doubt those times had been the most fulfilling for me until now...

But now that the test was over, I could never experience those days anymore.

“Hm? Why do you sound like it’s all over?”

Wakamiya tilted her head, her expression saying, ‘What are you saying?’

I also tilted my head, confused. “...It’s not over yet?”

“No. I’m making notes for that.”

“Eh, really…?”

“This time we didn’t have enough time. So I came up with the idea of making predictions for next test’s questions. As long as you’re prepared, you don’t have to worry.”

So she took the trouble to write that notebook for me? I couldn’t hide my surprise at the Social Goddess’ hard work.

“Plus, I’m not satisfied with the results this time. I believe there are more things I can and I need to do to improve. I have promised. ‘I will make you get good points.’”

“No, it’s my head that needs to be improved… eh? Huh? What do you mean??”

“I haven’t kept my promise yet,” Wakamiya said. “That’s why, I’ll continue teaching you.”

In spite of myself, I was happy to hear that. It’s like the clouding fog in my heart was clearing up.

At the same time, the feeling of relief that this relationship would continue enveloped my heart.

However, I didn’t show it in my face at all. I didn’t want to show it as well.

Therefore, I answered shortly, “I see.”

“Anyway, I’ll be under your care again for a while.”

“Are you okay with this? You’ll lose your free time if you keep sparing your time for me.”

“There’s no problem.”

“Maybe your marks will drop.”

“It won’t drop.”

“But there’s a chance that—“

“My test results prove that that chance is nonexistent, right?”

Wakamiya lined her answer sheets in front of me. They were all full marks.

Maybe people would feel unpleasant if faced with this situation, but I didn’t.

Because I knew she showed me this as a proof to convince me.

“If you’re not satisfied with this, I will show you my grades when I was in junior high school.”

“You brought it here!?”

“Of course.”

With how the Social Goddess completely blocked my escape route, I could only smile bitterly at her.

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