Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 28: Bullied By A Ghost

Although the living dead had retreated, the night was still long and no one can guarantee whether it would come back again or not, so Chen Yu can only stay in the mansion until dawn.

As soon as it passed ten o’clock, Chen Yu fell asleep on a sofa. She will have classes tomorrow, she can’t stay up anymore.

Seeing the Heavenly Master that was supposed to protect him fall asleep, Tong Chao was fuming. He really wanted to wake this person up. This little master is in danger but you can still sleep? However, when he only took two steps forward, He Qi, who was guarding at Chen Yu’s side, gave him a slight squint. For some reason, Tong Chao felt his body instinctively stopped moving.

He silently retracted his foot, found a sofa nearest to Chen Yu, and sat down. Forget it, it’s better if I just sit closer.

Jiang Hui saw Tong Chao’s uneasiness, so he walked over to calm him down, “Young Master Tong, don’t worry, when that monster comes, Heavenly Master Chen will definitely feel it.”

Tong Chao immediately felt relieved after hearing Jiang Hui’s explanation, he’s no longer worried with Chen Yu’s sleeping state, instead, he felt that the other party was just replenishing her energy. And thus, he also put his feet on the sofa and fell asleep like Chen Yu.

Isn’t he too worry-free?!

The night passed, and as if she felt something, Chen Yu opened her eyes just when the sun appeared, “Dawn?”

Chen Yu sat up from the sofa and rubbed her eyes.

“It’s dawn.” standing on her side, He Qi replied readily.

Chen Yu raised her eyes and looked at He Qi, she saw that his bearing was still straight, no slight wrinkles on his clothes, and doubtfully said, “Assistant He, you haven’t slept all night?”

“Third Young Master asked me to protect you.” He Qi emphasized again.

Is he saying that he really didn’t sleep all night? Chen Yu felt unfamiliar with the new feeling of being carefully guarded like this. In fact, she knew clearly in her heart that Assistant He’s protection wasn’t that helpful. Assistant He’s an ordinary person, they can’t see ghosts or the living dead, so he can’t help much even if the danger approaches.

However, Chen Yu’s heart was still very moved. They only met for several times, and also, majority of the times, it was her being thick-skinned and relying on Third Brother, but not only Third Brother wasn’t mad at her, he also took care of her instead. Chen Yu was moved and made a firm decision in her heart that when she has the old man’s number, she would definitely ask the old man about Third Brother’s evil spirit.

While thinking, Chen Yu turned her head and saw Tong Chao who was still sleeping on the other side of the sofa. She then said to Jiang Hui whose face looked tired, “Since it’s dawn, Tong Chao won’t be in danger for the time being. I’ll go back first.”

“Yes, Heavenly Master Chen, then, how about tonight?” Although the monster was temporarily repelled, it didn’t mean that it gave up on swallowing Tong Chao.

“I’ll be here on time.” Chen Yu promised.

Jiang Hui immediately felt relieved. Last night, Heavenly Master Chen scared the monster away with just two tricks, so as long as Heavenly Master Chen was there, he can be assured that there will be no danger for Young Master Tong.

After leaving Tong’s mansion, He Qi drove towards Imperial University. The journey was very quiet. He Qi glanced at Chen Yu from the rear view mirror, she was playing a mobile game, so he asked, “Ms Chen Yu will go again tonight?”

“Of course, the living dead only lacks Tong Chao’s soul to be resurrected, it will definitely not give up easily.” Chen Yu replied while checking the old man’s notes again on her phone.

Use seven Advanced Expelling Talisman and form a Seven Kill Formation.

The last time she fought with the living dead, she ran out of Expelling Talisman and Chen Yu immediately became anxious. Seems like she had to go to Third Brother’s house to rub for more energy to make more talismans, but she had a lot of classes this week, if she waited until the weekend to do so, then she would have no other way but to go to and fro to Tong’s mansion every day.

“Still lacking? Hasn’t that living dead already swallowed the souls of many people?” He Qi asked curiously.

“If he wants to completely rid of his astral state and become a living dead, he must continuously devour 16 living souls within 49 days.” Chen Yu said.

“In other words, it has swallowed 15 people?” This means that that thing last night had already killed 15 people.

“That’s right!” Chen Yu frowned, “That’s why I have to send it away as soon as possible.” Yes, she can only send it away.

The old man’s notes said that once the living dead started to devour living souls, their power will increase exponentially. The increasingly powerful vitality gave his soul a toughness and tenacity higher than a normal ghost, so it’s a very difficult matter to directly attack it until its soul scatters, at least, not with Chen Yu’s current skill. That’s why, the best way was to open the spirit gate and hand him over to the two deities. [T/N: two deities, responsible for rewarding the good and punishing the bad]

The old man meaning was: If it was me, I’m just gonna beat it to death, but, little girl, it’s best if you obediently open the gate ah, don’t throw yourself in a moment of carelessness. When the living dead is really desperate, its self destruction power is really terrifying ah.

“If it swallowed Tong Chao yesterday, what would it become?” He Qi couldn’t help but curiously asked.

“It can leave its soul state and have a body.” At that time, it won’t be easy even just to find it.

Isn’t this a resurrection? He Qi felt horrified for a while, “Can people be resurrected after death?”

“Of course not.” Chen Yu said, “This state only allows him to exist in this world like an ordinary person, that is to say, even if you don’t have the yin yang eyes, you can still see and hear him. But he won’t need to eat, sleep or breathe. He would return to his astral state every 30 years, and then start devouring living souls again and again. That’s why it’s called the living dead.”

“In other word, this might not be the first time that he swallowed souls and resurrected?” He Qi boldly guessed.

“There’s a possibility.” Chen Yu’s understanding of a living dead was all from the notes given by her grandpa, so she can’t be really sure about the matter too, but because of the 30 year cycle, then the possibility of this situation happening is also very high.

“Miss Chen Yu, please be sure to get rid of it.” He Qi suddenly solemnly requested, because this kind of invisible murderer is honestly very dreadful.

Chen Yu was a little ignorant, but she still replied, “Since I took this task, then I naturally won’t stop halfway.”

As the two chatted, they quickly arrived near Imperial University. Because Chen Yu wanted to have breakfast, He Qi drove to the university’s side entrance where there were many food vendors lined up, selling breakfast every morning.

When Chen Yu looked at the wonton vendor at the gate, her stomach began to growl, “Assistant He, I’ll treat you for breakfast, thank you for sending me here.”

“Miss Chen Yu should thank Third Young Master, I…”

“Let’s eat first, I’ll buy another portion and let you bring it back to Third Brother, okay? This vendor’s wonton is really delicious, Third Brother will definitely like it.” Chen Yu said again.

Bring breakfast to Third Young Master? He Qi readily agreed.

“Aside from wonton, everything here is also delicious ah.” Chen Yu enthusiastically introduced as she walked forward, “Like this hand-picked pancake, fruit pancake, steamed dumpling…”

He Qi listened with a smile when suddenly a sound of a small bullet streaking across the air entered He Qi’s ears. He Qi’s expression changed and he rolled over with Chen Yu to the back of a car.


A bullet flashed past Chen Yu’s shoulder and struck a white poplar tree beside her.

“Don’t move!” He Qi told Chen Yu to stay still while he walked straight out, staring at the window on the third floor of a building across the road.

The sniper on the opposite side met He Qi’s eyes through the scope and knew that he was exposed, he quickly retrieved his rifle and fled the room hastily.

He Qi knew that the other party would definitely flee after being discovered by him, but he still didn’t dare to expose Chen Yu to another risk, so after reporting the situation to Third Young Master, He Qi took Chen Yu and drove away from Imperial University.

“Was that a gun just now?” Chen Yu finally asked after her brain finally went online again.

“Have you offended anyone lately?” He Qi asked while driving.

“No one ah.” Chen Yu said innocently. She has met more ghosts than people, where would she offend people?

“Go back to the compound first and see what Third Young Master would say.” He Qi said.

Chen Yu thought for a while but there’s no other way, she can only follow He Qi back to the compound for her peace of mind.

Lou Ming had received the news long before Chen Yu arrived. Although He Qi repeatedly assured that the little girl wasn’t injured, Lou Ming still couldn’t help but checked her from top to bottom in unease.

“I’m really fine, just a little hungry.” Chen Yu said pitifully, holding her stomach, “I didn’t have breakfast.”

“You ah.” Lou Ming was helpless against her, he can only ask someone to prepare breakfast.

After a while, two hot wonton bowls were delivered. Lou Ming saw Chen Yu eating with a satisfied expression, without any trace that she just escaped from death, he couldn’t help but asked, “Usually your ability is really good, how come you don’t feel anything when someone pointed a gun at you?”

“I’m an exorcist, I’m only sensitive to Yin energy ah, evil spirit ah, hostile aura ah, things that are related to supernatural, but I’m just a normal person normally.” Chen Yu put up a helpless expression.

“Weren’t you scared?” Lou Ming asked.

“Of course I’m scared, but, my grandpa said that my life isn’t short, that’s why ah, I definitely won’t die young.” Chen Yu said as she gave an example, “You see, assistant He saved me.”

“You’re really optimistic.” Lou Ming was about to laugh from anger, this girl didn’t know how lucky she was just now. His seven assistants lead by He Qi were masters specially selected by the country itself from tens of thousands of special forces, they all have many experiences in battles. Otherwise, if changed with another person today, they won’t detect an attack in that situation and saved her promptly.

“Hey, hey… Third Brother, you also eat ah, the wonton will go cold in a bit.” Chen Yu said to comfort him, “I’ll call my Elder Brother when I finish eating.”

“You want to report to the police?” Lou Ming knew that Chen Yang was a police officer.

“Of course.”

“You want to report to police when you don’t know anything?” Lou Ming asked.

“Someone wants to kill me ah, why shouldn’t I report this to police?” Chen Yu retorted.

“You…” This girl was almost killed, and she didn’t even think about what went wrong. She’s going to call the police directly and ignore the matter? Lou Ming was about to fume with hot air, “You’ve just arrived in Imperial Capital, you have barely been to any other places except for school and home and you also don’t know many people? Why would you suddenly offend someone that they would hire an assassin to kill you?”

“I also find it strange, that’s why I want to report it to police ah.” Chen Yu replied.

“...” Lou Ming gave up explaining to her and just said directly, “You should take a leave of absence after your meal, and don’t go to school today. Don’t call police and wait until He Qi and the others investigate the matter clearly before taking further action. You also don’t want to let your family to know that you’re exorcising ghosts at night, right?”

Chen Yu nodded, agreeing to Lou Ming’s suggestion. Since she didn’t have to go to class, and luckily she was at Third Brother’s house, Chen Yu decided to draw some Expelling Talismans that she planned to prepare in this morning. The Lou family’s small courtyard was full of spiritual energy, although advanced talismans are difficult to draw, but with lady luck, she might be able to draw all seven of them today. After all, Chen Yu’s ability to draw talismans was the only thing that ever received any praise from that poisonous old man.

And thus, Chen Yu took some talisman papers and cinnabar which Lou Ming ordered to buy from outside, and drew talismans for the whole day. She didn’t stop until four o’clock in the afternoon when Cheng Peng brought an investigation report and walked in.

“Third Young Master, the assassin that attacked Miss Chen Yu has been found. Named Li Feng, he used to be a mercenary who crossed organizations. He received an order from Internet at nine o’clock last night to kill Miss Chen Yu.” Cheng Peng briefed, “We checked the IP address and found that the owner account was Zong Mingqing, the owner of an antique shop, currently…”

“He was hospitalized three months ago due to illness and currently recuperating in the water-bound An City?” Lou Ming also saw it from the report.

“That’s right.” Cheng Peng glanced at Chen Yu and said, “Given the relatively simple background of Miss Chen Yu, the people that she offended recently… is just the living dead who she fought last night.” Cough, he felt weird saying that.

Cheng Peng couldn’t help but paused before continuing, “ Miss Chen Yu said that this living dead can survive in the world like any ordinary people after devouring some living souls, but they will return to their astral state every 30 years and needs to consume living souls again, so…”

“Do you suspect that this man was the living dead from last night?” Chen Yu asked in shock.

“That’s right.” Cheng Peng nodded.

Lou Ming was also taken aback, he clearly didn’t expect that ghosts could rent assassins, but this living dead was obviously different from ordinary ghosts. Reincarnation once every thirty years, maybe this living dead had been living longer than they thought.

“I’m going to kill him now!” after hearing this, Chen Yu slammed the table and picked up her compass as she was about to go out in rage.

“You, calm down.” Lou Ming stretched out his hand to stop Chen Yu.

“I can’t calm down!” Chen Yu really was about to die from being so vexed, “I’m this big, but I haven’t been bullied by a ghost before!”

It’s as if others had been bullied by ghosts…

“I’m a dignified exorcist, I must be crazy if I let a ghost bully me like this.”

…it seems that there’s some truth.

Author’s NOTE:

Old man: I have taught you for so many years, but you were actually bullied by a ghost?

Xishi: How would I know that a ghost can still rent a killer?

Old man: You won’t be alert enough if you don’t have enough sleep.

Third Young Master: Girl, there’s me, no one can hurt you.

The seven assistants all nodded in unison.


Oh wow, ghost using assassin nowadays. (≧▽≦)

PR: Nesryn

Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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