Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 279 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (18)

Another month had slipped by through the busy filming. They were entering winter. Though it was always spring in the movie and television city, Su Wan felt slightly cold from wearing just a thin cheongsam at night.

Su Wan didn’t have time to change her clothes when she was called to a cafe outside the filming location.

The cafe was simply designed and many celebrities enjoyed staying here while they were idle from filming.

“Sister Wan!”

The moment she entered, Su Wan heard a pleasant female voice.

“Le Yin, why did you urgently call me over for?”

Su Wan glanced at the woman inside the private room. She was Le Yin, Su Wan’s junior sister. Her relationship with Su Wan was pretty good when they were in Xinyu.

“Sister Wan, I...I want some midnight snacks.”

Le Yin’s expression wasn’t so good. Seeing Su Wan right now, her eyes brightened a bit. “I haven’t eaten, eaten midnight snacks in so long. Lately, I’m about to go crazy because of my company and the director group from the cast.”

It was difficult to film historical dramas, especially palace dramas. It would take a lot of time to apply makeup and then wear historical costumes in the first place. Le Yin was reluctantly a fourth female lead within [Mystery in the Palace]. She had been in Xinyu for several years and she had gotten this role all by herself.

It was hard to make progress in the circle without a backer.

“Eat midnight snacks?”

Su Wan looked at Le Yin and asked, “How long...have you had this habit?”

Eat midnight snacks was a code. It meant that she relapsed on her drug addiction again. She wanted drugs.

Drug addicts knew what this meant. Everyone also came to a tacit mutual understanding in the entertainment circle.

“No, not too long. Lately, I’ve just been feeling a lot of pressure.”

Le Yin’s gaze flickered hearing Su Wan’s words. “Sister Wan, help me. You and President Tan are close to each other so please have his people bring me some. I have money!”

“Money? You can buy drugs wherever you want as long as you have money so why come to me?”

Su Wan leaned against the chair and looked calmly at Le Yin.

“Um, they’ve just been strict lately. Normally, people don’t have these specific drugs.” Le Yin immediately explained nervously hearing Su Wan’s words.


Su Wan smiled. “Le Yin, do you remember how long we’ve known each other? Do you think you can fool me?”

“Sister, Sister Wan…”

Le Yin’s expression changed a bit after hearing Su Wan’s words. She nervously looked down. “Sister Wan, I really, I really need it for an emergency. Please help me!”

“Who is it?”

Su Wan supported her chin with one hand and then leaned sideways to look at Le Yin across from her. “Who let you come and find me? Why didn’t they come themselves?”

“No, not someone.”

Le Yin’s gaze flickered again when she met Su Wan’s pressing gaze.

“I know who it is even if you don’t tell me.”

Su Wan smiled faintly. “Lin Mu right?”

“Sister Wan?”

Le Yin immediately widened her eyes in shock hearing Lin Mu’s name. She accidentally found out that Lin Mu was a drug addict but she didn’t think that Su Wan knew already.

The more virtuous one acted, the more opinionated they were.

Lin Mu always thought that he was high and mighty and whenever he encountered a problem, he would rarely ask someone for help. Slowly, whenever he met trouble, he’d rely on drugs to help him.

He thought that he was different from others. People only took drugs because they felt empty but he did this under the name of inspiration and art.

Only he would lie to himself like that.

“Le Yin, it’s best if you don’t do anything for Lin Mu, otherwise...if you invite trouble, I can’t help you either!”

Saying that, Su Wan stood up and left without hesitation.

Lately, the high pressure that actors in [Mystery in the Palace] had received was indescribably painful. There were some insignificant roles that complained about leaving the set. Under this situation, Lin Mu naturally wouldn’t be in a good state either.

A few days, he had been filming night scenes for the past two days and nights and this caused him to have his drug addiction again. He immediately called his manager to pick up drugs from someone he knew well but they ended up lacking the drugs. Not only this, they even said that the entire circle had been strict on getting rid of the drugs!

Lin Mu could only hide in a desolate place seeing that he was in need of drugs. That day, Le Yin just happened to be hiding there to practice her lines when she saw him.

When people were affected by drugs, they lost all reasoning and dignity. Lin Mu begged her to keep it a secret and asked her to lie and beg Su Wan. Only Tan Tian still had drugs in his hands in the entire circle...

Le Yin have had a favorable impression of Lin Mu. Su Wan knew and so did Lin Mu.

But just how genuine could feelings be in the entertainment circle?

After Su Wan left, Le Yin sat there alone thinking for a long time. In the end, she sighed and then placed the money under the coffee mug and turned to leave...

A week later, [Mystery in the Palace] had finished filming!

It took two months to film fifty episodes of the show. This speed was quite magical.

There was an upsurge of comments online with the successful filming of [Mystery in the Palace]. Xinyu Entertainment had used this chance to promote their show and then claim that the show will be released to the public soon. At this time, several TV stations had purchased the right to broadcast the show first and to take turns.

Although they had rushed the filming a bit, Huang Qi had watched the dailies and was confident in this new show. As long as they broadcasted it, it’d definitely become popular all over the country!

Su Wan was still in the filming shack right now. She still had to film a night scene.

“Sister Wan, they invited many known figures to the finale banquet for [Mystery in the Palace].”

While Su Wan was resting, Jiu Ye who was a gossip couldn’t help but move to her side and point at the picture that Xuri Entertainment had just uploaded.


Wu Tong rolled his eyes before Su Wan could say anything. “They’re just afraid that they can’t compete against us which is why they’re speeding up the filming. Now, they’ve even made the finale banquet so grand and magnificent. They clearly want to take over our spotlight! But it’s not up to them to say who’s the better one. Sister Wan, am I right?”


Su Wan smiled mysteriously hearing the two. “Just let them be happy for the night. Don’t forget to buy Xuri Magazine tomorrow morning.”

“Sister Wan?”

Wu Tong’s gaze flickered. “Could it be…”


Su Wan shushed Wu Tong and then handed her phone to his palm. “Hold this for me. It’s my turn now.”

Wu Tong looked at Su Wan’s phone after watching her walk to the shack and begin filming with Meng Hao. Li Weiyi had just sent a message over.

The fish has taken the bait. Read the news tomorrow and celebrate!

What did this mean?

Wu Tong was bewildered. Wu Tong barely slept after returning to the hotel from the set because of the mysterious message. The next morning, he immediately searched up Xuri Entertainment while still in a daze. The bold red headline woke Wu Tong up.

Extreme joy turns to sorrow? After the finale banquet, Xinyu’s celebrity, Lin Mu, had taken drugs in public and got arrested!

This was another one of Li Weiyi’s exclusive news. Even more, the article included a picture of Lin Mu’s drug addiction and him being taken away by the police.

Lin Mu set the example as an outstanding good man in the entertainment circle. News of him taking drugs had immediately caused an uproar. Most importantly, [Mystery in the Palace] which Lin Mu took a part in was now under investigation!

With Lin Mu’s scandal, not only did Xinyu Entertainment suffer a huge attack, [Mystery in the Palace] might have a fall through whenever.

They’ve really worked hard for this only for it to be ruined in one move.

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