The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 279: Scheme, Backlash Ahead of Time

Nan Xun went back to Moran Hall alone. Because there was no Gong Moran around this time, everyone’s eyes went towards her unobtrusively, mostly with hate and contempt mixed with curiosity.

Gong Da walked at her and sneered coldly, “I didn’t know what kind of enchantress you are, never thought that you’re only a prostitute from a red-light district, no wonder you have a bit of ability to seduce men.”

When Nan Xun heard this kind of derogatory words, the fire in her heart was fanned, so she retorted coldly, “If I only have a bit of ability, how come I can seduce the Lord?”

The killing intent in Gong Da’s eyes appeared suddenly, “Who knows what kind of despicable tricks you use! A cheap slut from a brothel dares to have delusion with State Teacher, you’re overestimating your capabilities!”

Didn’t know what he thought of, a slight smile appeared on Gong Da’s face, he lowered his voice as he said, “Gong Shijiu, I’ll make you pay double the price for your blasphemy after tonight.”

Nan Xun frowned as she watched him walking away.

What does it mean? Could it be that there’d be something going on tonight?

“Little Eight, I really can’t understand ah, Gong Da can’t tolerate me just because I violated the god-like figure in his heart?”

Little Eight explained, “You don’t understand, this is called a fanatical follower, he won’t tolerate anyone saying bad things about his idol, can he not hate you with all his being if you straight up tainted his idol?”

Nan Xun laughed twice, “I really don’t understand, so f*cking retarded.”

“Aiya, don’t get annoyed ah, you’ll understand about the world in his heart one day.” After saying this, Little Eight suddenly became quiet as if thinking about something.

Nan Xun saw Gong Shiqi. He stood alone while looking at her from a distance, his look showed that he was feeling hesitant to speak.

Maybe he looked down on her too…

Nan Xun was suddenly grateful that she decided to wear a veil when she became Lady Qiangwei from Drunken Moon Tower, except for showing her true face to Madam Zhang, no one else knew what she looked like, otherwise, people would definitely throw rotten egg and vegetable on her when she walked out the gate.

She shivered just thinking about it.

Nan Xun went to the small kitchen in hope to find the kitchen maid to cook her something to eat, but she didn’t expect that they were gone to who knew where.

Sh1t, even the servants dared to bully her, she didn’t believe it if one said that there’s no intervention from other disciples in this matter.

It’s just a meal, she still has her own two hands, but she can only cook some simple meals herself, it's impossible for her if she wanted to eat a lavish meal.

After eating half a bowl of hand-rolled noodles, Nan Xun returned to the main hall. She closed the door, cutting off all eyes from outside, and the world suddenly became peaceful.

Nan Xun didn’t have to wait too long; she was just reviewing witchcraft taught by the big boss when she heard the door creaked open.

Gong Moran’s footsteps were a bit impatient, he slowed down the moment he saw Nan Xun, but he frowned after that.

“Duoduo, why didn’t you wait for this Lord to leave?” He asked.

Nan Xun was stunned, “Wasn’t my Lord going to stay in the palace for a meal and told me to come back first?”

Right after asking this, Nan Xun realized that the little eunuch who relayed the word wasn’t the one who often serve beside the Emperor, furthermore, the Lord wouldn’t come back this quickly if he stayed for a meal.

But, what’s their purpose in sending her away? Nothing strange happened today except for meeting with the Queen on the way.

At this moment, Gong Moran’s expression suddenly changed. He flicked his fingers, quickly extinguishing the sandalwood incense inside the burner.

Unfortunately, it was still too late.

Gong Moran’s face quickly turned pale, and Nan Xun was shocked.

“My Lord! What’s wrong with you?”

Gong Moran grabbed the corner of the table in an abrupt manner, the blue veins were exposed due to the force he exterted.

“Duoduo, leave quickly, hurry!” Gong Moran yelled at her, using the last trace of reason left in his consciousness.

But when Nan Xun saw him like this, how could she be willing to leave? There’s something wrong with this situation ah!

Little Eight also shouted at this time, “No, you go! Big boss’ witchcraft’s backlash has been advanced, and because this is man-made, the backlash is even more powerful than normal!”

Upon hearing this, Nan Xun glanced at Gong Moran before turning around and left.

F*ck, she still had the guts to take a peek during his backlash in full moon night, but she definitely can’t do it this time ah, it’s no joke!

Seeing that Nan Xun was about to rush out, the gate of the inner hall suddenly shut tight with a loud bang.

Nan Xun immediately kicked it only to found that the carved wooden door seemed to be covered by a powerful witchcraft, let alone using her feet, it’s impossible even if she used her whole body.

Then in the next second, she was sucked back by a strange force by one big palm.

Before Nan Xun could utter any words out, the man behind him grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up.

“L-let go… Gong, Mo, Ran!” Nan Xun felt that she was dying, her neck was strangled so tightly that she couldn’t breathe. She desperately called out his name, trying to return him to his senses even for just a second.

Sure enough, Gong Moran was stunned for a while. Nan Xun immediately broke out of his hand, sliding on the ground while panting as hard as she can.

[email protected] Gong Moran, if I was choked to death by you, I’ll haunt you forever and never let you off!

Gong Moran suddenly covered his head and roared in pain.

Nan Xun who finally can breathe normally, looked at him and found his eyes to be abnormally red like blood, the blue veins on his head were swollen to the point that they were almost burst open.

He struggled to walk to the desk, groping for the silver gu goblet with trembling hands.

Nan Xun’s expression changed in the next second.

Heart Eater Gu!

What’s Gong Moran going to do with it?

Right at that moment, Nan Xun finally understood the use of that gu. He actually wanted to use it on himself!

The pain brought by the bites of heart-eating gu is truly unbearable, Gong Moran has gone mad!

In order to relieve the head-splitting pain of witchcraft backlash, he actually used the pain from his heart to numb himself and divert the pain!

Nan Xun didn’t care whether she would be choked to death in his delirious state or not as she suddenly got up and hugged his curled-up body from the ground, “My Lord, it’s me, your Duoduo, don’t hurt yourself like this anymore please! You can bite me if it hurts! It’s up to you whether you want to bite or pinch me, as long as you don’t choke my neck, I don’t care what you do to me…”

Gong Moran’s body was trembling, at the next moment, he really hugged her tightly as if she was a block of dead object, he firmly held her in his bosom.

Nan Xun’s face was distorted by pain, didn’t know what she thought of, she suddenly told Little Eight to block his five senses.

The next second, she searched for the man’s thin lips and gnawed on them.

The man seemed to have found a new way to divert the pain as he almost immediately wrapped the woman’s lips, biting and sucking it.

The great strength they exerted quickly flooded their mouths with blood which seemed to stimulate the man even more.

His red eyes stared at the prey in his arms that can be used to relieve his pain, he suddenly reached out and tore off her dress before picking her up and throwing her onto the bed.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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