Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 278 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (17)

Su Wan: we’re finally going to begin working now. The members in the cast have all come really early. It’s a new day. We need to work hard!

Ye Shaoling: wife, pay attention to your body. I’m coming to visit you this afternoon. Mwah~

As they publicized their relationship, the two’s Weibos had become scenes of PDA. If single people didn’t have strong hearts, they wouldn’t be able to survive under the comments section.

Eve ladies with partners feel their hearts shattering glancing at the two’s interactions.

How could the third master be so cute and pamper his wife so much? The crucial point is that he’s also really rich!

Nani. Male leads of any idol dramas couldn’t withstand next to him!

Domineering president? Belly-black facial nerve paralysis? Reserved and aloof adonis? Stand to the side!

In the past, the ladies would scroll through Weibo to check out new news and topics to talk about. But now, they’d all go to third master Ye’s Weibo.

Third master, quickly come out for PDA!

Third master, you’re still cute as ever today!

Believe in third master and pamper your wife. You won’t need to worry about trying to be wealthy!

As the CEO of an entertainment company, third master Ye had a hundred times as many fans as his senior sisters and brothers of the company. Everyone within the entertainment company was laughing hard in the bathroom...

“Sister Wan, third master pampers you a lot.”

Right now, Jiu Ye who was also applying makeup for Su Wan in the cast had gone to check on third master’s Weibo while she was idle. That’s right. She was a fan of third master and Su Wan right now. Even more, she had also convinced many people to become fans with her.

They’d be fed dog food every day and get benefits.

In short, Jiu Ye believed at her life as a fan had been completed~

Of course, Jiu Ye had already apologized to Su Wan about the picture leaking from her phone. Su Wan naturally didn’t place it in her heart. She and Su Rui had never thought about hiding their relationship.

Jiu Ye stammered and kept the person that sent the photo hidden. After all, she didn’t see them send the picture personally but Su Wan knew who it was

It was Lin Mu.

It wasn’t hard to find out but Su Wan still had Su Rui suppress this event using his connections.

Now wasn’t the time to expose him because not only was Lin Mu the senior brother of Xinyu, he was also the male lead of [Mystery in the Palace].

Their cast was also filming within this movie and television city but on the ancient long road next to theirs.

Su Wan and Su Rui found out that Lu Jun decided to invest some more and that Huang Qi also wanted to finish filming in advance.

After all, they’d only be able to counter their enemies if they knew everything about them. Su Wan had been in Xinyu for two decades and had a few trustworthy friends.

Adding onto the investment?

Lu Jun was really willing to spend the money but this was also good. The more he focused on the show, the more at ease Su Wan was.

They wanted to finish filming before us?

Sure, then be prepared to spend money recklessly, and then do it all for nothing.

This was only the first step of the plan to attack Lu Jun. The game had just started...

Movie and television city, cultural street.

[Spy Change 1943] had the attention of the outside world and the cast was nervously filming right now. The show had been undertaken by Haihuang and Ye Entertainment’s artists.

The male lead was set to be Meng Hao and Su Rui spent big bucks, recruiting him to Ye Entertainment. This time, they were planning on recruiting a team of artists and becoming popular overnight.

The main actors within the cast were newbies with potentials from the two companies. There were countless handsome men and beautiful ladies. One could just find an insignificant actor who had barely three lines in the show but they’d still be handsome guys. The cast took over the attractiveness index.

The main actors of the show included Su Wan, Meng Hao, Tang Yuchi, and the second female lead, Hu Wei. Each of them had ten outfits!

Of the two, Su Wan and Hu Wei’s cheongsam outfits were designed by the best cheongsam masters. They were custom made. Once the official pictures were released, they immediately attracted many fans of cheongsams. For a period of time, everyone wanted the same outfit on Taobao.

As news about the cast came out in succession, [Spy Change 1943] had only gotten more and more popular.

The major forums were making an inventory of the episodes they looked most forward to and excellent quality shows. [Spy Change 1943] was always on the list and above Xinyu’s [Mystery in the Palace].

Xinyu’s people couldn’t help but quicken the pace of the filming. But at this time, they ended up lacking funds. Thankfully, Lu Jun added onto the investment without another word.

At this time, almost every actor in [Mystery in the Palace] knew that the reason why they had to work day and night was because big boss Lu wanted the drama to be released before Su Wan’s.

The most complicated human beings were ex-girlfriends.

Everyone was discussing in private about whether Lu Jun had grown to hate Su Wan or that he regretted his decision after seeing Su Wan and third master Ye were being lovey-dovey. Did he not like people living a better life than him?

The discussion slowly spread to Ye Liu’s ears. She also felt complicated. Every time she tried to probe Lu Jun about Su Wan, his expression would change and he would interrupt her.

This made her feel uncomfortable as if Lu Jun had hid some sort of secret. As for him, he didn’t want anyone to reveal his secret, including her...

While the actors were complaining about their misery of filming overtime, [Spy Change 1943] had enough funds so that they were able to film methodically arranged. The actors were spirited and full of energy!

Plus, the third master would come to visit the set every day at a fixed time. Whenever he came, he would bring a car full of delicious food to be distributed to everyone.

Some artists were jealous of Haihuang Entertainment artists’ treatments so they wanted to sign to Ye Entertainment.

The most handsome guy in the cast was Tan Yuchi but ever since Su Rui frequented the set, the girls that used to surround him were now the third master’s fans. In the beginning, Tan Yuchi was unwilling to accept this. But once, Tan Tian invited Su Rui to one of his clubs to play and Tan Yuchi who coincidentally followed along personally watched as Su Rui had beaten the club’s best and fierce individual up to the point he couldn’t get up from the ground. Ever since, young master Tan thought that he should stay low-profile in front of the third master.

Nani. His uncle was called the gang leader but he thought that third master Ye was more ruthless than his uncle. He shouldn’t provoke this figure!

The tenth day happened to be Su Wan’s birthday. This day, the entire set was given a day off as the wealthy third master Ye generously reserved the entire hotel and posted on his Weibo.

Ye Shaoling: today is my wife’s birthday. Now, I’m trying to collect 999,999 comments saying: Ye Shaoling will forever love Su Wan! So everyone that left a comment under my Weibo can collect 99 yuans from my assistant. The first 999,999 lucky friends can obtain 9999 yuans worth of red envelope.

999,999 red envelopes. Free money!

He really brought PDA to the highest degree!

It only took an hour for there to be 900,000 comments or so. After that, there were many fans that shipped them who added more comments.

Be together! Be together!

In just an hour or so, this post had reached first place on the hot searches.

99999, I want to be with you forever!

Eternity. The deepest confession. When everyone thought that third master Ye would propose to Su Wan, he ended up making a new post on Weibo deep in the evening when the banquet was over.  

Ye Shaoling: I thank heaven for letting us meet one another during our most beautiful years. When you’re standing at the peak of your career, I’ll personally help you wear your crown!

The picture was of Su Wan obtaining the film empress award during the award ceremony from last time.

Being the film empress for three years. This was the original body, Su Wan’s wish.

“My life will be complete once I become the film empress for three years.”

Deep in the evening, Lu Jun woke up from his dream, his expression complicated and deep.

Maybe it was because he saw Ye Shaoling’s Weibo, but he couldn’t help but dream back to his past life.

Being the film empress for three years was Su Wan’s dream. When Lu Jun was with her, she had told him more than once about this dream. Unfortunately, in her past life, she was forced to leave the entertainment circle after marrying him...

Lu Jun clenched his teeth thinking of this.

No, he refused to admit that Su Wan had done such a sacrifice for him in her past life. All the sacrifice and feelings he had of her vanished the moment she betrayed him...

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