The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 278: Gossip, You’re a Cheap Woman

There were traces of big boss blackening due to his past, but right now, Nan Xun has no idea where she provoked him. It’s him who made her learn the art of witchcraft, but he blackened when she showed her smarts, and he blackened even more when she deliberately slowed down.

Gosh, he’s so hard to please.

Little Eight comforted her, “Don’t worry, don’t worry ah, if he’s blackening then so be it, his original blackening value was 90, it wouldn’t be that much different if he turned 100. Anyway, as long as his evil value doesn’t rise, it can be counted as successful.”

Nan Xun crossed her arms, “But a big boss with 100 blackening value is a bit abnormal… I’m afraid”

Little Eight, “What a bull, your last syllable still can undulate and turns up and down three times, and you say that you’re afraid?”

Fortunately, Gong Moran’s blackening value finally stopped at 96 and didn’t grow any more, which gave Nan Xun a breath of relief.

Since the last time they met, the Fifth Prince had shed his impulsive movements, bringing himself with a low-key attitude. It was obvious that ever since he heard that shocking secret, he started to devise another plan. However, there’s no movement from Gong Da too except for occasional glances that hid a murderous intention towards Nan Xun.

As for Princess Yao that clamored that she wanted Gong Shijiu to die an unnatural death, she became even more unusually obedient, as if she had forgotten about her mortal enemy.

Nan Xun looked at the little paper man that she drew with Five Heart Locking Spells, one more thread has broken.

Everything seems calm on the surface, but who knew if it was actually the calm before storm?

Little Eight yawned, “It’s been boring recently ah, big boss evil value hasn’t dropped, that Princess Yao is about to marry to Donglin Kingdom, she wouldn’t just let things be for you, how come you’re meditating right now?”

Nan Xun, “Little Eight, what do you mean? You don’t like me being idle, and you’re so anxious for someone to make trouble for me, is that it?”

Little Eight stopped talking.

“I’m inseparable from big boss every day, it’s not strange that Princess Yao doesn’t act against me, she just couldn’t get the opportunity to act.” Nan Xun said, her tone was a little smug.

However, Nan Xun’s face quickly swelled up.

Overnight, the story of her seducing and tarnishing State Teacher had spread through every street and lanes, and more importantly, the fact that she was once the top-star of Drunken Moon Tower was also spread out!

Everyone cursed her for being a shameless woman, and how although she was the elegant Lady Qiangwei, she’s still a prostitute after all. They thought of how noble and refined she was, but she actually planned to defile the revered State Teacher. Such a shameless loose woman!

This gossip stirred up a spectacular unrest that the matter was heard by the royal court above on the second day.

State Teacher wasn’t a monk, but he was just like one who has a pure heart and have a little to no desires in the eyes of everyone.

People in the royal court impeached Gong Moran one after another, thinking that he had broken his abstinence for a woman’s lure, moreover, this woman was once a brothel woman, his ‘divine’ character has been defiled and that Gong Moran was no longer worthy to be Nanyun Kingdom’s noble State Teacher any more.

These courtiers who gave impeachment were all Second Prince’s subordinates who wanted to promote him. Second Prince already realized that State Teacher stood by Fifth Prince’s side, that’s why he just couldn’t wait to get rid of this thorn in his flesh.

But the Old Monarch obviously believed in State Teacher, he became furious and demoted those courtiers as punishment when he heard these impeachments.

Gong Moran sat on a soft chair made from silver, his expression remained unmoved as he said lightly, “This Lord is revered as State Teacher, not because this Lord is of pure heart and have few desires, but because this Lord has the ability to reach the sky. This Lord has never said that I couldn’t become close with the female gender, and now this Lord is just bestowing favor towards one woman, these gentlemen have already made an excessive fuss over nothing. Earlier, the Retired Emperor also admired this Lord’s one or two beautiful servant girls, can it be these gentlemen think that the Retired Emperor also tarnished this Lord by doing this?”

Everyone’s expression changed; how can they dare to blame the Retired Emperor? It’s a great disrespect.

“But that prostitute and State Teacher has master and disciple relationship, how can you do such a thing that violates ethics?” One person said in anger.

When Gong Moran heard the word ‘prostitute’, his eyes darkened all of a sudden. He looked at the daring official coldly, “Left minister? Do you know why the nineteen disciples of Moran Hall don’t call this Lord as ‘master’? Because in this Lord’s eyes, we don’t have a master and disciple relationship, rather, it was a principal and subordinate relationship. They’re this Lord’s retainers, and since they are retainers, it’s natural that they’re this Lord’s people.”

After a short pause, his voice grew even colder, “This Lord heard that Left Minister spoiled the concubine and neglected his wife, and the current Left Minister’s wife was once a bed warmer maid, Left Minister is really giving everyone such a good example.” [T/N: I think the original wife died before LM made his concubine as wife]

When Left Minister heard this, he became so angry that he fainted on the spot.

The Old Monarch brushed his sleeve, his head was aching, “Alright, alright, State Teacher is only favoring one woman, that’s all. Don’t make any more fuss over nothing, these personal matters shouldn’t even be brought to royal court.”

Nan Xun waited at the double gate outside, looking at several same rank servants and maids gathered to chat secretly from a distance. Nan Xun felt that these people were peeking at her, she could vaguely hear words like ‘shameless’ and ‘cheap woman’, she can’t help rolling her eyes to the sky.

Princess Yao was ruthless, Nan Xun originally thought that she regarded State Teacher as a god-like personage and would never plot against him, but now it can be seen that Princess Yao obviously didn’t care about this even if people started to question State Teacher while hurling curses at Nan Xun.

Nan Xun stood alone, treating those dirty words thrown at her as a passing wind.

Big boss still hadn’t come out after a long time, Nan Xun predicted him to be invited by the Old Monarch for a talk and wouldn’t come out for a while.

Sure enough, a little eunuch came to her to relay the news, “Lady Shijiu, the State Teacher asked this little one to tell you that he will stay at noon to have a meal with the Emperor and for Lady Shijiu to go back first.”

Now that Nan Xun has received the heavenly order from the big boss, she can come and go freely inside the palace and can leave without waiting for her master.

There was still a long way to Moran Hall, halfway through, Nan Xun ‘coincidentally’ met the Empress. She was riding her phoenix palanquin and stopped in front of Nan Xun, looking from high above her.

“Lady Shijiu has a lot of faces, this Empress invited you twice, but you refused to come, don’t know if Lady Shijiu will come this time or not with this Empress personally inviting you?”

Nan Xun snorted, she directly revealed the gold medal from her sleeve, “My Lord told me that this token will let even the Emperor to give precedence when he sees this, this servant has no need to give courtesy to the Empress, please open the road and be on our separate way.”

The Queen’s face was livid, “Good, very good ah, just a cheap prostitute, so shameless!”

Nan Xun’s face was also pulled down, she said lightly, “Empress, please don’t worry about unnecessary things, be careful that you will get old faster.”

After saying this, Nan Xun passed her phoenix palanquin and left.

“You! You prostitute! You slut who had ridden thousands of men!” the Queen was furious.

Nan Xun’s eyes deepened as soon as she passed the palanquin, she didn’t understand the twists and turns in the Queen’s heart, she [Queen] definitely wanted to rope her [NX] in because it would be best to borrow her [NX] hand to make State Teacher do things for her [Queen]. Nan Xun was unsure of the reason to the Queen’s approach this time.

She already explicitly clarified repeatedly that she rejected the Queen, but the Queen still seek her directly and this made Nan Xun felt a bit odd.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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