Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 277 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (16)

Su Wan and Wu Tong arrived at Haihuang Entertainment early in the morning. Today, she was officially going to sign the contract with the company for [Spy Change 1943]. The moment she entered the company, she received a lot of attention.

In the past, whenever people looked at the newspaper entertainment column, they would always wonder who made it to the headlines today.

But now?

Before they even opened the newspaper, they would wonder what film empress Su had done to hit the headlines today.

“Headline film empress.” This was the new nickname the people within the circle gave to Su Wan.

The entertainment circle was weird. Half a month ago, people were chasing after Su Wan nonstop, saying that she had princess sickness and was dumped due to greed. Even more, they also claimed that she interacted with big shots in private. But now, she became the future daughter-in-law of a wealthy family!

Last night, not only did the online users get fed a lot of dog food, the newbies within the company, were all jealous of her, especially the young and beautiful ladies.

They thought that they were younger and more beautiful than Su Wan. Why did third master Ye like her? Even more, it was love between an older woman and a younger man!

Hmph. Don’t think while they’re together now, they’re probably going to break up soon!

This was the voice of every single woman. Of course, they only dare to think about this in their hearts. When they encountered Su Wan in the company, they all smiled at her and said, “Sister Wan, good morning!”

Su Wan saw through their facades. She usually just ignored them.

Sure, you can insult me behind my back for being self-important but I have the right to. I get to be unruly!

Su Wan took the elevator and went straight to Song Lin’s assistant’s office. When the two met, the atmosphere was a bit strange.

Who was Song Lin?

On the surface, she was Tan Tian’s assistant but in reality, she was his mistress. She was in charge of Tan Family’s matters. Even Tan Tian’s rebellious daughter became obedient in front of Song Lin.

She was basically the lady boss of Haihuang Entertainment.

Su Wan’s status was interesting now.

Have you seen an artist and singer going to film every day instead of singing? Then, they stopped filming and decided to attend reality shows? And show off their singing skills? Then appear on stage as an amateur host? This was really normal in the entertainment circle. But have you seen the senior sister of a company becoming another company’s lady boss?

Su Wan had signed under Haihuang Entertainment and she was now the senior sister, her status steady. However, the moment her relationship with third master Ye was publicized, she had another status.

The future lady boss of Ye Entertainment.

This was the first time it had ever happened to someone in the circle.

“Xiao Wan…”

Song Lin wanted to say something but then Su Wan cut her off. “Sister Song, I just so happened to have something to discuss with you. Our new show hasn’t started officially filming right? Shaoling wants to collaborate with our Haihuang Entertainment. His company just started out so it’s not going the best for him either. See, shouldn't we help one another?”

Ye Shaoling wanted to collaborate with Haihuang Entertainment?

Song Lin’s gaze brightened hearing Su Wan’s words.

Su Wan’s status was a bit awkward staying in Haihuang Entertainment but if Ye Entertainment was willing to collaborate with them, then it was completely different.

What sort of family was the Ye Family? They had a formidable background and compared to Tan Tian’s vague background, they’d be learning on a sturdy tree!

If Tan Family could really collaborate with the Ye Family, then it was like a free biscuit falling down from the sky.

“Third master is really willing to work with the Tan Family?”

Song Lin couldn’t help but add hearing Su Wan’s words. She didn’t say Haihuang but rather Tan Family. Song Lin believed that Su Wan understood the underlying meaning.

“Of course, Sister Song. Look at us. You think I’ll lie? Of course. I’m not sure what President Tan thinks about this. If he’s willing, then I’ll set up a time for them to chat.”

“Okay, Xiao Wan. I’ll tell President Tan about this. You can choose the time!”

Song Lin hurried out of the office. Wu Tong had been following behind Su Wan and then he said, “Third master is really going to invest in a new show? We’ve high costs so can we really profit from it?”

Knowing TV shows and movies were two different concepts. Some people might spend several billions in order to film a show. It was really common. But if they were to spend several billions to film a spy war drama, then that was too extravagant.

“This is the first show I’m filming since signing into Haihuang Entertainment. Wu Tong, you’ll slowly understand the many benefits of investing.”

A set would have everything as long as they had money!

While the internet was still hyping up the “mastermind” behind the picture, the top paparazzi of Xuri Entertainment had revealed another piece of news.

Ye Entertainment was going to invest in Haiguang Entertainment’s [Spy Change 1943]! The two companies were going to join hands and create the most luxurious spy war drama!

Third master Ye is throwing away recklessly just to bring a smile to his woman’s face!

Li Weiyi introduced third master Ye and Su Wan’s new relationship simply in the article and then revealed an exclusive news. He revealed a picture of Su Rui and Tan Tian eating together. Lastly, in the article, he tactfully pointed out that third master Ye was going to invest no less than nine digits!

But it was just a TV show!

This was a spy war drama! It wasn’t some palace or idol drama. No luxurious race cars or private jets were needed. Then this was the question. Where would they be spending all this money on?

Do you want to know? Do you really want to know? Then please pay attention to Li Weiyi’s exclusive interview  of [Spy Change 1943].

Once this exclusive news was spread out, [Spy Change 1943] was already popular but now it became the most popular TV show of the year. Even more, the four TV stations of China even called Haihuang Entertainment, wanting to schedule the TV show in advance!

They haven’t even started filming and the show was already popular to this point. No one expected this. However, some people were happy while others were worried.

Huang Qi’s Xinyu Entertainment had a historical palace drama called [Mystery in the Palace] and they were planning on releasing this during the holidays at the end of the year. Though they had already been filming for a month, because there were many episodes, they were going to end up releasing around the same time as [Spy Change 1943].

Of course, TV shows were different from movies. The time in which the shows were released could be changed on the TV stations. The historical palace drama was full of suspenses and surprises. It had countless handsome guys and beautiful ladies, and the slogan the cast decided on was ‘idol-based historical drama.’ In order to film this drama, the entire set’s costumes were all designed by famous designers.

With high-quality clothes, visually attractive actors, and a suspenseful plot, this was Xinyu’s most important show within the year. But encountering [Spy Change 1943], Huang Qi immediately had a bad omen.

He mustn’t let Haihuang’s show be released before his!

Xinyu’s [Mystery in the Palace] has to be released before Haihuang. That way, they’d get the upper hand!

With this thought in mind, Huang Qi immediately notified his subordinates. Of course, if any sets want to finish filming ahead of time, they’d need to spend even more resources and efforts to do so. But with money, any problem wasn’t a problem.

“How is President Lu?”

After talking to the cast, Huang Qi immediately called Lu Jun. “About [Mystery in the Palace], I want to talk to you about some things.”

Lu Jun had invested the most of the four investors. Even more, Huang Qi knew that Lu Jun had spent all this money to flatter his little girlfriend.

That’s why he called Lu Jun.

Lu Jun wasn’t surprised to receive Huang Qi’s call. Since he saw Ye Family’s plans to invest in the newspaper, he knew that Su Wan and Ye Shaoling were targeting Ye Liu.

[Mystery in the Palace] was the most important step in Ye Liu’s acting career. For this, she had suffered a lot of hardships. Lu Jun refused to let his beloved woman’s career be destroyed by other people’s schemes.

“President Huang, I’ll invest in another fifty million, no, seventy million! Please finish filming a month in advance. Of course, you have to guarantee the quality of the show!”

“President Lu, don’t worry!”

With Lu Jun’s support, Huang Qi sighed. That was how the entertainment circle worked. Money was everything. Time was opportunity.

On the surface, it seemed like a battle between the two shows but only people within the circle knew that a show could bring about success to many people.

Likewise, it was a gathering of newbies! Handsome guys and beautiful ladies! Luxurious works!

Just who could smile in the end? It was all unknown...

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