The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 277: Telling Fortunes, Flustered

Last time she clearly heard Little Eight said the big boss had extended the Emperor’s life span for another six years, with the Old Monarch’s existence, how could Nanyun Kingdom be destroyed within two or three years?

Did the big boss deceive the Old Monarch?

At this moment, Little Eight suddenly interjected, “Big boss didn’t deceive that old man ah, but it doesn’t mean that you can live until your life span ended by itself. He’s a big villain, do you think that he would be so kind to his enemies?”

Nan Xun, “…giving him hope only to kill him again in the end, it is indeed big boss’ style.”

Gong Moran played with her long hair, his posture was lazy as he spoke indifferently, “Among the five princes, only the second and fifth prince has the dragon aura with the fifth prince having the thickest between the two. Unfortunately, his fate is to die young. He’s just a short-lived person, but his father took six years of his son’s life to fulfil his own selfish desire. Duoduo, how many years do you think the Fifth Prince has left to live?”

Nan Xun was startled, “Fifth Prince was brimming with energy today, but he actually a short-lived person?”

Gong Moran lightly said, “Illness comes like a mountain turning upside down, he will die from cold in the future.” [T/N: not so sure about this] (PR/N: Illness could come and happens any time, unexpectedly like a flip of a coin. From healthy to suddenly gravely ill in an instant.)

“Wow, my Lord, do you know how to read fortune?” Nan Xun looked at him admiringly, her eyes faintly glistening.

Gong Moran said, “Just one or two things.” Saying this, those picturesque eyebrows faintly raised, “What? Is Duoduo interested in telling fortunes?”

Nan Xun hurriedly said, “My Lord, can you calculate and see my fortune?”

Gong Moran’s hand that was stroking her long hair paused a bit, “I never do the calculations for myself, nor do I want to do the calculations for you. Knowing your fate will make you worry too much, everything has their own destiny, just take things as they come.”

“But, my Lord, if I can know my own fate, then I could prevent trouble before it happens ah. Can you help me calculate it? I like my Lord the most!” Nan Xun hugged his arm, shaking it gently and acting coquettishly.

Little Eight, “Tsk, disgusting. Anyway, what are you doing, telling him to calculate your fate? His fortune telling ability is really not just a cover, what will you do if he found out that you’re a short-lived person?”

Nan Xun, “Stupid Little Eight, if the big boss finds that I’m short-lived, he will definitely treat me twice as good in the future.”

“Little Eight, “… I learned something new.”

“My Lord, are you agreeing or not ah?” Nan Xun continued to shake his arm coquettishly, spoilt and flirtatious to the max.

A coquettish woman is usually irresistible to a man, and even the revered State Teacher was the same. He looked at his little disciple’s curious, dark eyes, staring at him with stars in them. He couldn’t help raising his eyebrows and chuckled, “Duoduo, do you think saying one or two sentences is enough? This isn’t the way to ask somebody for help.”

Nan Xun’s body froze for a second.

If she understands correctly, the big boss is telling her to… please him?

Was her gesture of unlocking big boss 'evil value' not quite right today?

Nan Xun tentatively asked, “My Lord, can I give you a kiss?”

Gong Moran only raised his eyebrows without saying anything.

Nan Xun: …

This was tacitly approving ah.

Sure enough, she had to please him.

Nan Xun wasn’t bashful at all, what should be eaten has been eaten thoroughly anyway, so now she just had to give him a kiss.

She got up slightly, leaning towards him, she then gently held his two thin lips with hers, sucking them a few times.

Gong Moran raised his hand and hooked the back of her head to deepen their kiss, their lips and tongue entangled together in a fiery dance.

It wasn’t until a lot of time had passed before he let her go.

Nan Xun gasped roughly, sh1t, can you please exert more force? The air in her mouth was completely sucked away by him, she almost fainted from suffocation ah.

Gong Moran leaned slightly, looking at the woman before him with a slight smile, “Duoduo is readable, what you thought can be seen on your face, this Lord sees you as a transparent person, but as for your fate, it can’t be read through your face only.” [not sure about this sentence too] (PR/N: a person who shown their feelings and thoughts clearly on their face but knowing their fate is still couldn’t be decided/known like how easy other could read/know this person feeling by observing their face.)

After he said this, he got up and walked to his desk and took a pen and paper, “Duoduo, tell this Lord your eight characters.”

Nan Xun told him Li Yunduo’s birthdate and saw him wrote it down on the paper that was spread open on the table, then he took the bamboo tiles that he used for divination and scattered it on the paper.

Nan Xun can’t make out anything from the haphazardly scattered tiles, so she only focused her gaze at Gong Moran.

At first, he was still calm, but the more he looked at those tiles, the more his brows tightened.

“No, this can’t be your fate.” Gong Moran turned his head to look at her all of a sudden, the look in his eyes was sharp, “Duoduo, is this really your eight characters?”

“Y-yes ah.” Nan Xun replied.

Sh1t, it’s obviously Li Yunduo’s ah, how come she felt a little guilty? Big boss can’t tell Li Yunduo’s soul has changed just by looking at her birthdate, right?

Nan Xun quickly asked Little Eight if there was such a possibility, Little Eight hesitated for a while before replying, “Shouldn’t be possible. You have changed Li Yunduo’s original fate now, so the big boss might find it weird because her fate suddenly changed.”

Gong Moran didn’t ask Nan Xun any more, he took back the messy tiles. This time he bit his finger and drew a blood character on the paper with her birthdate before scattering the tiles again.

Nan Xun: …

Big boss strange behaviour made her little heart pitter-pattered.

Gong Moran looked at the scattered tiles for a long time, his gaze darkened bit by bit as time passed by.

He slowly turned his head to look at Nan Xun. The strange and obscure light that flitted past his eyes made Nan Xun felt very nervous.

After quite a long time, he said lightly, “Your fate is too confusing, this Lord can’t figure it out.”

Nan Xun would be a fool if she believed him, he definitely figured out something, otherwise, he wouldn’t have looked at her with such terrible gaze and made her flustered.

“Little Eight, can I believe you? The Big boss wouldn’t have found out that I’m not Li Yunduo, right?”

Little Eight said with great certainty, “This is just an intermediate world, no matter how powerful the villain is, he wouldn’t have such great ability as those in the high-level worlds, so you can rest assured that he won’t know that it’s you in Li Yunduo’s body.”

Nan Xun gave a light hum, slightly relaxing herself. However, she didn’t 100% believe in Little Eight, after all, Little Eight can be unreliable sometimes. Big boss might have found some clues, but they’re all just clues.

From this day on, Nan Xun didn’t know if it was just her illusion, but she felt that Gong Moran’s attitude towards her had changed slightly. He began teaching her witchcraft very carefully, every kind of sorcery and spells.

Nan Xun didn’t let him down. She learned them with just one try, and she could draw spells within two or three tries.

Gong Moran didn’t show any surprise after witnessing her extraordinary talent, he would only rub her head with a pampering look in his eyes, while his mouth praised her gently, “My Duoduo is really smart.”

These days, big boss’ evil value had not lessened even by one point, Nan Xun just couldn’t see through him.

Little Eight sighed and said, “Dear da, I didn’t tell you something. The big boss in this world has a very high blackening value of 90, but in the last few days of your learning witchcraft, his evil value has risen a few times, and now stood at 95 points ah.”

Nan Xun: …

She’s so smart, shouldn’t he be gratified? How come his blackening value rose ah?

Then, when the big boss once again taught Nan Xun a new spell, she deliberately learned it a little slowly.

Right at this time, Little Eight immediately reported, “The blackening value has just increased a bit, it’s doubled compared with the previous few days.”

Nan Xun: …

F*ck this mental case!

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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