Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 276 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (15)

Su Rui had a strict biological clock. But when he woke up on time this morning, he noticed that the other side of the bed was empty.

“Xiao Wan?”

Su Rui got out of bed while wearing his clothes. The entire bedroom was dim. Su Rui walked to the French window out of habit and then opened the curtains.



The flicker of lights rose and fell in succession. Su Rui didn’t have time to react but to cover his eyes with his hands.

What the heck was going on?

Clearly, General Su wasn’t prepared to be a public figure yet.

“You’re awake?”

Su Wan just walked over from the kitchen wearing an apron. Seeing Su Rui standing in front of the window and the reporter who was taking pictures mid-air, she was also flabbergasted.

This was the fifth floor okay!

What are you guys doing? Do you want to die?

“Reporters really would do anything!”

Su Rui had processed what happened now and he even greeted the reporter who was hanging mid-air.

“Here, wife. Pose with me so then he can be done with his work and go home.”

Su Wan was speechless.

So, General Su, do you like taking pictures that much? It’s a shame that you didn’t become a model.

Su Wan quickly walked to the curtains and the two posed in front of the camera. The paparazzi outside the window wanted to cry.

He suddenly felt blessed~

Su Rui: please photoshop us prettier~

The paparazzi was speechless.

Third master Ye also knows about photoshop! Dang, sorry for the disrespect!

After sending the spiderman version of the paparazzi, Su Wan and Su Rui pulled the curtains over in the end. There was nothing to be done about it. Artists had no privacy! It was really dangerous to not pull the curtains over.

Su Wan had already finished cooking breakfast. The two hurriedly took a few bites when Su Wan’s phone rang.

“Li Weiyi messaged me.”

Su Wan looked down and said, “He and a group of paparazzis are waiting outside the apartment. He’s asking if I want to leave through the back door.”

“Li Weiy sure knows how to conduct himself.”

Su Rui looked seriously at Su Wan and asked, “He’s not your fan right?”

“What are you thinking about? Artists and paparazzis mutually benefit from one another but in reality, we’re just using each other, okay?”

Su Wan shot Su Rui a mischievous smile. “You’re not jealous of this too are you?”

Su Rui said, “Of course not.”

In reality, General Su despised any males near his wife. Like Li Weiyi and Wu Tong. Though it was just for business, General Su just disliked them. He believed that he needed to handle his business matters quickly so then he’d have a lot of time to be with his wife. He loved visiting her at work and whatnot.

“Okay, I’m done eating. Let me go change my clothes. Mn. The couple’s outfit that I brought back from abroad. Wife, let’s wear that today, okay?”

“Okay, I like the outfits you choose.”

Su Wan knew about General Su bringing back the couple's outfits from abroad. It was all because of the picture Apple Daily Newspaper published last time. If Ye Shaoqun wasn’t his second brother, he probably would’ve been disabled in bed.

While the two were changing their clothes in the building, the paparazzis outside were waiting for a long time.

Ever since the anonymous post was published last night, the entire entertainment circle was in an uproar.

Film empress Su was always the talk! She just tried out for [Spy Change 1943] and they haven’t even officially started filming when she had promoted herself again. Was she not planning to give people a way to survive?

But the online users like her!

Online users enjoyed gossiping about female celebrities and big shots. Last night, someone had spread out the different clues regarding Su Wan and Ye Shaoling’s relationship.

Like how Ye Shaoling verified his account once he returned and how he and Su Wan followed each other in the first moments.

At that time, not everyone knew who the third master Ye was so they naturally didn’t notice his Weibo. But the moment this post was published, third master Ye’s Weibo had skyrocketed in terms of followers. He had millions of followers now. This was the power of the internet!

The power of users was boundless. Only after going through a deep investigation did they find out that Ye Shaoling had already started taking over his family business since coming back. He was now the CEO of Ye Entertainment.

The founder of Wanling Charity Fund was Su Wan and Ye Shaoling!

They’ve already laid out their relationship. It was just that everyone was too slow to realize!

In short, all the major media were fixated on Su Wan and third master Ye. This news was enough to last discussion for half a year~

“They’re out, they’re out!”

It was unclear who cried out in shock in the crowd but everyone rushed to the apartment door. They watched as Su Wan and Ye Shaoling smiled coming out wearing a faint blue casual athletic fit. Seeing so many paparazzis by the door, the two generously allowed people to take pictures.

“Don’t squeeze each other. You can all take pictures. Be sure to take pretty pictures of me!”

Su Rui exclaimed and smiled at the paparazzis surrounding him and Su Wan, his tone casual.

“If you guys take ugly pictures of us, Shaoling is going to fall out with you guys.”

Su Wan added. Everyone couldn’t help but laugh hearing her words.

“Sister Wan, are you and third master Ye living with each other now?”

Entertainment paparazzis were entertainment paparazzis. No matter how splendid their smiles were, they would never stop asking you questions.

“Living together?”

Su Rui’s smile faded hearing the paparazzi’s question.

“Do you think you need to ask this question when we come out of the building together?”

Before Su Rui could talk, Su Wan smiled at the paparazzi and said, “I thought you were going to ask us when we were going to get married and have kids! Ah, I’ve even prepared a whole speech. You guys won’t even give me the chance!”

“Sister Wan, that means you’ve already see Ye Family’s parents and is getting ready to marry into the family?”

Li Weiyi reacted first. He delivered the microphone to Su Wan and helped her shift the topic.

“I should answer this question.”

Su Rui looked at Li Weiyi and then swept his gaze over the paparazzis. “Our Ye Family’s door is always open for Su Wan. I am also ready to marry her whenever she is ready. I just don’t know whether our film empress will give me the chance to take care of her for life.”


Everyone turned to look excitedly at Su Wan hearing Su Rui’s oath.

“Then it depends on third master Ye’s performance. Okay, we still need to go out. Let’s end the questions here today.”

Su Wan smiled and nodded at everyone before leaving the paparazzis quickly.

Since they were so cooperating, there was no way the paparazzis were going to press for more answers or persist. Thankfully, they had enough information too. They just needed to polish the information and then they’d be able to write numerous stories between the film empress Su and third master Ye.

While everyone was busy writing up articles about Su Wan and third master Ye’s dazzling new relationship, an account named “makeup artist: Jiu Ye” suddenly posted something and this attracted many users’ attention.

Makeup artist: Jiu Ye: I’m Su Wan’s personal makeup artist. The picture yesterday leaked from my phone but I didn’t post it. So-and-so, I don’t know why you’re doing this  but I know who you are. You disappoint me. From now on, I won’t be your fan anymore~

A picture was posted under the post.

The moment it was posted, it spread like wildfire.

Users were originally just waiting for Su Wan and Ye Shaoling to show PDA when they suddenly started to become detectives.

Who is so-and-so?


Did film empress Su promote her own relationship or was someone helping her?

What did this picture lead to?

Everyone was waiting for the mastermind to be caught and they were sitting on the front row, waiting for a show.

They weren’t afraid of watching the show. Let the news come!

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