Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 275 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (14)

Lu Family’s personal villa.

Ye Liu had been busy in the set the entire day and she returned to the villa to rest early. Halfway in her sleep, she vaguely turned and felt the bed being cold on the other side. Ye Liu couldn’t help but open her eyes.

Lu Jun had been busy with his company lately and Ye Liu was also really busy.

She had just participated in Xinyu Entertainment’s newest historical drama and she was also the second female lead. To Ye Liu who only played insignificant roles in the past, she had ascended heaven in one step.

In order to improve her acting skills and not be the talk within the set, Ye Liu had been practicing her acting skills lately. It was because of this that despite her and Lu Jun sleeping in the same bed, they were still busy with their own things and had their own schedules.

Ye Liu opened her eyes and sat up. She looked at the alarm clock by the bedside out of habit. It was just 9:30am.

She was really muddle-headed. She thought it was still in the middle of the night.

Ye Liu, having some energy, decided to get out of bed and grab a glass of water to drink in the kitchen. Passing by Lu Jun’s study, she saw that the lights were still on. Ye Liu subconsciously opened the door but when she reached the door, she heard Lu Jun on the call with someone. The name that he kept on mentioning made Ye Liu stop.

Su Wan.

Lu Jun was talking to someone about Su Wan.

Ye Liu was definitely familiar with her. She had been her substitute for three years.

At that time, Su Wan was most popular. She was given contracts nonstop. Even more, in order to get through all the scenes, Su Wan had used substitutes for lots of scenes where she didn’t need to show her face. Don’t mention diving into water and jumping down from the buildings, and other dangerous scenes.

No one better than Ye Liu knew the hardships of substitutes. She was invisible in the set and did the most tiring and dangerous work. But when the TV and shows were released, everyone just saw your name flickering by in a second. one knew that was you. In the list of actors, you couldn’t find your name either.

Substitutes were nameless heroes according to people outside the circle. Indeed, they were nameless. As for heroes? Ye Liu could only chuckle.

She had seen Lu Jun several times while being a substitute for Lu Jun. He was handsome and considerate, devoted to Su Wan. Ye Liu remembered that the set had gone into the mountains to film once and there was a huge storm. Su Wan was soaked and got a fever. When Lu Jun found out, he specially made his way over with his personal doctor to help diagnose Su Wan. That day, Ye Liu also got sick but she only planned on eating some medicine and then enduring it. What surprised her was that after Lu Jun found out she was also sick, he actually gave some of his effective medicine to Ye Liu too.

Lu Jun might’ve forgotten about this already but Ye Liu kept this in her heart.

She didn’t deny having a favorable impression of Lu Jun already but he was Su Wan’s boyfriend. Ye Liu clearly knew the difference between them. They were opposite extremes.

Lu Jun lived in heaven and he was an existence that she was unworthy to be associated with.

Therefore, when Lu Jun appeared in front of her again, wearing a lovey-dovey expression claiming that he wanted to pursue her, Ye Liu was dumbstruck at that moment. She was really scared, scared that it was just an easily shattered dream.

Right. Even up to now, Ye Liu didn’t think this was true. That’s why she instinctively stopped outside the door when she heard Lu Jun mentioning Su Wan’s name.

Lu Jun was still in a call within the study so he didn’t notice the situation outside.

“Are you sure…Su Wan was with Ye Shaoling?”

Lu Jun was originally handling company matters in the study when Liang Zheng suddenly called him a few minutes ago, saying that Su Wan’s new relationship was exposed. She was with Ye Family’s third master, Ye Shaoling.

They were familiar with Ye Shaoling. He had been sent abroad at a young age by Ye Family’s old man. He rarely appeared domestically.

How did he end up with Su Wan?

Lu Jun would believe it if someone told him Su Wan was involved with Ye Shaoqun.

“It’s Ye Shaoling.”

Liang Zheng’s voice rang. “Lu Jun, get on Weibo quickly. Ye Shaoling replied. Go look!”

Liang Zheng had hung up now.

Lu Jun narrowed his eyes and quickly logged onto his Weibo, then he searched for Ye Shaoling’s verified account. As expected, he just clicked on his page and saw the comments in an uproar. The newest post was from a minute ago.

Ye Shaoling: Though I don’t know who took the picture, it’s a pretty good one. But their photography skills are a bit lacking compared to me.

The post was really short and then there was another selfie. On the picture, Ye Shaoling and Su Wan were hugging each other tightly and the two smiled splendidly at the camera. Even through the picture, one could feel the sweetness between them.

Under this Weibo included immunerable comments left by users and many of them kept on @ Su Wan, wanting her to respond to her man.

Two minutes later, as expected, Su Wan forwarded Su Rui’s Weibo and then added: stop being narcissistic. Go and wash the dishes!

There was a picture of the table with fresh roses, white candles, and a not finished heart-shaped steak with expensive red wine~

The comments section exploded when Su Wan responded.

Having her in your heart: Oh no, my heart has been shattered. Third master, give me my goddess back~

February’s maple leaf: third master, you’re so romantic. Wanwan is so blessed! Bless you guys!

I’m a brain dead fan: Are you guys making your relationship public now? Can I weakly say something? I actually ship Lin Mu and Su Wan. Don’t stop me. Let me die~

My heart is with the ocean: I’ve been fed too much dog food as a single person. People above, is there still a spot left on the balcony?

Beautiful like a rose: I’m just purely here to watch PDA. I’m not saying anything~

Big white shark: Goddess Su is going to be on the headlines again! Please teach me. I want to bring my Brother Feng to the headlines too~

While a group of people were chatting under Su Wan’s Weibo’s comments section, Lu Jun stared at Su Wan’s picture and stared seriously. That was Su Wan’s apartment and the table was inside her building. Lu Jun had been there many times. He had eaten there so he naturally recognized it.

She was actually with Ye Shaoling?

Lu Jun was surprised.

But thinking about what Su Wan had done lately, Lu Jun was at ease.

He must’ve broken up with her and caused Su Wan’s fate to be changed. That was why her performance was completely different from her past life.

She knew how to act so it was normal that she fooled the foolish users.

Thinking of this, Lu Jun closed the site. Su Wan had nothing to do with him now. As long as she stopped targeting Ye Liu, he could be generous and let her go. But if she kept on persisting, then he had no choice but to settle his past life’s account and this life’s with her.

As for Ye Family? Lu Jun believed that since he had the golden finger of rebirth in his hands, he didn’t need to put the Ye Family in his eyes...

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